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Who Is He? Information About The MMA Fighter

Marcin Wojcik: Who Is He? Information About The MMA Fighter

Polish fighter Marcin Wójcik competes in the light heavyweight division and goes by the moniker “The Giant” in the MMA (mixed martial arts) ring. He held the titles of FEN light heavyweight champion from 2020 to 2021 as well as Gladiator Arena lightweight heavyweight champion in 2019. Along with MMA, he also competed in KSW (Martial Arts Confrontation, or Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki) and PLMMA.

The 32-year-old martial artist’s most recent contest took place on March 12, 2022, in FEN. Mick Stanton will be his opponent on August 13, 2022.

Marcin Wojcik: Who Is He?

Polish martial artist Marcin Wojcik is well-known in the MMA, FEN, KSW, and PLMMA rings. On the ring, he is known as The Giant.

The fighter made his MMA debut in 2007, and he began competing in PLMMA in 2013. Similar to this, Marcin entered the FEN ring in 2015 and won the title of light heavyweight FEN champion for 2020–2021. He was also declared the lightweight heavyweight champion of the Gladiator Arena in 2019. His professional MMA resume lists 15 victories, 8 defeats, and 0 draws.

Marcin Wojcik, also known as The Giant, competes at the light heavyweight division.

Marcin Wojcik, also known as The Giant, competes at the light heavyweight division ( Source : Instagram )

Interestingly, Marcin triumphed in each of his opening matches in the MMA, PLMMA, and FEN rings. In his MMA debut, he defeated Grzegorz Szatkowski. Krzysztof Pietraszek was his opponent in his FEN debut fight, which he also won. He had defeated Artur Mroczek in his PLMMA debut.

The age of Marcin Wojcik

The Polish fighter will turn 32 in 2022 because he was born on September 2, 1989. At the age of 32, he has been a professional martial artist for 14 years, two months, and 26 days. His longest hiatus during that time was three years, one month, and 28 days.

Marcin is a light heavyweight athlete who weighs 92 kg and is 1.85 cm tall. In his career, he has competed in over 37 rounds. On March 12, 2022, Marcin faced off against Pawe Hada in the game FEN 39: LOTOS Fight Night, which he triumphed in. The next time they play is on August 13, 2022, against Mick Stanton. He currently has 15 victories, so if he wins this game, he will increase that number by one.

The name of the light heavyweight fighter’s wife is not known. He didn’t include his wife in the Instagram photo he shared. It suggests that Marcin’s wife is not a user of social media. It might be for privacy concerns, but that’s just a guess.



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