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Who Is Harald Cordes, Nancy Cordes Husband? The CBS News Chief White House Correspondent Went Through A Weight Loss Journey

CBS News’ chief White House correspondent is Nancy Cordes, who works for the network. The journalist regularly provides contributions to all of the various platforms and shows that are operated by CBS News.

She began her career in the media industry in 2007 when she joined CBS News as a consumer safety and transportation correspondent. Previously, Cordes served as a correspondent for ABC News in New York, where she was responsible for covering big news events as well as all ABC News programs.

In January 2021, Nancy was in charge of overseeing coverage from Capitol Hill. This was around the time when protesters took over the American Capitol and Donald Trump became the first president to face two impeachment attempts. She has been contributing to the election coverage on CBS News ever since the year 2008. On election night in 2020, Cordes was a member of the in-studio anchor crew and was responsible for overseeing coverage of the House of Representatives and Senate contests.

In addition, she worked as the primary CBS News correspondent covering Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 and co-hosted a primary debate in Iowa. The debate took place in Iowa. She was a reporter for the campaign covering President Obama’s reelection in 2012.

Who Is Nancy Cordes Husband Harald Cordes?

Harald Cordes, Nancy’s spouse, is employed as an engineering manager with WSP USA, a multinational organization that specializes in engineering and design. In 2006, the couple tied the knot.

Before deciding to get married, Harald and Nancy had been seeing one other for a total of three years. They had their initial encounter in North Carolina. It has been 19 years since they have been a couple, and there have been no rumors of a breakup or of dissatisfaction with their living situation.

Nancy Cordes And Her Husband Harald Cordes

Due to the intensity of their feelings for one another, Cordes and Harald are sometimes seen together. The duo was seen on camera spending the evening with Bernie Sanders.

Additionally, the couple is the parents of two young children. Their first kid, a daughter named Lila, was born in November of 2008, and she is the first of the couple’s children. Their son, Noah, was born on May 14th, 2010, when Nancy gave birth to him. Lila is currently 12 years old while Noah is 14 years old. At the moment, the family calls Washington, District of Columbia, home.

It appeared as though the journalist Young was following in the footsteps of her mother. Even before she reaches the age of majority, she has been politically engaged.

Before and after pictures of Nancy Cordes’s weight loss transformation

Since she’s dropped 22 pounds, Nancy Cordes is getting a lot of attention. In addition to their weight loss, the journalist’s face has also experienced a significant amount of rejuvenation.

According to the before and after pictures, Cordes put a lot of effort into losing weight, but she hasn’t divulged her strategy for achieving such a remarkable transformation in her appearance.

Despite the fact that Nancy appears to be in terrific condition and has a positive perspective, she has not yet divulged the mystery behind her extraordinary transformation.

Some people believe that in order to keep her fitness and health in check, she went on a diet and embraced a healthy lifestyle. And other people believe that one of her health problems is at least partially responsible for her recent weight drop. There is currently no material available online that points to the journalist having a health problem.

She has been successful in piquing the curiosity of everyone who is now attempting to reduce their body fat and get their ideal shape. Her fans are left with little choice but to make assumptions at this point due to the fact that she has not revealed how she was able to lose so much weight. It would appear that the journalist has begun to exercise regularly and eat healthily.

Nancy Cordes Salary And Net Worth 2022 As chief White House correspondent

As a correspondent for the White House, Nancy Cordes takes home a yearly pay that falls in between $85,000 and $100,000. In a similar vein, it is reported that her net worth is likewise $2 million.

In addition to his job as a journalist, Cordes is well-known for her willingness to lend a hand. In addition, she makes charitable contributions. According to social media, she assisted in the medical treatment of youngsters in Africa.

She started her career in 1995 and has since established herself as a significant personality in the field of news ever since. Up to this point, she has amassed a large sum of money. Because of her work, she has become more well-known over the course of her career.

