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Who Is Adi Higham (The Bidding Room Dealer)? Meet His Wife And Family

At the age of 21, Adi Higham, also known as Adrian Higham, launched his career as an antiquities dealer in England. He is also known by his given name. The debut of the British dealer on the BBC program “The Bidding Room” brought him to the attention of the general public.

There were eight dealers competing to see who could close the most deals, and one of those dealers, Higham, is quite well known and has a sizable fan base as a result of his participation in the show.

Amidst all of this, he takes pleasure in shopping for almost anything, from home furnishings to fabrics; nevertheless, he particularly enjoys purchasing toys and anything that emits steam or smoke.

In addition, the following is the information that we have regarding the antique trader and his private life:

Adi Higham’s Antique Dealing Career spans 30 Years, According to Wikipedia

In the season of The Bidding Room that aired in 2021, one of the eight dealers was named Adrian “Adi” Higham. At the age of 21, Adi, who is originally from East Sussex, launched his firm, which specializes in the restoration and sale of vintage signage.

After selling a bike for 10 times what he had paid for it, he made the decision to go into business for himself as a full-time dealer, demonstrating his obvious knack for pricing and sales!

In the beginning, he was involved in the furniture business; however, he has since expanded his interests to include other types of mechanical goods such as automobiles, bicycles, steam engines, and toys. In spite of this, he admits that there is probably nothing in life that he would like to avoid.

In addition, Hoof Brocante, an antique boutique located in Romney Marshes that is highlighted in the new BBC series, is owned and operated by Adi.

Adrian shared with Antiques Trade Gazette the things that his customers are searching for in an interview with the publication. He stated, “I have clients who tell me the leather seats need more tears, and the antique and vintage mirrors that are scarred and damaged are not worn enough.” Moreover, “I have customers who tell me the antique and vintage mirrors that are scarred and scratched are not worn enough.”

Bidding Room Dealer And His Second Wife Tara Franklin Runs Hoof Brocante

A number of years have passed since Adi Higham and his partner, Tara Franklin, first became a couple. However, prior to that, the antique trader had been married to his first wife. Unfortunately, she passed away when their children were only two and six months old.

After battling with sadness for a number of years, he was finally able to move on with Tara, and the two of them opened Hoof Brocante, an antique shop on Romney Marsh in Kent, United Kingdom, on a former RAF base.

His wife is an expert in antique French clothing and fabrics and linens, as well as vintage French clothing. In contrast, she frequently attends private barn brocantes and is frequently invited by private parties to sit and enjoy a glass of wine in a gorgeous castle in the south of France. Both of these activities take place in the south of France.

The Hoof Brocante has been in the business of dealing for more than 30 years, making them specialists in a wide variety of French art, design, antiques, furniture, apparel, and more. They have a deep appreciation for French culture and make weekly trips to France in order to source and collect things for customers to enjoy.

The BBC Dealer Who Works in East Sussex Is One Year Older Than His Partner

In relation to the subject of ages, Adrian Higham is stated to be 53 years old, and Tara, who is supposed to be his spouse, is said to be 50 years old.

Even though their actual age difference is unknown as of the time this article was written, it can be deduced from their images that Adi is at least a few years older than Tara Franklin.

On the day that she was born, Adi posted a quite lengthy text message to his Instagram profile, which reads as follows:

“As I type this, we have just made it through a fight in the amazing snow, so I decided it would be best to upload a picture of @tara.franklin antiques looking a little happier than she was earlier. Even though the snow plows are working, the main roads are still difficult to navigate, particularly the slopes that are on the way to the house.”

“We just left, so we’ll find out what happened when we get back. Tara is enjoying her 50th birthday with some fantastic people at Pagoda Antiques a little bit late. Simply put, it was a fantastic day. Right this moment, I’m simply picking up a few things before heading back to the house… Even though the fires are blazing, the aga is shining brightly.”

In a similar fashion, on the occasion of his birthday, his wife Tara sent a photo to her Instagram profile and captioned it with the following: “I wish you a happy birthday, @hoof.antiques brocante. I want to wish you a good and joyful day today. Many thanks for the incredible way the day got started, you’re awesome. At the chateau de Brives, George and Sarah! I loved it I wish you a happy birthday, my sweetheart.”

Active On Instagram, Adi Shared Pictures Of His Four-Membered Family

In addition to pictures of his vintage wares, his Instagram profile features images of his wife, daughter Georgia, and son Daniel. You can view these images when you scroll through his profile on Instagram.

Both of his children are already well into their 20s at this point. Despite the fact that the children are Adi’s offspring from his first marriage, it seems as though Tara has a strong bond with them.

In point of fact, she mentioned the following in a birthday post she made on December 27, 2020: “Georgia, my darling kid, turns 18 today; happy birthday to you! You’ve developed into such a lovely, humorous, smart, and amusing girl as you’ve grown up “as a way to celebrate the turning of 18 years old with her daughter Georgia.

Because Adrian has made the decision not to communicate with the media ever since he made his last appearance on “The Bidding Room” a year ago, his health has been the subject of speculation ever since then.

An eating disorder is something that Adrian Higham battles with. After the passing of Adi’s first wife, he quickly began to put on a significant amount of weight. In 2015, Higham passed out on a ship as a result of his weight, which was 36 stones.

Adi participated in the “Prudential Ride London Fixing Challenge” in 2017, which enabled him to improve his health by receiving specialized instruction in physical activity, counseling on his food, and ideas on how to improve his lifestyle.

According to Press Reader, Higham’s physicians warned him that he would pass away if he did not take steps to reduce his weight. After seeing Geoff and the program, Adi understood the significance of maintaining a healthy weight for himself.

In addition to that, he was overweight, which led to a variety of health issues. However, he was able to shed the excess weight and get back into shape with the assistance of his drive.

The BBC show “The Bidding Room” contributed to an increase in his net worth.

Adi became well-known after making his television debut on the BBC program “The Bidding Room.” As a direct result of this, his net worth and earnings following the show may have climbed significantly. Adi’s television debut took place in 2011.

Given his level of experience in the antiques business, it’s possible that he made more than a million dollars, which was stated by a number of sources on the internet.



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