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Who Is CP24 Presenter Jennifer Hsiung? Details To Know About The Journalist And Her Family

Jennifer Hsiung is a Canadian journalist and television presenter who is presently employed with a news station that is affiliated with the CP24 network.

The English-language speciality channel that can be found at 299 Queen Street West in the heart of Downtown Toronto is one of the leading news sources in Canada and operates around the clock.

In addition, Hisung has been the host of the program Culture Express for CGTN News. In the year 2006, she accepted a position as a sports anchor with CCTV New’s Sports Scene and relocated to Beijing, China. In addition to this, she reported the results of the election of former President Barack Obama of the United States.

She is a journalist as well as a stand-up comedian, and her debut stand-up comedy performance was on the program Stand-up Asia! which airs on Comedy Central. In addition to that, she has performed stand-up comedy at The Corner Comedy Club between the months of August 2018 and September 2020.

She is a standup comedian, and in 2017, she competed in the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition, where she advanced to the final round and became one of the finalists. In addition, Jennifer does standup comedies on a regular basis in Beijing, and she has also been at the TakeOut Comedy Club in Hong Kong. Both of these venues are in China.

Is CP24 Presenter Jennifer Hsiung Married?

David Shoemaker is a successful entrepreneur who owns and operates a shoe manufacturing company in Canada, and Jennifer Hsiung is his wife.

They appear to have been married for somewhere between ten and fifteen years, despite the fact that Jennifer does not discuss the details of her romance or the day on which she got married.

In Canada, the couple and their three sons lead a happy and fulfilled life. It is possible to deduce from the photographs that Jennifer posts on Instagram that she is a devoted family member who values the time she gets to spend with her husband and their three children.

Hsiung is a dedicated athlete who competed in her first marathon in 2016, which took place in Shanghai, China. In addition to that, she ran the Scotiabank Half Marathon in the year 2019. Her husband appears to be quite supportive of all of her work, and he is supportive of her in every phase of her life.

In 2017, when she competed in the Hong Kong International Comedy Competition, she was the mother of a son who was just two months old. That same year, she also became the mother of her third son. David encouraged her to take part in this competition as well as any other competition she entered.

Meet Jennifer Hsiung’s Husband David

As in the year 2022, David Shoemaker, who is married to Jennifer Hsiung, is a successful businessman who is 51 years old.

When you go to Jennifer’s Instagram on February 9, 2021, she posts a message to her husband that reads, “Cheers to this guy turning half a century old today and gracing this earth with humility, humor, kindness, athleticism, leadership, sexy forearms, and love.” Jennifer is wishing her husband a happy birthday.

According to the caption on this photo, her husband celebrated his 51st birthday this year. David Michael Showmaker is his complete name, and his wife says that he is a wonderful person and one of a kind. Also, his full name is David Michael Showmaker.

According to a post that David’s wife made on Instagram, in which she announced the news and congratulated him on the occasion, David is a successful businessman. This is evidenced by the fact that David got the Lulu Lemon business to become the new official outfitter for Team Canada on September 23, 2021.

Who Is Jennifer Hsiung? Her Wikipedia Bio And Age

Jennifer Hsiung is a Canadian standup comedian and television anchor who was born on September 20th, 1982 in Canada.

The journalist, who is now 39 years old, was both born and reared in Canada; as a result, she holds Canadian citizenship. Although Hsiung has not disclosed the identities of her parents, it has been stated that her father is a ballroom and Latin dancer. However, information regarding Hsiung’s mother is omitted from the statement.

Jennifer attended Ryerson University’s School of Journalism for her undergraduate studies and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2005. She graduated with honors. Immediately following her graduation in Toronto, she relocated to Beijing, where she took a job as a reporter for the very first Olympic Summer Games held in China.

When it comes to her family, she has a sister who followed in her footsteps and became a filmmaker. Therefore, Jennifer comes from a very talented family, particularly in the areas of the arts and dance. As a journalist and talk show host, she has conducted interviews with well-known figures like Kobe Bryant, Ya Ming, and Wang Lee Hom, also known as the King of Pop.

In addition to this, she has covered the reports of the gala that took place during the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, President Barack Obama’s inaugural ceremony, The Academy Awards, film festivals such as Cannes, and other important fashion weeks.



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