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Who is Jeremy Smith? Dallas salon shooting suspect who killed 3 women indicted with 7 counts of assault

DALLAS, TEXAS: A guy named Jeremy Smith has been indicted on seven counts of aggravated assault after he is suspected of opening fire on three Asian ladies as they were patronising a salon in Dallas’ Koreatown.

According to the sources, the penalty for each count is from five to ninety-nine years in jail.

On May 11, Smith, 37, is accused of shooting three women of Korean origin at the Hair World Salon located in the Koreatown neighbourhood of northwest Dallas. The victims were the salon owner, a stylist, and a customer. Smith is of Korean descent. According to a report by NBC, the document used to get an arrest warrant states that the shooter fired around 13 times at the victims using a rifle with a 0.22-caliber calibre. After receiving treatment for their gunshot wounds, the women were allowed to leave the hospital. According to CBS, Smith was taken into prison by Dallas police on May 16 and has remained there ever since, with his bond having been set at $700.000. Now, on Tuesday, August 9, the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office announced the indictment with seven counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to the report by the Associated Press (AP), each count includes a hate-crime enhancement that is punishable by anywhere from five to 99 years in prison. It was written that “Smith is alleged to have purposely selected the complainants because of his bigotry or prejudice against Asian Americans.” [Citation needed]

“Go back to where you came from,” says the voiceover on the sickening video. Hate crime committed in New York City by Karen, who pepper-sprayed four Asian ladies.

An Illinois man named Joseph I. Collins has been charged with a HATE CRIME for vandalising a cafe that was hosting a “all-ages” drag show.

In an earlier story, the Associated Press (AP) stated that Smith’s girlfriend had informed authorities that her boyfriend had been suffering from delusions towards Asian Americans ever since the time that he was involved in a car accident with a person of Asian heritage two years ago. She mentioned that he had been sent to multiple mental health facilities due to the delusions that he was experiencing. “He begins experiencing illusions that the Asian mafia is pursuing him or attempting to harm him,” she stated. “He thinks they are out to get him.” She also mentioned that he was terminated from his position for verbally assaulting his boss, who was of Asian heritage.

After the incident, Smith was seen on surveillance camera racing back to his four-wheeler, a Honda Odyssey minivan, while carrying a “assault-style gun.” The investigation into what happened in this case is not yet complete.

Violent acts directed towards Asian Americans

According to the Associated Press, in 2021, six women of Asian heritage were among the eight people who were slain in a shooting at massage establishments in Atlanta and the surrounding area. A guy named Jose Gomez III, who was just 21 years old at the time, was given a sentence of 25 years in prison for attacking an Asian family in the year 2020. He did this because he believed the family was Chinese and responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the period of March 2020 through September 2021, the Asian American-Pacific Islander Equity Alliance, a nonprofit organisation based in California, compiled reports of 10,370 instances of hate crimes. The data of the hate events were included in the report, which included 4,599 cases that occurred in the year 2020 and 5,771 cases that occurred in the year 2021.



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