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Who Is Buck Sexton Wife Carrie Flatley? Engaged To His Girlfriend Turned Fiance In 2022

Buck Sexton is a former CIA intelligence officer, radio host, and podcaster. He is best known as the co-host of the popular The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, which is syndicated nationally by Premiere Radio Networks.

The host of the radio show also presents “Hold The Line” on The First TV and has been a guest host on shows such as The Sean Hannity Show, The Rush Limbaugh Show, and The Glenn Beck Program.

Buck, a well-known radio personality, discusses a variety of topics, including business, entertainment, politics, and social issues, over the air.

In addition to that, Buck appears frequently as a guest expert on Fox Business Network and Fox News.

Buck Sexton Is Engaged To Girlfriend, Carrie Flatley

Buck Sexton and Carrie Flatley have been seeing each other for a considerable amount of time, and they have recently advanced to the next stage of their relationship.

As a result of Buck’s proposal to Carrie and her subsequent acceptance of it, the couple is now engaged.

On July 10, Buck uploaded a photo to Instagram including both him and his girlfriend, Carrie, in which Carrie can be seen wearing an engagement ring on her finger. After seeing the post, a lot of their friends and followers gave them compliments and expressed their hope that they will have a great future together.

Buck Sexton Is Engaged To Girlfriend Carrie Flatley

The pair has not discussed the circumstances surrounding how and when they first became acquainted, and their supporters are eager to learn more about their romantic history.

The connection between Buck and Carrie has developed, and it now seems like the two of them are also prepared to get married. They have, however, been very secretive about the specifics of their wedding plans and have not even disclosed the date of the ceremony.

They both take pleasure in being in one other’s company, as evidenced by the numerous images of them that can be found on Buck’s Instagram account (@bucksexton). The audience feels that they make a cute couple and wishes for them to continue to be together and enjoy their lives together.

Age Difference Between Carrie Flatley & Buck Sexton

Buck Sexton was born on December 28th, 1981, and his birthday is on December 28th, therefore he will be 41 years old. Capricorn is the astrological sign that Sexton was born under.

On the other hand, Carrie Flatley appears to be in her mid-thirties at the very least. The age gap between the two seems to be anywhere between three and five years, but this has not been definitively established.

Carrie Flatley and Buck Sexton spending quality time together
Carrie Flatley and Buck Sexton spending quality time together

The couple enjoys going on vacations together and posting pictures of themselves on her many social media platforms.

On Instagram, Carrie may be found under the name @carrieflatley, and she has more than 1,400 followers. However, unlike her partner, she has chosen to keep her Instagram account secret, despite the fact that she seems to be extremely active on the platform.

Within her bio on Instagram, Buck’s girlfriend identifies herself as a TV Producer, and from all appearances, she is thriving in her chosen field.

Their admirers feel that the two of them make a beautiful couple and have heaped a lot of love and praise on them for it.

Buck Sexton’s Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

It is estimated that Buck Sexton has a net worth that is in the millions. Buck Sexton is the host of the show that bears his name. His show may be seen live every weekday from 3 to 6 p.m. and is broadcast from New York City. PT/6 – 9 p.m

Before beginning his role as a political commentator for Premiere Networks in February of 2017, he was formerly employed by CNN. At the time, Buck was also serving as the national security editor for the website TheBlaze.com.

The political commentator’s prior employment included stints in the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center and Office of Iraq Analysis.

Sexton worked as an intelligence officer in a number of different locations, including Iraq and Afghanistan. He was also in charge of providing intelligence briefings to key officials in the United States government, such as President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

In addition to that, he held a position in the Intelligence Division of the New York City Police Department (NYPD), where he worked on matters relating to counterterrorism and counter-radicalization.

He is the author of the book Occupy: America Spring, which provides an insider’s perspective on the Occupy Wall Street movement, including an analysis of the movement’s revolutionary motivations and radical origins. The author has a degree in bachelor’s level studies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in political science, which he earned from Amherst College.

