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Who Is AFL Player Jordan De Goey’s Wife? Is He Married? Parents And Family

Jordan De Goey, who is 26 years old, is a player in the Australian Football League. He is currently a forward and a midfielder for the Collingwood Football Club. Because Jordan was selected by Collingwood in 2014 and was eligible for the Rising Star Award in 2015, he received a nomination for the award.

Jordon won the Gordon Conventry Awards in 2018 as the highest goalscorer of the season while playing for Collingwood. He was awarded the trophy. In 2018, as a result of his phenomenal season, Jordon was presented with contract offers worth multiple millions of dollars from both Melbourne and St. Kilda. However, the native Melbourne resident declined the opportunity.

Every year on March 15th, AFL star celebrates his birthday with family and friends. Even though he was born in New York City in the United States in 1996, Jordan has Australian citizenship because he was born in Australia. The individual who is now 26 years old received his degree from St. Kevin’s College, which is located in Toorak, Melbourne. Jordan is of the white race, and he identifies as a Christian in terms of his religious beliefs.

Is Jordan De Goey Married?

Jordan, a midfielder for the Collingwood football club, does not have a spouse and has never been engaged to anyone. The player is currently leading a life as a bachelor, with football serving as his top priority in life.

However, his dating history is frequently linked to Hannah, his ex-girlfriend, whose private details are not disclosed. Hannah was not a public figure. It was common for him and his ex-girlfriend to be seen together in public places on multiple occasions. The former couple had a habit of attending a variety of parties and events together and posting pictures from those outings to their respective social media accounts.

Because the player has not shared any recent pictures with his sweetheart, it is impossible for us to confirm with certainty that Hannah is Jordan De Goey’s girlfriend.

His Father Was U-19 Player For Essendon

The father of the Collingwood Magpies played for Essendon when he was younger and represented them in the under-19 division. It’s likely that De Goey junior got his ticks as a forward or midfielder from his elated father, Roger De Goey, who played those positions. Although Jordan was born in New York, she was raised in the Toorak neighbourhood of Melbourne, which is her native country.

The player who currently wears jersey number 2 started playing football at a young age. He became a member of the Ashburton United Junior Football Club, which competes in the Yarra Junior Football League. During the Grand Finale of the TAC CUP in 2014, Junior De Goey scored a hat trick, which was instrumental in his former club Oakleigh Chargers claiming the championship.

His impromptu performance in the championship game caught the attention of scouts participating in the 2014 AFL national draught. As a direct consequence of this, an AFL club named Collingwood chose him with the fifth overall pick.

Jordon De Goey, a player for Collingwood FC, had an outstanding season in 2018, scoring three incredible goals for his team in the Grand Final match against West Coast Eagle. In spite of this, Collingwood FC was not awarded the victory.

Jordan’s Numerous Encounter With Law

The AFL player has had multiple run-ins with the law at various points in his career. Since the day he signed up for the Collingwood football team, he had a history of getting into trouble with the law and getting involved in controversial situations. As a consequence of this, he has been barred from participating in a number of games and required to pay significant fines because he violated the code of conduct that was outlined in his agreement with the club. After being caught driving under the influence of alcohol in February of 2018, Jordan was issued a $10,000 fine and asked to make a charitable contribution in the same amount. Jordon was also given a three-match suspension by Collingwood for his behaviour.

As Fox Sports reported on October 31 of the previous year, the player was placed in handcuffs and charged with sexual assault as well as felony charges after the incident that took place in the Chelsea club. Jordan and his friend Duke Tyson were both arrested by the New York Police Department at the same time.



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