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Who Is Chantal Brown (Matt Goss Girlfriend)? Strictly Come Dancing 2022 Star Is Dating Paul Nicholls’ Ex-Wife

Matthew Weston Goss, better known by his stage name Matt Goss, is an English singer-songwriter and musician who rose to prominence in the 1980s as the lead singer of the pop group Bros. Goss’s full name is Matthew Weston Goss.

Reality television show “Strictly Come Dancing” will feature Matt on an upcoming episode. The twenty-first season of the show is scheduled to premiere on September 10, 2022, exactly four years from now.

As a solo artist, Goss has released five studio albums to date. Nigel Lithgow was the one responsible for putting together the pieces that make up the So You Think You Can Dance theme song, which was created by Goss. At the Lewisham Hospital in London on September 29th, 1968, he was born to his parents.

Who Is Matt Goss’ Girlfriend Chantal Brown? who is Chantal Brown? The Topics of Love, Life, and Relationships

Chantal Brown is currently in a relationship with the well-known singer Matt Goss.

Brown is a designer of jewellery and is also actively involved in the manufacture and selling of jewellery in the United States of America. Chantal possesses a one-of-a-kind talent that enables her to create the most amazing jewellery, ranging from chunky stone necklaces to more delicate, intricate pieces.

Because she had a love relationship with the well-known singer Matt, she found herself in the public eye at various points. As a result, a significant number of viewers have an interest in information regarding the celebrity’s partner’s private life.

Because Chantal is not a public person, she has been in the media only a very small number of times; as a result, very little information about her can be found on the public platform.

Chantal is a jewellery designer, and her line of work does not require her to have any more public or social involvement than is already required of her. Seven years of her life were spent married to the soap star Paul.

Chantal Goss, Who Is Matt Goss’ Girlfriend, And Matt Goss Age Gap

As of the year 2022, Matt Goss and the woman he is currently dating, Chantal Brown, have been in a content relationship for quite some time, and the age difference between them is anticipated to be somewhere in the range of five years or less.

As in the year 2022, Goss has reached the age of 53 years. The birth of the singer took place in London on September 29th, 1968. However, the real date of birth of the celebrity spouse, Chantal, has not been disclosed on any public platform at this time.

Matt Goss has had romantic relationships with a number of other women in the past, some of them include Rebecca Ferguson, Martine McCutcheon, and Melanie Sykes, amongst others.

The singer Matt, who is 53 years old, admitted that he had fallen in love with his jeweller girlfriend, Chantal Brown, and he commended her for being “funny and not in the least way preoccupied with social media.”

Because she was married to the soap opera actor Paul for seven years, Chantal has previous experience in being in a relationship that is known to the public.

The Difference in Net Worth Between Matt Goss And Chantal Brown

It is anticipated that Matt Goss and Chantal Brown have a combined net worth of close to $6 million. It is reasonable to anticipate that Matt will have a greater net worth than Chantal Brown, who is his girlfriend.

It has been estimated that Matt Goss has a net worth of over one million dollars. The well-known English singer is estimated to have a net worth of up to $4 million at the moment. He was presented with a 4x Platinum award in the United Kingdom. The album also debuted in the top ten of the charts in the United Kingdom.

In a similar vein, jewellery designers in the United Kingdom make an average annual salary of £32,500, which translates to an hourly rate of £16.67. The annual salary range for most experienced individuals is between £35,000 and £45,000. As a result, it is reasonable to anticipate that Chantal Brown will make a salary that falls somewhere within the same pay range.

Goss rose to prominence as the main vocalist of the English pop group Bros. The band’s debut album, Push, was certified gold four times, generated eight top five hits, and spent an astonishing 54 weeks at the top of the U.K. charts. Goss’s rise to prominence occurred during this time.

In 1995, he launched his solo career, and by the beginning of the year 2021, he had released a total of 23 songs, four of which had made it into the top 40. The song “Firefly,” which Goss and Paul Oakenfold worked together on, was reworked in the future and ultimately reached number one on the World Trance chart.



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