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Who Is Jack Harlow Brother Clay Harlow? Wikipedia Age And Instagram Details

Clay Harlow is most known for being the younger brother of Louisville, Kentucky-born American musician Jack Harlow. Clay Harlow himself is a rapper in his own right.

2015 was the year when Jack, whose given name is Jackman Thomas Harlow, launched his career as a musician. Before he signed with Don Cannon and DJ Drama’s record label Generation Now in 2018, he had already released seven extended plays (EPs) and mixtapes.

His breakthrough came with the publication of his smash single in the year 2020 titled “What’s Poppin.” Because of its popularity on TikTok and because of a remix that featured rap artists Tory Lanez, DaBaby, and Lil Wayne, the tune reached its highest position on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number two.

The single ended up being recognized with a nomination for a Grammy Award later on. Before the rapper had even released his first studio album, That’s What They All Say (2020), XXL magazine has already included him to its list of the Freshman Class of 2020. The album has now been certified platinum in the United States.

Although less is known about Jack compared to his younger brother Clay, the two spent their formative years in Louisville, Kentucky. Over the course of their lives, the brothers have developed a close relationship. The following is a rundown of everything we are aware of concerning the rapper’s brother:

Quick Facts

Full Name : Clayborn “Clay” Harlow

Birth Date : November 23, 2000

Birth Place : Louisville, Kentucky

Age : 21 years old

Parents : Maggie and Brian Harlow

Siblings : Jackman Thomas Harlow

Education : Ballard High School

Meet Clay Harlow – Jack Harlow Brother

Jack “Harlow,” who is originally from Kentucky, is frequently seen with his younger brother, Clayborn “Clay” Harlow, whom he adores.

In 2017, the rapper invited his brother to his show, which was completely sold out. Jack asked his younger brother, who is 21 years old, to join him on stage and sing him happy birthday. The musician switched gears halfway through the track and began performing his well-known tune “Ice Cream.”

Following the yelling phrases, Jack and his brother splashed water bottles on the audience while they were celebrating. Both parties appear to be quite close to one another and have a common bonding experience. Clay, on the other hand, does not speak out despite the fact that his brother has achieved immense success.

Clay differentiates himself from his older brother by leading a quiet, unassuming life in their hometown and by not making a big deal out of the achievements he has achieved. As a direct consequence of this, only a few specifics about him are known.

Clay Harlow Age -How Old Is The American Rapper Jack Harlow Brother?

Clay Harlow is currently twenty-one years old, and the 23rd of November is the day that the young man celebrates his birthday.

On November 23, 2021, he announced on Instagram that he had turned 21 years old in the previous day’s post. The comment section was completely taken up with warm birthday greetings from his friends and family. His post included the following message, which was accompanied by a photograph taken in his hometown of Louisville: “21. Quit playing.”

Jack, his older brother, was born on March 13, 1998, making him twenty-four years old as of right now. The brothers’ ancestry can be traced to both France and Ireland. At the tender age of twelve, he started rapping and came to Louisville from Shelbyville with his family. He is from Louisville.

Jack and one of his other buddies, Copelan, made recordings of songs and rhymes using a Guitar Hero microphone and a laptop computer. Both individuals created a CD that was titled Rippin and Rappun and sold copies of it at their middle school in Kentucky, Highland Middle School.

When the musician was in the seventh grade, he purchased a professional microphone and created his very first mixtape under the alias “Mr. Harlow.” The mixtape was titled “Extra Credit.” After that, he and his friends established a group that they dubbed Moose Gang.

Clay Harlow On Instagram

Clay Harlow, the younger brother of Jack Harloe, may be seen posting photos and videos to Instagram under the handle @claybornharlow.

His understated marketing of himself on Instagram has earned him an astounding 13.4 thousand followers, and the post he made on November 23 commemorating his birthday received more than 9.8 thousand likes and 500 comments. His brother Jack has been able to amass almost 6.8 million followers on his verified Twitter account, which is @jackharlow.

Clay emphasized his self-awareness in a post he made on Instagram on October 16 that featured a snapshot of him in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He captioned the photo with the following: “They can change their opinions, but they can’t change me.”

Between the years of 2017 and 2019, he attended Ballard High School and participated in the soccer program there. Clay played the position of midfielder for the club and contributed nine goals, 12 assists, and 30 points throughout the course of the team’s 16 matches.

Does Jack Harlow Have Any Other Siblings?

The American rapper does not have any other siblings than his younger brother Clay Harlow. He is an only child.

Clay was a student at Ballard High School and played soccer for the school. His squad is now rated seventh in the state and 261st in the nation. In addition to that, the honor of Ballard Soccer Player of the Year was bestowed upon him.

He was the team leader in both goals and assists, and he maintains a cheerful attitude both on and off the field. The group cited him as a motivator who kept pushing the team forward and kept them moving in the right direction.



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