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Who Is Maria Pletz, Nico Schulz’s Ex-Girlfriend? Domestic Violence Allegations In The Recent Past Make Fans Wonder About The Partner

All of Nico Schulz’s fans became concerned about the situation after allegations surfaced that the professional soccer player had abused his ex-girlfriend. The BVB player is now the subject of a formal complaint that has been lodged.

Left-back for Germany Nico Schulz is a professional athlete who currently plays for both the Germany national team and Borussia Dortmund of the Bundesliga.

Nico Schulz, a 29-year-old German fullback, is currently being accused of kicking his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. The alleged incident allegedly took place just two weeks before the woman was due to give birth.

German tabloid Bild received confirmation from prosecutors that an investigation had been launched and that Schulz’s home had been searched as part of the probe. The player’s former partner has come forward with allegations of multiple instances of domestic violence that took place in the year 2020.

Who Is Nico Schulz Ex Girlfriend Maria Pletz?

Nico Schulz’s girlfriend, Maria, and he were seen spending time together. Additionally, the couple is parents to a young child. In my opinion, that is the most incredible present that a woman could ever give to a man.

The couple, despite their best efforts, are unable to keep their love alive. Because of allegations of domestic violence leveled against Nico’s ex-girlfriend, the couple is currently at the center of attention on the internet.

The same thing happened to Schulz, who played for BSC Rehberge Berlin from the year 2000 until he was seven years old and then joined Hertha BSC. As a younger player, he turned in impressive performances, which piqued the interest of scouts from Liverpool, who made him offers, which he ultimately declined to accept.

In the years that followed, he continued to play for Hertha’s younger teams, one of which reached the final of the U19 DFB-Pokal in 2009–10 but was defeated by 1899 Hoffenheim by a score of 1-2.

In addition to this, his exe-girlfriend is a famous model who used to be in a romantic relationship with him at one point. After a while, the two of them started a family together by getting married and having children.

Nico Schulz Ex Girlfriend Maria Pletz Domestic Violence Allegations

Former girlfriend Maria Pletz has accused national player Nico Schulz of engaging in abusive behavior toward her during their relationship.

In a statement to the SID news agency late on Saturday night, Dortmund Public Prosecutor Sonja Frodermann confirmed that a criminal complaint had been filed. The attorney continued by saying that the home had been searched, and that during the course of the investigation, storage media had been taken.

A report on the serious allegations was initially published in the German newspaper “Bild am Sonntag” (BamS). For support of its assertions, the publication refers to previously compiled records, such as messages sent and received via WhatsApp and emails.

The exhibit contains seven different alleged acts of misconduct. The room claims, among other things, that the soccer player kicked his pregnant fiancee in the stomach. This is one of the allegations that has been made about the incident.

Schulz did not reach a conclusion regarding the report. It is highly likely that he retained legal representation in order to respond to a BamS request. These allegations are not accurate.

Is Nico Schulz Ex Girlfriend Maria Pletz The One Pregnant?

In response to the recent events, the player’s current club, Borussia Dortmund, issued the following statement: “To date, we were not aware of any inquiry by the public prosecutor – about Nico Schulz’s private life.”

The email was the medium through which the club attempted to have a direct conversation with the player about the serious allegations.

Sunday on Bild TV, BVB President Reinhard Rauball responded to the allegations that have been made. He hadn’t yet had the opportunity to discuss what he’d read over breakfast with Schulz, so he didn’t say anything. “It is necessary that it be finished.

In the past, people had high expectations for Schulz, who was even selected to play for the national team. He was purchased by BVB in 2019, but his play has not lived up to the organization’s anticipations since then. It was his responsibility to be the long-term candidate for the club’s transformation.



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