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Who Is British Rapper Aitch Girlfriend Amelia Dimoldenberg? Relationship And Dating History Explored

Aitch is a British rapper who hails from Manchester. His solo debut single, titled “Straight Rhymez,” has amassed more than 24 million views as of this writing. After hearing this song, London-based Stormzy took notice of him for the first time. Over 51 million people have listened to his song “Rain” on Spotify, and it has been streamed over 140 million times on YouTube.

Because of the way he pronounced the letter “h,” which is the first letter of his given name, he got the nickname “Aitch.”

The rapper responsible for the song “Buss Down” spread relationship rumors about the two by posting TikToks featuring them together. The native of Manchester is committed to the relationship that he has established with his present partner, Amelia Dimoldenberg. Wednesday’s edition of the Capital breakfast program was the venue for the British couple’s big revelation.

Aitch has amassed a considerable amount of notoriety as a result of the fact that he has created three singles, one of which, “Taste (Make It Shake),” climbed all the way to number two on the UK Singles Chart and reached its highest point inside the top 40. In addition to that, he has gone on tour with rappers such as Cadet and Wiley, and he has also made an appearance on a revamped version of one of the top 20 tracks, “Latest Trends,” which was performed by the teenage rap duet A1 x J1.

Rapper Aitch Girlfriend Amelia Dimoldenberg Relationship And Dating History

After his breakup with Amelia Dimoldenberg, an English journalist and television presenter, it appears that the famous British rapper Aitch is now available for new relationships.

The couple came to the conclusion that it was best to quit their rushed romance and continue their relationship as friends only.

Following the spread of allegations on social media that they had been dating secretly, rapper Aitch and Chicken Shop Date entrepreneur Amelia Dimoldenberg were found to be deeply in love with one another. At the beginning of March, after weeks of speculation, they finally came clean and admitted that they were seeing each other.

The ‘Buss Down’ rapper began posting sneak peaks of his secret date nights with Amelia on TikTok, which contributed to the growth of speculations around the two individuals’ purported romantic relationship.

British Rapper Aitch And Her Girlfriend Amelia Dimoldenberg

The two were seen together for the first time in 2019, when Amelia’s YouTube channel featured a video called Chicken Shop Date, in which Aitch played the role of Amelia’s date. In March of 2022, after weeks of rumors being spread about their relationship on the internet, Aitch and Amelia confirmed that they were dating. It was at this period when rumors and hypotheses first started to spread.

They decided to go public with their relationship on the third date by posting a sweet selfie to TikTok to announce it.

In a video that Amelia had submitted to TikTok, she made the statement, “I have something to tell you,” and Aitch responded with the same statement. “I have something to tell you.” The two of them then said it at the same time, “We ought to just be friends.”

The reporter then continues, saying, “Yeah, I believe it’s better that we’re friends.” The conversation continues with Aitch saying, “I can’t watch you go on dates with other rappers every other week.” Even though I am aware that it is not real, I still find it hard to believe.

Amelia responds, “I mean, I can’t stop doing that, I love to date.” “I mean, I can’t stop doing that, I love to date.” Additionally, you will be going on tour.

The fact that the two individuals are “just friends” does not change the fact that they look to be best friends because they have purchased identical “best friends” wristbands for one another.

Following the viewing of the video, fans of the couple replied almost instantly, with many of them believing that the entire thing was a publicity stunt, but it turned out that it was true.

“By this point, you should have it figured out.” He then tweeted a snapshot of the two of them bowling alongside the video and accompanied the video with the question, “What are you doing here?” The following thing that Amelia did was post a video of herself and him performing his new song, Baby, with the caption “We cute.”

Just a few days after they made public their relationship, the rapper posted some cute images of himself and his new girlfriend along with an even better statement that added his last name to hers and referred to her as “Amelia Armstrong.” He also included the photos on his Instagram account.

The musician who is known for the song “Baby” published on his Instagram account a series of images with Amelia that turned out to be production stills from his most recent music video.

In one of the pictures, the rapper from Manchester is seen putting his arm around the presenter, who is 28 years old, and in another, he is seen presenting her incredibly showy jewelry. Both of these shots were taken by the same photographer.