Since 2008, Cordes has made a significant contribution to the coverage of elections that is broadcast on CBS News.

On election night in 2020, the Correspondent served as a part of the in-studio anchor crew and was responsible for overseeing coverage of the House and Senate contests. The journalist served as the principal correspondent for CBS News covering Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and also co-hosted a primary debate in Iowa in 2016. The debate took place in 2016. She was a reporter for the campaign covering President Obama’s reelection in 2012.

In Washington, where she lives with her husband, Harald Cordes, and their children, she maintains an extravagant lifestyle.

Nancy Cordes Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Although she was given birth to as Nancy Weiner on the 10th of August 1970 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, she spent the majority of her childhood on the islands of Kauai and Oahu in the state of Hawaii.

She attended Punahou School, which is situated in Honolulu, and after that, she moved to the mainland section of the United States in order to enroll at the University of Pennsylvania. After that, she pursued additional education at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and ultimately earned a master’s degree in public policy from that institution.

Career Beginnings

After finishing her education, Nancy began her career in journalism by joining the KHNL-TV network, which is an NBC affiliate station with its headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii. KHNL-TV is one of the stations that airs on the NBC network.

She remained there for a total of two years before moving on to pursue a career in television at WJLA-TV in Washington, District of Columbia, in the year 1999. She started showing her ambitions almost immediately, and she focused on her work. As a result, she was able to cover a number of significant events, such as the attack on the Pentagon on September 11th, followed by the sniper attacks in the DC area. Additionally, she was able to cover the peace corps efforts in Bosnia, as well as the presidential elections in 2000. Because of the effort that she put forth, the NewsOne channel, which is an ABC news affiliate news service, took note of Nancy and ultimately hired her to work as their new reporter located in Washington.

The Nancy Cordes Show on CBS

Cordes serves as the head congressional reporter at CBS News. Additionally, she contributes to all CBS News broadcasts and communications from her location in Washington, District of Columbia.

Cordes has supplied details relating key stories in the course of his work in this position. Some examples include the rise of the Tea Party and the controversy surrounding President Obama’s human services law. In addition to this, Cordes extensively secured both the financial precipice and the obligation roof transactions in Washington. She played a pivotal role in CBS News’ coverage of the congressional elections in 2008 and 2010, and she sided with Obama in the fight that the network covered during the inclusion of Campaign 2012 in its coverage.

Cordes started working for CBS News in 2007 as a journalist covering topics related to transportation and consumer safety. In this role, she was responsible for gathering important stories on the nation’s transportation system and serious health concerns.

Prior to this, Cordes worked as a journalist for ABC News in New York (2005-2007), where she disclosed for all ABC News communicates and secured actual news items such as Hurricane Katrina, the war in Iraq, and the 2004 election. Before that, she worked as a reporter for NewsOne, which is a member news administration of ABC News. Her previous location was in Washington (2003-04).

Before joining ABC News, Cordes worked as a correspondent for the Washington, District of Columbia station WJLA-TV (1999-2003). During his time at WJLA-TV, Cordes was responsible for securing coverage of a number of high-profile events, including the attack on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, the presidential election of 2000, the attacks carried out by expert marksmen in the Washington, DC area, and the efforts to maintain peace in Bosnia. Her first job was as a columnist for the Honolulu television station KHNL-TV (1995-97).

Nancy Cordes Internet Fame

Nancy’s career has only just begun, but she has already achieved a great deal of success on the various social media platforms, particularly Twitter, but you can also find her on Facebook. The number of people who follow her official account on Twitter is above 25,000.

Nancy Cordes Height, Weight, Body Measurements and Appearance

  • 5 feet 6 inches tall (1.68m)
  • 153 pounds (or 69 kilograms) in weight
  • 39 inches, 28 inches, and 39 inches are the vital statistics.
  • The bust size is a 36C.
  • Eye color brown
  • Additionally, the hair is brown.



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