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Who Is Kacey Margo From Real Girlfriends in Paris? Wikipedia Details Explored

Real Girlfriends in Paris is a new reality show that airs on BravoTV. One of the six American girls competing on the show is Kacey Margo. The much-anticipated program is chock-full of love, betrayal, and love triangles, as well as friendship and adventure.

The premiere of the new show has been slated for September 5th, 2022 on Bravo. Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Anya Firestone, Adja Toure, Kacey Margo, and Victoria Zito are the six girls representing the United States of America in this competition.

The residents of Cyberspace are curious about the amount of entertainment that the show can provide. Will they be able to live up to the lofty standards set by the internet users? The next days will tell, but in the meantime, familiarize yourself with Margo’s background.

Name Kacey Margo

Profession Reality TV star

Age 26 years old

Birthday October 10, 1995

Education Sarah Lawrence College

Parents Alan Wilson (Father)

Siblings 2 (Brother Austin Wilson and Sister Sloane Wilson)

Kacey Margo

Cast Members of “Real Girlfriends in Paris” Kacey Margo’s Wikipedia Page: Who Is She?

Southern California native Kacey Margo is one of the stars of the new Bravo television show Real Girlfriends in Paris, which catapulted her into the public eye almost immediately after its premiere.

She is one of six girls from the United States who are traveling to ‘The City of Love’ to experience love, adventure, and other things. While this is going on, all girls is doing the grand rounds, and there are more and more articles featuring the cast appearing on the internet.

Although this is Margo’s first trip visiting Paris, she has spent significant amounts of time living there over the past several years. Although she is originally from Southern California, she now resides there. It has been said that she went to Paris while she was taking a break from college for a semester.

Do not overlook the fact that the up-and-coming reality television personality is a well-known globetrotter. Simply scrolling through the feeds of her various social platforms will make it abundantly clear. Margo has seen a lot of the world’s most beautiful sights so far in her travels.

During her trip to Paris, she at once developed a passionate attachment to the city itself. During the course of her trip, Margo apparently took advantage of the opportunity to fill in as a substitute teacher in a French school. She was employed in the capacity of English instructor.

Margo held a teaching position at a school in Lee-Mee-Sur-Seine during her career. The other four females, in contrast to Margo and Anya, are still relatively unfamiliar with the city. Due to the fact that Anya is said to have resided in Paris intermittently for more than a decade, she serves as the unofficial tour guide for the city.

According to the TV personality, the show will resonate with viewers on a personal level since they will get to experience the real Paris, not the Paris that they see on Pinterest and Instagram. Margo has expressed that she cannot wait to find out what opportunities lie ahead for her.

Regarding her academic accomplishments, she received her degree from Sarah Lawrence College in May of this year. She celebrated her graduation by posting on her many social media accounts. In the caption, Margo wrote, “Alexa, play Good Morning by Kanye West.” Alexa was the virtual assistant.

The reality TV star gives a lot of information about her family, and it sounds like she has a really strong relationship with her father, Alan Wilson. The strong father-daughter bond is brought into sharp relief by their caustic posts and images in which they make goofy expressions.

but information concerning her mother has not been revealed up to this point. To this day, she has not mentioned her mother on any of her social media channels. In point of fact, Margo is very secretive about her personal life, including her family members and relationships.

When it comes to Margo’s family, it seems that she has a brother named Austin Wilson and a sister named Sloane Wilson. Both of their names are in the Wilson family. She posted a picture of herself and her brother online with the remark, “Happy birthday, brother! having a beautiful 29!! adore you and think of you often.

The same can be said for the information regarding her sister, which was gleaned via an Instagram post of hers that stated, “Can’t believe we’re both in our twenties!” Wishing my sister and sweetheart, @sloanewilson, the happiest of birthdays! love you!’

Bravo TV Real Girlfriends In Paris: Kacey Margo Age And Height

The cast member Kacey Margo’s age and height have become a topic of attention among internet users as a result of the highly anticipated television show Real Girlfriends in Paris on Bravo TV.

In the meantime, the substitute English instructor, Margo, has reached the age of 26. A little over a month later, on October 10, 2022, the native of Southern California will celebrate her 27th birthday. This will take place a little over a month after her 26th birthday.

On the occasion of her 25th birthday, which will take place in 2020, her birthday post will reveal her exact age as well as the day of her birth. The caption that she added to the image said, “so thrilled to be 25! again!” because I have made up my mind not to add the year 2020 to the rest of my life!’

Austin Wilson, Kacey’s brother, is three years younger than Kacey, making their age gap three years. On February 8, 2022, he reportedly celebrated his 30th birthday with family and friends.

According to reports, none of the six women are in their teens. In spite of the fact that we are discussing Margo’s height, the specifics surrounding her bodily measurements, including her height, have not been specified to this day.

Despite this, it is quite likely that she stands between between 5 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall based only on her appearance. In addition, stay with us if you want to find out more information on Margo.

Who Is Real Girlfriends In Paris Cast Kacey Margo’s Boyfriend?

Real Girlfriends in Paris cast members from the Bravo television show It would appear that Kacey Margo does not have a boyfriend at this time. She is currently focused on advancing her work while enjoying a fulfilling life as a single woman.

The famous television personality has not divulged any information about her romantic relationships to the general public as of yet. Either she is not actually seeing someone, or Margo has decided to keep certain elements about her relationship private. Despite this, nothing has been verified to this point.

She has visited to many different destinations all over the world, including Iceland, Bali, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Dubai, Costa Rica, Italy, Santorini, Greece, and many other magnificent locations due to her passion for seeing the world.

Remember to tune in to the new season of ‘Real Girlfriends In Paris’ on BravoTV on September 5 to catch Southern California native Margo, who will be displaying her many endearing qualities that viewers won’t want to miss.

Meet Kacey Margo On Instagram

In her Instagram bio, Kacey Margo refers to herself as a globetrotter and a jet setter. On the more mainstream social network, the emerging reality television personality is approachable in terms of their religious beliefs.

She is active on a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, TikTok, and SoundCloud, in addition to Instagram. TikTok, the most popular social platform at the moment, is where Margo’s social presence shines brightest among all of her other accounts.

She has amassed over 5.8 million likes on TikTok and has built up a tremendous social following that is currently over 177k strong. In a similar vein, the number of people who follow her on Twitter and Instagram is rapidly expanding.

Emily Gorelik and Margo appear to have a particularly close relationship among the other five girls. It is said that she will inherit the interior productions company that was started by her mother. Emily’s first trip abroad was during her time as a student at New York University, and it was to France.

On her many social media sites, Margo will occasionally upload a slideshow of photographs and films that she has taken while spending precious time with Emily. All six of the girls are currently experiencing the happiest times of their lives.



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