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Who Is Brian Olunga? Brian Khaemba Aid Shot Dead By Didmus Barasa, Was He Arrested?

Brian Olunga, the personal assistant of Didmus Barasa’s opponent, Brian Khaemba, was shot and killed by Didmus Barasa in the Kimilili Constituency.

This information is causing a commotion all over the internet right now.

Didmus Wekesa Barasa, a former military commander who later became a politician, currently resides in Kenya. Since 2017, he has been the Member of Parliament for the Kimilili constituency, which means he represents the people of the area. In 2021, not long after his departure from the Jubilee Party, he became a member of the United Democratic Alliance party.

Who Is Brian Olunga? Brian Khaemba Aid Shot Dead By Didmus Barasa

Advocate Brian Olunga currently works for the High Court of Kenya in Kenya. He has an impressive six years’ worth of experience working in the legal industry. His Linkedin profile indicates that he considers himself to be the “go-to guy” for any form of legal remedy.

In 2013, he began his studies at the University of Nairobi. In addition to that, he graduated from the University of Kenya with a Diploma in Law in the year 2018. The attorney brings up the fact that he was awarded a recognition when he was there.

Olunga has not disclosed anything about his previous employment experiences. Microsoft Office, strategic planning, analytical prowess, expertise in project analysis, report writing, mobilisation, business, research, and other areas are among his many areas of expertise.

Didmus Barasa: Has He Been Taken Into Arrest? Specifics of the Shooting

Didmus Barasa, a member of parliament for Kimilili, is wanted by the police in connection with a gunshot that resulted in the death of an aide working for a rival. At the voting station in Chebukwabi where they were due to see the vote count, Barasa and his opponent, Brian Khaemba of the DAP, got into a confrontation with one other.

DCI for Bungoma Joseph Ondoro asserted that following an altercation between the two, Khaemba exited the building and went to his vehicle.

According to a complaint filed by the police, at that time, Barasa pulled out a gun, aimed it at Khaemba’s assistant Brian Olunga, and shot him in the forehead, causing him to pass away at the scene. It was too late by the time he got to the hospital in the Kimilili subcounty; he had already passed away.

Barasa was allegedly wanted for interrogation in connection with the event, as stated by Ondoro. “He managed to escape, but we are continuing to look for him. Allow him to surrender himself, “he murmured. At the time that this report was written, the body of Olunga was still at the previously stated hospital, where it was waiting to be transported to Delight Funeral Home.



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