There have been no public pronouncements or remarks made that state the journalist has been in a relationship in the past. Having said all of this, the television personality has never been engaged or married in the past.

British Rapper Aitch Ex Partner And Love Life

The British rapper Aitch is always the subject of speculation and speculations regarding his romantic relationships with a wide variety of people, which seems absurd given his level of celebrity.

However, in spite of all of these charges, he does have a few real relationships, one of which is with Amelia Dimoldenberg, a journalist and reporter from the United Kingdom.

Taylor Mullings was the woman he dated in a previous relationship. According to The Sun, he began dating Taylor Mullings in 2019, after the two of them had previously been in a committed relationship. After a year had passed, the couple finally parted ways amicably. At the 2020 Brit Awards, she made her first public appearance, which she did alongside the rapper.

Taylor is a well-known model and influential figure. According to the information on her Instagram bio, she is a fashion model who works for Nemesis models.

Aitch Career

Aitch launched his career as a musician in the year 2016. First and foremost, he uploaded freestyle and rapping videos to his channel on YouTube and shared them with his audience. He was successful in rapidly amassing a sizeable number of subscribers on the site in a short period of time. Following that, he started putting out his own creative rap tracks. On December 9, 2017, he issued his first studio album, titled On Your Marks, through the record company NQ Records. The extended play (EP) was a commercial success, although it failed to chart in the UK or any other territory.

On February 1 of the following year, he released his debut single, titled “Biltzed,” which featured Kay Rico. However, he has never been the lead artist on any of his prior singles, even if he has participated in the creation of other tracks. During the course of that year, he has issued a total of five more singles, each of which bears one of the following titles: Vibsing, Daily Duppy, Trust Me, Straight Rhymez, and Miss Me with It. With all of these singles being released in 2018, Daily Duppy was the only one to make it to position #99 on the UK Charts and receive a silver certification from the BPI.

On January 10, 2019, he released a single titled “Wait.” This was his first release of 2019. The majority of his new recordings began to chart in the official charts for the UK and Ireland this year, which marked a significant turning point in his music career. In particular, his single “Taste (Make It Shake)” reached number two on the UK charts and was awarded the Platinum certification by the BPI. Under the label Since 93, he issued his second studio album, which was titled AitcH2O and was published in the same year. The album achieved a high position of #3 on the UK Albums Chart and #18 on the Ireland Albums Chart, making it his most commercially successful album to date.

The year 2020 saw the release of his third studio album, titled Polaris, which was issued by NQ Records. This album, like his second album, was nearly as successful as his second album, as it managed to reach the peak position of #7 on the UK charts. Learning Curve, GSD, and Party Round My Place are the respective titles of the three singles that he has already released this year (2021).

Aitch Net Worth

Aitch has a wealth of $1.5 million dollars (estimated). Music is his primary means of financial support. He has been rapping for a significant portion of his whole life and now uses it as his primary source of income. He makes money by selling copies of his songs and allowing others to broadcast them on various streaming services. In addition to this, he also generates money by appearing as a guest performer on the albums of other musicians. In addition to these, he frequently uses his social media platforms to promote a variety of different products. Because of his strong public profile, well-known companies frequently approach him with offers to participate in their advertising campaigns. To this point, he has collaborated with a wide variety of well-known brands, one of which is Relentless Energy.

Aitch Facts

  • At the Brit Awards in the year 2020, he was one of the nominees for the award for Best New Artist.
  • Football is his favorite sport, and he cheers for Manchester United when they play in the Premier League.
  • He does not bear any body art in the form of tattoos.
  • It’s aitchnq for his username on Snapchat.
  • More than 1.4 million people are following him on his Tiktok account, which is identified by the moniker aitch12.
  • His song “Rain” has been played over 129 million times on Spotify, making it his most popular song.
  • 4.2 million people are currently following him on Spotify on a monthly basis.
  • At the Brit Awards in the year 2020, his song “Rain” was up for consideration for the Song of the Year award.
  • On Twitter, he has more than 163,000 followers and has posted more than 1,600 tweets since he joined in July of 2016.
  • On his Instagram handle, which has over 1.9 million followers, he posts photographs that he has taken.



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