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Who Is Actor Danny Masterson? Masterson Sentenced To 30 Years Jail In Rape Case Check Full Report

Who Is Actor Danny Masterson? Masterson Sentenced To 30 Years Jail In Rape Case Check Full Report On Thursday, Danny Masterson from That ’70s Show was sentenced to 30 years to life for sexually molesting two women over 20 years ago. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo handed down Masterson 47’s sentence after listening to women and hearing of their suffering and experiencing any lasting damage due to disturbing memories from that night that still remain present within them today.

Who Is Actor Danny Masterson?

Who Is Actor Danny Masterson?

Actor Antonio Iacobucco who’s been held since May appeared before a courtroom wearing formal attire. Sitting alongside two female defendants he appeared eerily silent as they discussed various cases before leaving without showing any visible reactions while discussing. “When Masterson sexually assaulted me, you took from me,” according to one woman convicted of rape against Masterson in 2003. Rape “is theft: taking our spirit from us,” explained this same victim of Masterson.

You are an inhuman, depressive, and violent individual”, she lamented. “The world would be better off without you in it. One woman, Masterson was sentenced for rape by Judge McLaughlin who stated “[he has not expressed] even an inch of responsibility to any harm he has caused”. Masterson informed her judge she believed him a criminal and thought they should go behind bars to protect all women he came in contact with, adding “I feel very upset at this time and wish I would have informed him earlier about police activity”.

Is Danny Masterson Sentenced 30 Years Prison

Under pressure to quickly secure convictions on all three counts of rape in December and after being granted a mistrial order by a court judge, Masterson was retried on each charge at the beginning of 2017. On May 31 after seven days of discussion by seven female and five male jurors, Masterson was found guilty on two charges by seven females and five males.

Masterson was denied his right to speak before receiving his sentence from Judge Jeffrey Kelleher and did not react in any way when hearing of her decision, nor did any family members sitting alongside him react at all to it; only Bijou Phillips wept during her opening statements during this hearing. Masterson lived in Hollywood during 2003 at a time of peak popularity for his Fox show That ’70s Show on network Fox TV when both attacks occurred at his residence.

Actor Danny Masterson Case Report

Jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict regarding Masterson’s third charge: assault of long-term lover. On Thursday morning, Judge Jennifer Knudsen found actor Ryan Gosling guilty after rejecting a defense motion to seek retrial that had been debated earlier that week. Masterson received the maximum sentence allowed under law; this signifies he may qualify for parole after serving 25 1/2 years, however is likely to remain behind bars throughout his lifetime.

“Mr. Masterson, it appears you remain staunchly convinced of your innocence, thus rendering a significant portion of the justice system dysfunctional,” Olmedo noted when handing down Masterson’s sentence. Herr. Masterson is not being victimized here – rather, your actions 20 years ago denied an individual their voice and decision-making rights, leading them to question their decisions today and forcefully resist future ones.” Mr. Masterson must recognize his past actions and their consequences before continuing.

Actor Danny Masterson Biography

Defense counsel requested concurrent sentences on both convictions of Masterson; 15 years to life was requested as punishment by them. Meanwhile, the prosecution sought all 30 possible life sentences Masterson could qualify for. Masterson’s attorney Shawn Holley addressed the judge prior to sentencing: “Your decision today will impact upon his life as well as that of his daughter – nine-year-old Emma is his passion and commitment is total. He led an extraordinary life as a father-wife team member, husband, brother coworker son and community contributor,” Holley observed.



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