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Who Is Missing Woman Heather Elvis Murderer? Affair With Sydney Moorer- Is She Dead?

On December 17, 2013, Heather Elvis, who lives in Carolina Forest, South Carolina, went on a first date with a man, which came to an end when he dropped her off at her apartment at 1:15 in the morning of the following day.

After a two-month relationship with Sidney Moorer, a repairman she met via her job at a local restaurant, Heather had made an effort to move on and start a new chapter in her life.

At 1:44 in the morning, she gave her roommate Brianna Warrelmann, who was in her hometown visiting her family, a call to fill her in on how the date had gone. The conversation continued for almost ten minutes.

She had been cautioned by Brianna not to answer Moorer’s calls, not to act in a hasty manner, and to be sure to get enough sleep. Around six in the morning on that day, Heather’s cell phone activity came to a halt, and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since then.

Who is Responsible for Heather Elvis’ Disappearance and Her Murder?

In order for police to carry out a search warrant on February 21, they blocked off a portion of South Carolina Highway 814 near the Moorer property. After an 11-hour search of their residence, law enforcement officials located and arrested Tammy and Sidney Moorer there.

Tammy was found guilty of both crimes following an 11-day trial, and the jury deliberated for only four hours before reaching their verdict. She was sentenced to 30 years in prison for each offense, to run concurrently, with credit for time already served.

Married couple Sidney and Tammy Moorer were convicted of kidnapping Heather Elvis

Sidney was found guilty of kidnapping Elvis in September of this year and received a sentence of thirty years in jail as a result of the conviction.

The Moorers continue to maintain that they had nothing to do with Heather’s abduction and that they were not the ones who killed her. Additionally, an appeal against their convictions has been submitted by them.

Livesay is hopeful that while the Moorers are incarcerated, one of them will reveal the truth about what happened to Heather Elvis. Livesay is confident that this will happen.

Relationship Between Heather Elvis and Sidney Moorer

Heather Elvis became aware of Sidney Moorer in June of 2013, and earlier that month in the same month, she tweeted that she had “a penchant for older males.” Tammy Moorer was Sidney’s wife, and they were married.

Elvis’ roommate and employee at the time, Brianna, described how she had pointed out Sidney to her while they were both at work. Almost a month later, Heather communicated her desire to have a sexual relationship with “the guy who creates things at my job.”

According to what Sidney said, his contact with Heather was primarily confined to the month of September in 2013.

When Tammy, Sidney’s wife, discovered that her husband was having an affair, she became enraged. According to Brianna, the man’s wife coerced him into calling Heather while she was listening and forcing him to cease the affair.

Was Heather Elvis Pregnant?

Friends and family of Heather Elvis claim that she had already moved on from the affair by the time that the Moorers got back together.

She was excited about her new work at a beauty salon in downtown Myrtle Beach, which was scheduled to begin shortly before the holiday season. Furthermore, she and Warrelmann had decided that they would begin attending church on a regular basis.

On the other side, Heather had put on weight, as evidenced by the fact that her uniforms at the Tilted Kilt had increased in size by a total of three sizes.

She had some reservations about becoming pregnant, particularly if it was due to Sidney’s involvement. The manager of Elvis Presley’s Tilted Kilt claimed that she had done one pregnancy test, but the results came back as a “mistake.”

Kulzer, who used to be Heather Elvis’ roommate, stated that they were never able to determine whether or not she was pregnant. According to Livesay, Heather was in fact carrying Sidney’s child while she was pregnant.

During the trial for Sidney that took place in June of 2016, she testified that the pregnancy test that Sidney had purchased at Walmart on the evening that Heather had gone missing was not intended for his wife but rather for Heather.

Tammy Moorer Is In Suspect List Of Heather Elvis’s Death Case

In October of 2018, Tammy Moorer was charged with kidnapping as well as conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

The evidence was reexamined by the prosecutors in order to get ready for what they anticipated would be a more challenging trial for Tammy Moorer, and as a result, they were successful in having a second charge brought against Tammy and Sidney.

Kulzer speculated, “I think if she were pregnant, that would be another reason for Tammy to want Heather out of the picture,” and “I think that if she were pregnant, Tammy would want Heather out of the scene.”

During the course of the trial, the prosecutors placed a strong emphasis on the fact that Tammy was characterized as a “very domineering person” by Livesay.

