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Who Is Harrison Petty Partner? Dayne Zorko Slur Has A Social Media Backlash

Harrison Petty, who hails from Australia and was born on November 12th, 1999, is a well-known football player in that country.

He was born in Australia and is a professional footballer who now competes in the Australian Football League for the Melbourne Football Club (AFL).

In the 2017 national selection, Melbourne selected him with the third overall pick and again with the 37th overall pick.

His first game was a two-point loss against St. Kilda at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in round fifteen of the 2018 season. The game was lost by two points.

After playing five games on defense so far in 2019, Petty was moved to the forward position for the first time in his career.

Petty was moved into the forward position for the very first time in his career as a result of a vital position forward dilemma. After scoring three goals in his first game, he went on to score another three goals over the next four weeks until suffering an injury that required him to miss the last two games.

In 2020, he was unable to play due to issues with his groin that required surgery and forced him to sit out the entire season. This caused him to miss the full season.

In spite of this, at the conclusion of the season, he was awarded a contract extension for the following two years.

Let’s take a look at the details of Harrison Petty’s family here in this piece before moving on to the conflict he had with Dayne Zorko.

Who Is Harrison Petty’s Partner?

Petty was born in Australia on the 12th of November 1999, which puts him at the age of 22 as of the month of August 2022. Petty could be in a romantic relationship at the age of 22, which is the typical age at which large youths begin to participate in romantic partnerships. In contrast, there are also young people of 22 years old who do not have a romantic partner. As a result, we cannot presume that Petty is in a relationship without him explicitly addressing the issue.

Petty is almost certainly not married and does not appear to be in a relationship of any kind. The football player is putting in a lot of effort to establish himself as a leading figure in the sport of football, as evidenced by the impressive game statistics he has been showcasing. Petty probably doesn’t even have the time to date due to how busy her schedule is.

Harrison Petty

If he is seeing someone, it would make sense for Petty to keep his personal life under wraps because he is very private about it and dislikes having it discussed in public. It is only natural that well-known celebrities would prefer to keep the name of their partners a secret so that they can enjoy their relationship without the prying eyes of the media following them about.

Petty is currently making waves for his confrontation with Dayne Zorko, which was captured on camera during the AFL match between Brisbane and Melbourne. As a result of this engagement, Petty felt pretty unsettled during the game. Because of these latest explosive revelations, Dayne’s long history of cheating on his wife Kalinda Salla has been brought to light; again. Petty’s life experience does not include this particular occurrence, so please do not mistake the two. He has never been married, therefore one cannot even accuse him of having an affair with someone else’s spouse.

Harrison Petty’s Parents

Petty was born to his parents, Simon and Karen, who are also his namesake. In his family, he is not the only child of his parents. Petty has an older brother who goes by the moniker Jack.

Petty’s parents have shown a lot of support for their son’s many athletic endeavors. Petty’s grandparents, other relatives, and friends were among those who attended the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 2018 to watch him make his debut in the AFL for the Melbourne Demons. Petty’s AFL debut came in the same year. The news of her son’s enlistment was a shock to his mother, who described it as “surreal.”

His parents are currently receiving a significant amount of attention as a result of the recent allegations that the Brisbane captain Dayne Zorko made racial comments against Petty’s family in front of Petty himself. On the other hand, there is a paucity of information on his parents that can be found on the web.

Dayne Zorko Hurled A Sledge About A Family Member of Harrison Petty

During the AHL match between the Brisbane Lions and the Melbourne Thunder on August 19, 2022, the captain of the Brisbane team, Dayne Zorko, was accused of using racial slurs in reference to a member of the family of Harrison Petty. It was obvious that it hurt Petty’s feelings.

Dayne Zorko Slur Made Harrison Petty In Tears
Dayne Zorko Slur Made Harrison Petty In Tears

Despite the fact that Melbourne’s Christian Petracca insisted that his side did not intend to target the Lions before the game, Zorko participated in multiple bouts with the defending champions during a rough game. This was despite the fact that Melbourne did not intend to target the Lions. As the break for the third quarter drew near, the tensions continued to rise. Channel 7 and Fox Footy both reported that Zorko and Petty had a verbal altercation before the break. Soon after his confrontation with Zorko, Petty was observed to be in tears, and it became clear that Zorko had shared an odd piece of information with him.

