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Who Is Auckland Resident Pauline Hanna Murderer? 69 Years Old Man Arrested Making Husband Philip Not Guilty

Pauline Hanna’s body was discovered in the residence she shared with her husband, Philip Polkinghorne, at the time of her death. At first, Pauline’s spouse was thought to be guilty of Hanna’s murder; however, as of the most recent information available, another man has been apprehended, and Pauline’s spouse is now considered to be innocent.

Philip is a former eye surgeon who practiced in Auckland. While he was married to his wife, he was involved in an extramarital affair. After Hanna passed away, he decided to resign from his job, move out of the family home that was worth $4 million, and start living with his sister. Polkinghorne stated, after the passing of his wife, that the couple’s relationship was not merely satisfactory but rather ideal.

Who Killed Pauline Hanna Of Auckland? 69 Year Old Suspect Found Guilty

The most recent information reveals that Pauline Hanna was killed by an individual who is 69 years old and whose name has not yet been mentioned by the authorities.

After a period of investigation lasting 16 months, the suspect has been charged with the murder of Pauline Hanna. The arrest made in connection with the death that occurred on April 5 of last year was verified by the police as having taken place.

The defendant is due to make an appearance in the very near future in the Auckland District Court. Prior to the identification of this suspect, the case had been unsolved for over a year. Following the 69-year-old defendant’s appearance in court, additional details are anticipated to become available.

According to court documents obtained by Stuff, the suspect in the murder is also believed to have been in possession of methamphetamine as well as a pipe.

Was Pauline Hanna Husband Philip Polkinghorne Under Suspect List?

Her husband, Philip Polkinghorne, was a person of interest in the investigation into Pauline Hanna’s death before the authorities arrested the 69-year-old man on suspicion of her murder.

Shortly after his wife’s passing, Philip made the statement that the authorities were looking at him as a “person of suspect.” He used words like “remarkable” and “insurmountable” to describe his wife and the loss of her.

It has been said that Pauline retained the services of a private investigator in the year that followed the time of her passing away. They talked to a large number of Philip’s associates, including a masseuse and a barber, among others. She had her doubts about the claim that her husband had been involved with an Australian escort for a considerable amount of time.

A native of Melbourne, Madison Ashton disclosed to reporters in Australia in October that she had first met Philip in Sydney in the year 2011. Their association began on a professional level through Pauline, but in 2017 it took on a more personal tone.

She claimed that she had no idea that Pauline and Philip were still together at the time of her passing and that she had no knowledge of their relationship.

Obituary Of Pauline Hanna Death As The Auckland Murder Case Reaches A Verdict

After the perpetrator of the crime was apprehended, Pauline Hanna’s loved ones and friends finally feel vindicated. There have been a lot of people writing obituaries about her, and one person who was particularly close to her said that finally, justice was served.

Before she passed away, Polkinghorne, who was also known as Hanna, spent the previous 20 years of her life working for the Counties Manukau District Health Board. Hanna was referred to by the DHB, in a statement that was released at the time, as a staff member who was highly regarded and well-liked.

Since she started working at the DHB in 1998, Pauline has been responsible for a variety of tasks. Most recently, she was tasked with leading the logistic supply chain activities for COVID-19 that were taking place in the Auckland region.



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