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Who Is ATF Agent James Burk? Cause of Arrest- Age And Wikipedia Details

The lawsuit that ATF agent James Burk filed against the police for their misconduct brought him a great deal of notoriety. Users of the internet are interested in the information he has on his wiki.

Officer Joseph Fihe of the Columbus Police Department is shown to have arrived on the scene first in the video. An ATF agent named James Burk is given the signal to raise his hands before the other man, Fihe, draws his weapon.

Before reasserting his status as a federal agent and assuring Fihe that he would not crash to the ground, Burk stated his credentials once more. While instructing him to keep his hands up in the air, Fihe offers to show him his badge. In the meantime, he asks him to keep his hands up.

Kevin Winchell, a second officer from the Columbus Police Department, arrived on the scene and aimed his revolver at Burk. He had to descend one more time per the instructions.

James Burk, ATF: Who Is He?

As an ATF agent, James Burk has worked for the agency for the past 16 years. Currently, he is employed by the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau.

A federal complaint has been lodged alleging that two Columbus police officers used their positions of authority against the agent in question while carrying out their official responsibilities. The agent who lodged the complaint is a federal agent.

On July 7, he stated in front of the judge that he was engaged in a “normal” activity. In the afternoon of that day, he went to a home in the 3300 block of Edgebrook Drive near Dublin in order to seize a shotgun from a person who was prohibited from having a firearm in their possession.

In the legal action, it was stated that Burk was dressed appropriately for the position he held by donning business casual attire, carrying his credentials in a pocket, and displaying an ID card around his neck.

The police took James Burk into custody and drove him away.

When Burk knocked on the door, someone in the house called 911, told the dispatcher that no one was home, and then read the dispatcher Burk’s badge number.

The lawsuit claims that this occurs on a regular basis, but Burk has never had a problem with dispatchers or police officers verifying his status as an ATF agent who is on duty.

James Burk’s Biography and Age

James Burk has spent the better part of his life working as an ATF agent, a position which he has held for the past 16 years.

Recent events have contributed to his rise to fame, including the filing of a lawsuit against the offensive conduct of Columbian law enforcement.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, the Chicago Police Department (CPD) released footage of the confrontation that was primarily captured by body cameras for no apparent reason.

Burk claims that he was later transferred to an administrative post within ATF as a result of the incident as well as the physical and mental impairments he suffered as a result of the incident.

The Columbus Police Department has been accused of engaging in a pattern of misconduct, and there has been no investigation into the behaviour of the officers involved in this case. Defendants include Winchell, Fihe, and the City of Columbus, according to this document.

What Led To James Burk’s Arrest?

Federal agent James Burk was placed under arrest and accused of shoplifting wine from Kroger after employees at the store became suspicious of him and reported their concerns to the authorities.

According to the police, ATF agent James Burk used the self-checkout line to purchase some expensive wine, but he allegedly only paid a small portion of the total price.

Burk asserts that the dispatcher advised the person who called 911 not to answer the door and then dispatched Columbus police officers Kevin Winchell and Joseph Fihe, both of whom have worked in the division for a combined total of twenty years at the time of this writing.

According to the allegations made in the legal action, Fihe and Winchell arrived not long after Burk informed them that his credentials were inside his pocket. After that, Fihe and Winchell produced a revolver, and they instructed Burk to get on all fours.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Fihe and Winchell “climbed on his back while aggressively twisting and wrenching his arms to handcuff him” after aiming their weapons at Burk for a period of more than 90 seconds.



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