Petty started the fourth period on the interchange bench as he sought to collect his thoughts after the situation that occurred earlier. He received consolation from head coach Simon Goodwin as well as several other members of the backroom staff. After the completion of the game, Zorko was observed being approached by the Melbourne tough guy Steven May. Zorko ultimately made his way over to Petty following his talk with Steven, and he was seen shaking hands with Petty, implying that the two made up. Zorko’s arrival to Petty’s location was followed by Steven’s.

According to Melbourne general manager Alan Richardson, Petty allegedly overheard a joke about a member of his family that caused him to break down in tears.

Harrison Petty Instagram

The Instagram account that belongs to Harrison Petty is called @harry.petty35.

It appears that he has approximately 3.1 thousand followers, and he has posted 23 times so far.

The majority of the football player’s tweets and posts on his account are related to his games and other public appearances.

Aside from that, one of his hobbies is exchanging photographs of himself and his friends. Additionally, he demonstrates his excitement for excursions all throughout the site.

Harrison Petty Net Worth

The net worth of Harrison Petty is presently being determined by a team of experts.

He is one of the football players who has the highest fortune and is also one of the most popular players.

Because of his accomplished career, we are able to calculate that his net worth is in the millions.

How tall is Harrison Petty? Height

Harrison has a height of approximately 6 feet 5 inches, which is considered to be ideal for an athlete.

As a result of his athleticism, his skeletal framework is robust and well maintained.

Dayne Zorko Slur Has A Social Media Backlash

After causing Melbourne star Harrison Petty to break down in tears at the Gabba, AFL fans have taken a strong dislike to Brisbane skipper Dayne Zorko.

Petty left the field to have some time away from the action during the halftime break on Friday because he was showing clear signs of emotion.

After that, he came back later in the game, which resulted in the Demons’ 58-point victory over the Lions.

His altercation with Zorko, in which the latter allegedly made a derogatory remark about a member of the Melbourne star’s family, was the cause of his absence from the playing field.

Dayne Zorko
Dayne Zorko

The event has resulted in an investigation being launched by the AFL, an apology being issued by the Brisbane Lions, and an outpouring of anger and condemnation directed on Zorko from outraged fans.

On Twitter, one user reacted to the incidents by saying, “Really terrible scenes seeing Harrison Petty so upset on the ground.”

It was encouraging to witness the encouragement from the Dees’ coaches during the third quarter. Anything that was mentioned shouldn’t ever come to pass! Zorko and Brisbane need to shoulder a greater share of the responsibility for this situation.

Someone else chimed in and said, “About last night.. Harrison Petty, we couldn’t be more supportive of you right now, mate… Dayne Zorko, you will harvest exactly what you sow; I pray the media devours you and your reprehensible sportsmanship alive.

Petty was consoled by head coach Simon Goodwin and a number of other backroom staff members following the event, and he started the fourth quarter on the interchange bench as he wanted to “reset” himself after the occurrence.

The Demons rallied around their comrade to blast home to a 68-point triumph over their title rivals, and after the game Melbourne hardman Steven May was seen fronting up to Zorko – who ultimately made a beeline for Petty and the pair were seen shaking hands.

“Petts thought he heard something that was maybe over the line in terms of a reference to a member of his family,” Alan Richardson, the general manager of Melbourne, said in regard to the event when speaking to Channel 7 about it.

‘We truly don’t have all of the information so it would be unfair of me to say anything with respect to Brisbane.

“I walked over to Danny Daly [Brisbane footy manager] at the break to let him know that it happened, and if it happened, then perhaps they might want to fix it out,” said the player. “I went over to let him know that it happened.”

After the game, Goodwin stated that he had overheard Petts saying, “Petts thought he heard something inappropriate about a family member and he was a bit disturbed about it.”

‘Brisbane have spoken to us and obviously the AFL will look at it. That wraps up the information that we are able to provide at this time, and we will now pass control of the situation on to the AFL.

“At three quarter time, Petts was feeling a little bit emotional.” He went away for a while, gave himself a fresh start, and then returned to the game.

“Brisbane have been quite apologetic towards us, and that’s the type of football club they are,” said the player. They’re a really regarded humble footy team and we’ll taken them on their word.’

When Goodwin was asked about Petty’s health, he responded, “He’s OK.” He is in perfect health.

“I think his performance in the most recent quarter was fairly solid.”

Max Gawn, the captain of the Demons, said, “I wasn’t there, there were a few comments, but all I saw was my friend crying.”

‘It got us going a little bit, there’s plenty of big fish to fry over the next few weeks, and I think they figured it out,’ said the speaker. I thought I saw a small handshake, so I’m going to hope that everything is okay.



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