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Who Is Jada Alberts’s Partner Kate Cox? Relationship & Age Difference

Kate Cox is the partner of Jada Alberts, an accomplished Australian actor, director, and playwright who has won numerous awards. In addition to writing for the theater, they created the play Brothers Wreck.

The actor was a co-winner in the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Series in a Drama Series category at the 2018 Equity Ensemble Awards. They were also a regular in the Australian television series Cleverman.

If you wish to discover more about the actor, you have arrived to the correct location. Learn about the Australian actor’s dating history and more in the article that follows.

Jada Alberts movies

Jada Albert Quick Facts

Name Jada Albert
Profession Actor, director, and playwright
Pronouns They/them
Nationality Australian
Parents Franchesca Cubillo (mother)
Great Grandparents Teresa and Delfin Cubillo
Children 3


Jada Alberts & Companion Kate Cox: Age Difference

The age difference between Jada Alberts and her partner Kate Cox must be several years.

On the basis of their appearance, Alberts is likely between their early and mid-40s. Despite this, it is certainly not the actor’s actual age. The specific age and date of birth are currently unknown.

Kate Box, Alberts’ partner, is either 43 or 44 years old. It is still unknown if she was born in 1978 or 1979; hence, there is uncertainty regarding her age and birth year.

Kate is personable in social situations. However, her account is currently private. Henceforth, restricting us access to potential information regarding the couple’s life and other details.

kate cox
kate cox

History of Jada Alberts & Partner Kate Cox’s Relationship

The history of Jada Alberts and her partner Kate Cox’s relationship is one of the most popular topics among Internet users.

Kate Cox is an Australian actress and internet personality best known for her roles as Nicole Vargas in Rake and Lou Kelly in the Australian television series Wentworth.

Since 2009, Kate and Albert have been in a relationship for more than a decade. They both appeared in Wentworth, albeit at separate periods. Between 2020 and 2021, Kate appeared, whereas Albert appeared between 2013 and 2014.

The pair is already married, but information regarding their wedding, including the date and location, is unavailable. They have kept all information from the public. Kate and Albert are the parents of three children.

Albert is similarly tight-lipped about the couple’s children. They appear to enjoy keeping their children and personal lives out of the public eye.

In addition, there is no information about their previous relationships available online. Either the couple was not in a relationship, or they hid it from the general public.

Who Are Jada Albert’s parents?

The parents of the Australian actor Jada Alberts are not engaged with the entertainment industry.

They credit their mother, Franchesca Cubillo, as their primary source of motivation. She was there for him through thick and thin. Despite this, detailed information about their parents is still unavailable.

Albert posted a message of thanks for their mum on Instagram. They wrote, “I adore this photograph of you, Mom.” Thank you for always being there when I needed you the most, knowing just what to say, and setting a good example. I love you.’

Franchesca, their mother, is unapproachable in almost every other way. Concurrently, there is a lack of credible information regarding their father. The actor maintains family privacy in public.


Mystery Highway (2020) TV series — Fran (6 episodes)
Wake in Fright (2017) Miniseries on television starring Sandy Fanshawe (2 episodes)
cleverness (2016–17) Television series — Nerida West (12 episodes)
Wordsworth (2013–14) Television series — Toni Goodes (5 episodes)
Redfern Today (2012) TV series — Marcia (1 episode)
Rush (2010) The television series Private Leanne Daly (1 episode)
Red Hill (2010) is a film by Ellin Conway.
Jada Alberts

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Australian actor Jada Albert is between $3 million and $5 million. She must have accumulated a substantial financial worth.

Even though they had been out of the industry for some years, their remarkable success preserved their financial stability. Albert returned in the 2020 television series Mystery Road.

According to a conservative estimate, their net worth ranges between $1 and $2 million. To date, though, the exact net worth remains unknown. In all likelihood, their actual value is high.

Additionally, stay with us to receive updated information about their work and personal lives, including their marital status, children, and net worth.

Jada Alberts Facts

  • Sydney is the location of Jada Alberts’ birth.
  • Jada Alberts is an Australian actor, dramatist, and director.
  • This individual is Larrakia, Yanuwa, Bardi, and Wardaman. They were a regular on Cleverman and shared the 2018 Equity Ensemble Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Series in a Drama Series. They have also written for the theatre, notably the play Brothers Wreck, which they directed for the Malthouse Theatre in 2018
  • Jada Alberts has been in a relationship with actress Kate Box since 2009.
  • They dwell with their three children in Sydney.
  • @jadadjin is the Instagram handle for Jada Alberts.



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