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Who Is American Journalist Rikki Schlott? Details To Know About The Columnist

Rikki Schlott is an American journalist, political pundit, and fighter for free speech. She is well-known and skilled in these fields.

Because of her prominence, there are a lot of people looking for her online right now. On the other hand, Rikki Schlott does not currently have her own article on Wikipedia.

She has been working for the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression since since it was established in June of 2021.

Rikki has more than 8,000 people following her on Instagram, making it her most popular social media platform, in addition to the almost 9,000 people who follow her on Twitter.

Quick facts about Rikki Schlott

Age : 21 years old

Date of birth : 2001

Birthplace : New Jersey, Northeastern United States

Profession : Libertarian Political Pundit, Journalist and Free Speech Activist

Nationality : American

Ethnicity : White

Religion : Christian

School : Lawrenceville School

Instagram, Twitter : @rikkischlott, @RikkiSchlott

Who Is Rikki Schlott? Wikipedia Explored

Rikki Schlott is a well-known journalist, political pundit on the libertarian side, and activist for free speech in the United States. She became well-known after working for the New York Post for more than a year, first as a columnist and then as a freelance contributor to the paper.

Rikki Schlott does not currently have an official Wikipedia article, despite the fact that there is significant interest in learning more about her.

Her political opinion has been published on Fox News, the Daily Wire, Reason Magazine, the New York Post, and BBC News, among other news outlets.

In terms of Rikki Schlott’s educational background, it is important to note that she obtained her Middle School Diploma from The Peck School. In later years, she continued her education at The Lawrenceville School and eventually received her high school diploma.

Rikki started her studies in History at New York University in September 2018 and completed her degree with a perfect 4.0 grade point average in December 2021.

In a manner comparable to this, Schlott enrolled at Columbia University in the City of New York in 2022, and she will get a Bachelor of Arts in History from that institution in 2024.

How Old Is Rikki Schlott? Age Details

As of the year 2022, Rikki Schlott has reached the age of 21. She was born in the year 2001 in the northeastern state of New Jersey.

Rikki is an American by birth, is of the white ethnicity, and practices Christian faith. She also has the nationality of the United States. Schlott has a height of around 5 feet and 5 inches and weighs about 55 kilograms.

Rikki Schlott Husband: Is She Married?

Rikki Schlott isn’t married yet. On the other hand, she has not published any pictures on her Instagram account that are in any way connected to romantic partnerships.

She has not revealed anything personal or intimate about herself or her life to the general public. It would imply that Rikki prefers to maintain a low profile.

Her Instagram account currently has images of both her and her pals that she has shared. On Instagram, where he is known by the handle @rikkischlott, Schlott has accumulated 8,322 followers and has posted 23 times.

In addition to that, she operates a verified Twitter account under the handle @RikkiSchlott, which has a total of 9,407 followers.

Rikki Schlott Net Worth

According to Worthycelebs, Rikki Schlott possesses a net worth of 700 thousand dollars.

Schlott’s work as a political commentator and journalist has provided her with the opportunity to earn a respectable living.

Schlott began her professional career in June 2011 as an environmental science intern at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She remained in that role for the first four years of her career, until September 2015.

After that, in June of 2016, she got a job as a Retail Sales Associate at Jack Wills, where she remained for more than three years, before leaving in July of this year.

Rikki worked at the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society for an entire year, first as a blog writer and then as a research intern.

Rikki was employed by The Megyn Kelly Show for close to two years, first as a researcher and then as an intern in both the research and production departments.



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