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Who Is Journalist Mola Lenghi From ABC News? Ethnicity And Ancestry Details- Surname Meaning Info

As a result of his increasing popularity, ABC News correspondent Mola Lenghi may soon have his own Wikipedia page.

Mola Lenghi is a well-known journalist who formerly worked as a correspondent for CBS News. In the beginning of 2022, she moved on to ABC News where she continues to work in the same capacity.

During his tenure at CBS, he has covered breaking news stories and reported on various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. His work can be found here. He is recognized as one of the most talented journalists who reports important stories and investigations, and he has won numerous awards for his work.

Since the journalist has been working for ABC News for some time, we should investigate his history and learn more personal details about him.

Is ABC News Correspondent Mola Lenghi On Wikipedia? His Bio

Mola Lenghi is a well-known correspondent who works for ABC News at the present time. He does not yet have a profile on Wikipedia; however, considering his accomplishments, it is possible that he will have one in the near future.

In any case, he can be reached through his LinkedIn account, which has more than 500 connections and on which he has shared openly about his professional life. He received his degrees in History and Journalism from Coastal Carolina University, where he also studied history.

In addition, before beginning his position as a correspondent for ABC News, he was well-known for his more than five years of service as a correspondent for CBS News.

Previous to that, he worked as a reporter for more than three years on WUSA-TV, for more than two years on NBC 5, and for more than four years on WPDE TV-15. Lenghi has established a name for himself in the media thanks to his more than ten years of experience as a journalist.

In early 2022, Kim Godwin, ABC News president, said, “Mola is an incredibly talented journalist with a passion for investigating and reporting crucial stories. I am delighted he is joining our ABC News family.”

Godwin also added, “During his tenure at CBS, Mola reported on hard-hitting stories such as the NYC subway shooter; the assassination of Jovenel Moise, the president of Haiti; the deadly protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin; and the sexual abuse case against and death of Jeffrey Epstein,”

Mola Lenghi Ethnicity And Ancestry

A renowned journalist Mola Lenghi is believed to be of American nationality with white ethnicity. He was born on 15 June 1984 to his parents in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Lenghi originally hails from the western and southwestern parts of the USA. While growing up with his parents, assumed to be of American ancestry, he moved to Vienna, Virginia, with his family.

The younger Mola was always passionate about sports and even participated in different sports events by Vienna Youth Inc., like football and basketball.

Mola Lenghi Surname Meaning Explained

The journalist Mola Lenghi has not mentioned anything regarding his surname to date. Moreover, he seems to enjoy his private and low-profile life.

According to Forebears, the Lenghi surname is commonly found more in Italy than in other countries. However, the journalist is an American citizen who is often mistaken for being an Italian due to his surname.

There seems to be no hidden meaning behind the surname, nor has there been any record of it.



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