During the course of his opening statements, Helms said that Tammy had taken her husband’s phone, informed him that he was no longer able to work at the Tilted Kilt, and even chained him to the bed at night.

Tammy testified that she had no idea who her husband was having an affair with until the girl called her back and introduced herself. Tammy claimed that she had no idea who her husband was having an affair with.

Heather Elvis Early Life

On June 30th, 1993, Heather was born in the United States of America. Although it is unknown what color she is, she holds American citizenship. Debbie Elvis and Terry Elvis have another child, also named Elvis, who is their older daughter. Her sole sibling is her younger sister, Morgan Elvis, who is also her only child. In memory of Heather, Heather’s sister received a tattoo on her arm that says “Never Give Up.” Regarding her academic background, she graduated from St. James High School in Murrells Inlet in 2011, where she had previously completed her high school studies. In addition to that, at the time of her kidnapping, she was working as a cosmetologist.

Heather Elvis Career and Profesional Life

After she received her diploma, Heather uprooted her life and went to Carolina Forest in order to further her study and pursue her hobbies. When they were in the Carolina Forest, she was roommates with Bri Warrelmann. It was through her work as a hostess at the Tiited Kilt in Myrtle Beach and the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach that she was able to provide for herself.

At that very time. Elvis met Sidney Moorer, a maintenance worker at Tiited restaurant who was facing the kitchen appliances. Sidney Moorer was facing Elvis. In 2013, while working together at the restaurant, the two immediately fell in love with one another. After Elvis Presley and Gary Moorer had been dating for three months, Moorer’s wife, Tammy Moorer, initiated conversation between the couple. After discovering that her husband was having an affair, Tammy became physically threatened and responded by sending Elvis a series of aggressive text messages. The relationship between Elvis and Moorer came to an end in September of 2013. “Once upon a time,” the fairy tale goes, “a devil and an angel meet and fall in love.” Elvis also had a Twitter account. It didn’t go well.”

Heather Elvis Disappearance

Heather was employed at a beauty salon in the main business district of Myrtle Beach. She went out on a date with Steven Schiraldi on the evening of December 17, 2013, which was the same day that Elvis was reported missing.

In addition, Steven had taught her how to drive a car in the parking lot of the Inlet Square Mall, and Elvis had sent images of the experience to both her father and to Warrelman. At approximately 1:15 in the morning, Schiraldi delivered Elvis to her residence in Carolina Forest.

He was the very last person Elvis had contact with on that particular day. After then, her phone stopped working at around six in the morning, and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since then. On the evening of December 19, 2013, the green Dodge Intrepid automobile that belonged to Elvis Presley was found. The Peachtree Landing boat launch along the Waccamaw River in Socastee was approximately 13 kilometers (or 8 miles) away from her residence.

After the vehicle was unlocked, nothing was discovered inside, not even her cell phone, keys, or pocketbook.

Heather Elvis Murder Suspects

According to the findings of the investigations, two of the people who had reason to be suspicious about Elvis’ disappearances were Sidney Moorer and his wife. Heather In 2014, Elvis Presley was taken without permission, and a jury in Horry County found those responsible guilty. Even though both of them have been found guilty and sentenced to thirty years in prison, they continue to maintain their innocence and have not disclosed any new information on the alleged kidnapping, murder, or the location of the body. Elvis had his final conversation with Sidney hours before she disappeared. Elvis was also found to be pregnant, and the night that Lisa Marie was reported missing, he was given a maternity kit to take with him.

In a video that was taken a few days after Heather disappeared. Sidney may be seen gleefully helping his mother clean the truck that was used in the crime. According to mobile trace, his vehicle, a black F-150, was seen on film driving to Peachtree Landing, which is the location where Elvis was last seen.

Heather Elvis Relationship Status

At the time of her disappearance, Heather Elvis had reached the age of 20. At this time, there is no information that can be provided concerning her physical characteristics, including whether or if she is still alive. People gather at Peachtree Landing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, on the date that marks the anniversary of Elvis’s disappearance to hold a vigil for Heather Elvis. Her family had made a financial contribution to aid in the revitalization of the community garden at Peachtree Landing. The members of her immediate family who are closest to her say that she takes pleasure in posing for photographs and applying lipstick.

Heather Elvis Body Measurements

Elvis was 155 centimeters tall or 5 feet 11 inches tall, whereas she is of average height and weight for her age. Both of her eyes and her hair are a beautiful shade of dark brown, and she has brown hair.



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