Buck Sexton’s Career As CIA Officer, Clay Travis Podcast, And Political Commentator

Buck Sexton started his professional life in the subject of Analysis in the year 2005. Aside from that, he was a former officer for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in both the Office of Iraqi Analysis and the Counterterrorism Center (CTC), both of which focused on Al Qaeda. In addition to that, he served in both of these positions for a period of time.

It was in 2011 when he was promoted to the position of national security editor at “The Blaze,” an American media company for which he had previously worked. Between the years of 2012 and 2014, he worked as a contributor for the daily news program known as “Real News,” which was aired on The Blaze TV. After that, he was given the role of permanent anchor on the program and promoted to that position. After that, he started working for the CNN Network as a part of their staff.

In addition, Sexton is the host of the weeknight show “Hold the Line,” which airs on First TV from 7:00 to 8:00 o’clock in the evening. You may watch the show on weeknights. Prior to that, in 2018, he served as the host of “The Buck Sexton Show,” a program that was broadcast on more than 200 stations throughout the country. Premiere Networks was responsible for producing a talk radio show that was broadcast for a combined three hours every weekday morning.

In addition to this, Sexton is a regular contributor to Fox News Channel and other news channels, where he shares his knowledge and insights regarding politics and national security. In addition, he has served as the host of episodes of the programs of other individuals, such as “The Glenn Beck Program,” “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” and “The Sean Hannity Show.”

On June 21st, 2021, Sexton and Clay Travis presented the first episode of their show, “The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show,” which was shown on Premiere Networks. Together, Sexton and Travis were responsible for developing the show. This show discusses and gives comments on a variety of interesting topics, including the most important news articles, political issues, and other current events. Every day, from noon till three o’clock, the show can be heard on more than 400 distinct radio stations all around the world.

In addition to that, Sexton is the author of the book “Occupy: America Spring,” which is a source of knowledge surrounding the movement known as Occupy Wall Street.

The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show

On June 21, 2021, Clay Travis and Buck Sexton broadcast the very first episode of their show, which was titled The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show. It was disclosed that their show would be moving into the time slot on Premiere Networks that had once been occupied by Rush Limbaugh.

Buck Sexton’s Life and Education

Buck was born in Manhattan, which is a borough in the city of New York in the United States. His primary occupation is that of a radio broadcaster, but in addition to that, he is an author and offers political analysis. He was born in the United States and holds American citizenship. He is descended from Christian parents on both sides of his family. The other two members of his family are both male and are his brothers, however he does have a sister. He was raised alongside his siblings throughout his youth.

Buck is a man that is appealing to look at and interesting on the inside as well. In the year 2021, he will have reached the age of 39 years old. The color of his eyes can be described as a bluish-gray. In addition to that, the color of his hair is quite black. He is a tall man, measuring 5 feet 11 inches in height. He was a Capricorn by zodiac sign, having been born in December. Christianity is the religion that he adheres to as a faith. On social media, he is a well-known personality who also has a sizeable following due to his success there.

Buck attended St. David School all the way through his primary education there. After that, he finished his secondary education at Regis High School in New York City. Following the completion of his high school education, he continued his education at Amherst University. At the conclusion of his studies at the institution, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Family of Buck Sexton

Buck Sexton’s parents were Mason Speed Sexton and Jane Buckman Hickey, and they brought up their family in New York within the setting of the Christian middle class to upper class. Buck Sexton was born in New York. He is the youngest of three children, and his siblings’ names are Manson Speed Sexton Jr. and Keats Sexton for his two brothers, and Daisy Sexton for his sister. He is the only child who was not named after a famous person.

Some Lesser Known Facts About Buck  Sexton

  • Buck is an American citizen.
  • As of the year 2021, he will be 39 years old.
  • He was born in New York City, where he also spent his childhood.
  • Before he started his profession, he held a number of other occupations.
  • Because of his dedication and hard work, he is able to maintain a lavish way of life.
  • He has established a successful career for himself and garnered a great deal of renown.



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