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Who is Arizona GOP candidate Gail Golec? Candidate gets ‘cease-and-desist’ notice over STEALING PEN at polling booths

A Republican candidate in Maricopa County was sent a “stop and desist” letter by a senior prosecutor in that county after the candidate warned that felt-tip pens should not be trusted. On the day of the primary election in Arizona, it was revealed that voters had stolen them from at least two different polling stations.

On Tuesday, August 2, a letter was delivered to Gail Golec, a Republican candidate for county supervisor. In the letter, Attorney General Rachel Mitchell urged Golec to retract her “call to steal the pens” and “immediately tweet a retraction, acknowledging that no one should steal pens from voting locations and urging that no one should do so.” Golec received the letter on Tuesday, August 2. At least two voting stations in Arizona, the Desert Hills Community Church of the Nazarene in Phoenix and Faith Baptist Church in Glendale, have reported that they are out of pens, as reported by the New York Times.

“Ironically, worried about law-breaking, Maricopa County is actually frightened that people will take the pens,” Golec stated in a tweet replying to Mitchell’s letter. “Ironically, concerned about law-breaking, Maricopa County is really afraid that people will steal the pens.” What if they didn’t have enough ballots to go through the adjudication round because they ran out? My goal is to ensure the integrity of Our Vote, not to encourage any of you to steal pens.

“Today is election day in Arizona! Do not fail to vote in the election. Today, before they announce the races, it will not be tallied in any way. After having your ballot invalid, you may exchange it for a new one and vote on Election Day. Vote in Blue Ink! Put an end to the thievery and don’t forget your money!” After then, Golec sent out a tweet.

Golec instructed those who follow him on Telegram early on the morning of August 2 to “leave a blue pen behind” and instead use the felt-tip pen that would be supplied at the voting station when they arrive to cast their ballot. She said, “They are going to go out of stock someday!” Several times during the course of her campaign, Golec has brought up the allegation that the election for the year 2020 was “stolen.” Allegations of major voter fraud in the 2020 election have been categorically refuted by both election authorities and the courts.

The use of Pentel felt-tip pens has given rise to conspiracy theories alleging that the ink from the pens leaked through the votes, leading to inconsistencies in the results. Officials from Maricopa County have given voters their word that these pens would function properly. “Just as we tell voters not to use red pens, pencils, or crayons, we are telling voters that if you are voting in-person on election day, you should use the Pentel pen to help us ensure an accurate and smooth election,” Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer told the Associated Press. “Just as we tell voters not to use red pens, pencils, or crayons, we are telling voters that if you are voting in-person on election day, you should use the Pentel pen

A tweet from the Maricopa County Elections Department urged voters to make use of the “fast-drying felt-tip pens given in the voting booths.” The department said that “slow drying ink like ballpoint pens, may easily smear within the ballot counting machine and create delays at the polls.”

There have been many reported incidents of stolen pens throughout the primary election season, but it does not seem that these incidents have hindered voters in the county that encompasses Phoenix from casting their votes. Marcus Milam, a spokesperson for the county recorder, was quoted as saying to the New York Times that “We’ve resupplied them.” “There will not be insufficient of them.”

Golec is a Republican who supports the “Save America” movement and is also an extremely wealthy businessman. In addition to that, she has worked with a great number of organisations all around the United States. Golec won the election to serve as an alternate delegate at the Republican National Convention, where former President Donald Trump will be nominated to run for reelection in 2020. Golec will be representing her district at the convention.



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