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Who Is Famous Vintage Art Dealer Katie Saro? Wikipedia Biography & Family Information Of The Art Of Vintage Host

Katie Saro, an artist and vintage art dealer located in Dallas, Texas, is the creator of a new program called The Art Of Vintage. The show focuses on the topic of creating the interior of a home using old materials and furnishings.

The program has already shown the first episode of its first season in September, and it is scheduled to begin production on more episodes on August 6, 2022.

The Art Of Vintage: Katie Saro Wikipedia

Katie Saro is an experienced antiquarian, and she has aspirations of being a well-known television personality in the future. When it comes to hunting for antiques, she feels the more peculiar and old something is, the better. Katie makes these one-of-a-kind items into decorative accessories and sells them to her clients from her home, which she uses as a showcase for the antiques she buys and sells.

She is a painter who works in the expressionist style and has experience in interior design. Her studio is located in Dallas. She believes that having a sense of style is key to living a fulfilling life, and that having artwork in your house is not just significant but also important because it symbolizes kindness, beauty, and the truth.

Katie Saro, a renowned designer and antique dealer, built her company by successfully reselling old items to the vast number of people that follow her on social media. Katie is expanding her design business by taking on new customers while she and her husband remodel each room in their home.

Katie Saro Husband And Children

Katie is a married lady who has successfully lied to her spouse about anything related to their marital status. However, she has not divulged a great deal of information on the members of her family. She is a mother to five children and now resides in Dallas with her husband and children in the home that they just had renovated and decorated.

On the occasion of Christmas in 2019, she shared a photo on social media that included her family. Katie’s spouse shares her enthusiasm for interior design and encourages her pursuit of it, therefore the pair has good chemistry. Katie’s love for the field is also shared by her husband.

Her life back then was not unlike to how it is today since she was the eldest of seven children. Her family lived on the lower level of a simple duplex that was constructed in the 1800s and was where she spent the most of her life. Despite the fact that they were poor, they managed to maintain a joyful family life.

Despite the fact that her mother has a distinct style that is different from her own, she regularly rearranged items in the home. It seems to reason that this is how she developed the condition that has persisted throughout her life. They shopped at garage sales and secondhand stores during their whole youth, long before it became fashionable to do so.

Katie Saro’s In 2022 Net Worth

Katie is regarded as one of the most talented interior designers in the industry, and she often decorates homes with antique furnishings. Her primary source of revenue comes from the sale of antiques that she operates out of her house. In addition to this, on August 6, 2022, she will launch her own program, which will be titled The Art of Vintage and will be aired on a regular basis.

We are able to make an educated guess based on the worth of the products she sells and the fees she requires to carry out remodeling work since she has never provided any public disclosure on her financial status. In 2022, she may have a net worth of around one million dollars.

Her father, who is now an engineer, worked as a carpenter when he was a student and while he was attending college. When she was probably about 10 years old, he finished his undergraduate degree.

Due to the fact that her father was continually remodeling her former house at the insistence of her mother and despite the resistance of the children, the family’s residence was regularly disrupted by construction while she was a child. Her job was to pick up and throw away every staple that was left on the floor after her father ripped up the carpet, an event that she recalls vividly to this day.



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