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Who Is Audrey Lorber? Arrested In Russia, A Story Of Then 19-Year-old Girl

The recent trial of Brittney Griner has resurrected an old story about a girl named Audrey Lorber, who was 19 years old when she was arrested in Russia for possessing marijuana. People have also been reminded of a senior teacher named Marc Fogel, who was arrested in Russia for a case that is very similar to the one described in the report. However, the news can be found in the links that are provided below, and this article will focus on providing information about Audrey.

Teenager Audrey Lorber, who was in Russia with her family to spend the summer vacation there, was found guilty of carrying marijuana with her and given a fine as a result. Her name has been making the rounds on the internet for reasons that are self-evident. Continue reading to find out more.

Who precisely is this Audrey Lorber? The account of a young woman who was detained in Russia when she was 19 years old

A white American woman named Audrey Lorber was discovered in Russia in possession of 19 grams of marijuana. The incident occurred in 2019, and after Brittney Griner was sentenced, Audrey’s case was brought back into the spotlight again.

At the time, Lorber was only 19 years old when she was found guilty of smuggling 19 grams of THC into Russia while her family was on vacation there. The girl was given a sentence that would put her in a Russian prison for approximately two months. In addition, she was given a fine of 15,000 rubbles, which is equivalent to approximately 375 dollars in modern currency.

Previously, the news that Audrey had been found guilty of “attempting to import marijuana purchased in the United States into Russia” was confirmed by The New York Post.

Brittney Griner, a professional basketball player for the WNBA, was found guilty and sentenced to nine years in prison on August 4, 2022. This event brought international attention to Russia and its legal system. In addition, the judge ordered her to pay a fine of nearly 16,400 dollars in the United States (one million rubbles). The sum is approximately 43 times greater than what Lorber earned in 2019.

One of the users on Twitter expressed her worry in the following way: “Everyone is talking about the law in Russia, and everyone agrees that the law should be followed. However, in 2019, Audrey Lorber was arrested for the exact same thing, and she had 19 grams! 19! Take a wild guess at what her punishment was!?! She served one month in a correctional facility, paid a fine of $235, and was then released!”

Wikipedia and Estimated Earnings of Audrey Lorber

Staten Island is Audrey Lorber’s home borough. She received her high school diploma from Tottenville High. There is currently no information available concerning her total assets or net worth. Similarly, ever since she was arrested, Lorber has not been active on her Instagram account.

According to officials with the court who spoke with CBS News in 2019, she would be required to remain in St. Petersburg for ten days before being allowed to return home. During that time, either Lorber or the government had the ability to file an appeal against the decision.

Audrey has pleaded guilty and has admitted that she was the one who brought the narcotic into Russia. After being held in custody for close to three months, the adolescent was eventually allowed to go back to her home country.

Audrey Lorber Jail Timeline – What Is Her Age?

There are 22 years between Audrey Lorber and you. When she was taken into custody by Russian authorities in 2019, she was a student at Pace University studying film. After it was discovered that Lorber had 19 grams of marijuana on her person at the Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg, she was placed under arrest. The Moscow District Court of St. Petersburg presided over the proceedings of the case.

Lorber and her mother, Rochelle Lorber, a retired school teacher from New York City, were on vacation in Eastern Europe when they were taken into custody in connection with the investigation.

Audrey provided court records as evidence to demonstrate that she had a prescription for marijuana in the United States for medical purposes. Regardless of this, the local authorities asserted that the prescription did not “apply to the territory of the Russian Federation.”

In the wake of Audrey’s freedom, a case that was strikingly analogous to hers came to light. A man named Marc Fogel, who was 61 years old at the time, was detained at the airport in Moscow in the year 2021. Fogel was carrying 17 grams of marijuana with him, which he did so for the purpose of improving his health (to treat his chronic back pain).

Marc was found responsible for possessing illegal substances, and as a consequence, he was given a sentence of 14 years in a Russian high-security prison colony. Since that day, August 14, 2021, no one in his family has heard from him, and they have petitioned the United States government for assistance in finding him.

Even though the circumstances are virtually identical to those of Audrey and Marc Fogel is already a senior citizen, many people were incensed by the fact that the law in this country is so unfair.



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