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Who Is Maja Staśko? MMA Fighter Debuting Her Match And Bio Details

In Poland, Maja Stasko is a well-known and respected journalist.

She is known for being a loud opponent of the atrocities performed by polish sexists and the culture of rape, and she has gained recognition for this.

She is held in high esteem as the personification of Poland’s fourth wave of feminism by the general public. Maja Stako is the author of two separate pieces of writing, namely: “The highest form of praise that can be given is a rape. What is rape culture?” and “The Polish Rape” (with Patrycja Wieczorkiewicz) (with Patrycja Wieczorkiewicz). Her writings offer a form of entertainment that is particularly appealing to the nation’s younger people. In addition, she has had writings published in internationally renowned publications and newspapers, such as “Krytyka Polityczna,” “Wysokie Obcasy,” and “Codziennik Feministyczny,” as part of her work as a writer.

Who Is Maja Stasko?

Maja was born in the year 1990 in the city of Poznan, and she went on to get a degree in Polish philology after completing her education. She has now reached the age of 32.

Her mother, an Italian Greyhound that is 15 years old, and a black cat all reside in the same house together. Over the past few years, she has been very outspoken in her support of feminist causes and the rights of women. In addition, ever since she was 16 years old, Maja has been engaged in profound discussions regarding issues pertaining to human rights.

The woman to whom Maja’s brother is engaged has moved in with him and is now Maja’s brother’s roommate. Her father had a general feeling of unease about her well-being whenever she took part in activities such as the Women’s Strike or made an appearance on television.

In the beginning, he did not feel the slightest bit satisfied with the activities that his daughter was taking part in. He warned her to use extra caution at all times and to ensure that she always returned from protests with a group of other people. Since the outbreak of the disease, Maja Stasko has devoted almost all of her time to being with her mother. She claims that it is much simpler for her to go places without generating a significant amount of commotion now that masks are readily available. Maja has been there for people who have been the victims of sexual abuse, providing them with assistance and as much emotional support as she can.

Maja Stasko Debuting Game Details

In the Mixed Martial Arts Fighting High League, the activist Maja Stasko will compete and will square off against Mrs. Honey.

One of the most well-known streamers in Poland, Ewa Wyszatycka, popularly known as Mrs. Honey, has a nickname for herself. Since the year 2017, she has been sharing gameplay videos of herself playing popular video games on YouTube, including titles such as League of Legends, Fortnite, CS: GO, and Teamflight Tactics.

1996 marks the year that Mrs. Honey was born in Lublin. She rose to prominence as a result of her participation in a number of controversial situations and her presence on the website OnlyFans. Maciej “Zony” Zoniuk was an additional player who participated in the HIGH League, and she had a connection to him.

Maja Stasko is a fiercely competitive athlete. She has devoted a significant portion of her life to working toward the abolition of global injustice and violence. The moment has come to compete in a brand-new fighting format that takes place inside of an octagon. Stako noted this in her official post on this topic, which is where I first learned about it.

Stasko took control of the Instagram account and wrote that there had been no disagreements or run-ins between the two competitors before to the fight. She claimed that they do not have a contentious relationship with one another and that they are not at odds with one another. She went on to explain that the two people did not know each other and that the upcoming conflict will be a significant one.

Why Is Maja Stasko Fighting?

Maja added that it is a fantastic opportunity for her since she is able to produce money and awareness for a worthwhile cause by battling in such a manner, and she thanked everyone who supported her throughout the journey.

The Fortior Foundation is an organisation that provides help for males who have been the victims of violence, and she intends to make a contribution of twenty thousand zlotys to that foundation. Because of this money, the young men who have fled their dangerous families will be able to find a place to live where they can be protected. In addition, she mentioned that PLN 20,000 would be contributed to the women’s rights centre, which is a refuge for women who are striving to flee violence and other types of abuse.

She also mentioned that if this conflict did not take place, it would be impossible to acquire such a large sum of money for such a substantial amount of support. Stasko has said that she will pursue legal action due to the fact that the state does not provide support to people who are in the greatest need. She also mentioned that this reach would assist her in publicising other organisations from whom assistance may be sought and recruiting professionals to their aid discord, in which they offer free psychiatric consultations. She said that this would help her achieve her goals of publicising other organisations. She indicated that this would be beneficial to her in both of these activities.



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