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Who Is Monica Quiros Alvarez (Yordan Alvarez Wife)? Details About Their Children And Family

Yordan Alvarez, who plays baseball professionally in Cuba, has a beautiful wife named Monica Quiros Alvarez. Yordan Alvarez is a designated hitter and left fielder. In 2019, Yordan made his first appearance with the Astros in the Major League Baseball. He has an inexhaustible sense of gratitude and is awed by the countless friendships that have developed as a result of his baseball career.

In 2016, he made his debut with the Dominican Summer League Astros, where he remained for the duration of the season and finished with a batting average of.341 and an OPS of.974 in a total of 16 games. He started the 2017 campaign with the Quad Cities River Bandits, but he was moved up to the Buies Creek Astros in the middle of the season.

Before Alvarez began his career in the United States, he played for Las Tunas in the Cuban National Series for a total of two seasons. In 2016, he left Cuba in order to settle down in Haiti, the country of his birth and the country with which the Los Angeles Dodgers had originally agreed to a contract as an international free agent.

In a similar vein, he was unanimously selected as the American League (AL) Rookie of the Year in 2019, having established the highest meaningful slugging percentage (.655) by a qualifying rookie in the history of the sport.

Who Is Monica Quiros Alvarez? Meet Yordan Alvarez’s Wife, Who Used to Be His Girlfriend

It is already common knowledge that Monica Quiros Alvarez is the wife of Yordan Alvarez, a professional baseball player in Cuba who plays first base and outfield. Before getting married, the couple had already spent a significant amount of time together traveling. On January 11, 2020, Monica reportedly announced on her Instagram page that they were engaged. This information comes from

They uploaded photographs of themselves exchanging rings when they were partially buried in the sand during their wedding ceremony, which took place at the lovely Excellence Oyster Bay.

Since the discovery of the first photo of them together in 2018, Monica and Yordan have been a couple. Monica is the kind of woman who encourages her husband to follow his dream of playing baseball at the professional level. She does this because she loves and supports him.

In contrast to her husband, she does not enjoy a public profile. Therefore, she hasn’t shared a lot of information regarding her private life.

Monica Quiros Alvarez And Yordan Alvarez Children

Monica Quiros is well-known not only as the spouse of Yordan Alvarez, a distinguished Cuban outfielder and designated hitter, but also for her own accomplishments. But in addition to that, she is the mother of his offspring. The couple is parents to two young people: a son and a girl.

Monica Quiros Alvarez Family

Mia, the cherished new addition to the family of Yordan and Monica, was brought into the world on November 6th, 2018, at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital in Tampa, Florida. In November of 2018, Monica shared a photo of her daughter on Instagram with the caption, “Mother and daddy are very in love with you princess.” Likewise, on July 2, 2021, their son Jordan Alvarez was brought into the world.

Both becoming a father and playing professional baseball are challenges that Alvarez overcomes with ease. As soon as his child was born, he went on paternity leave and ended up missing three consecutive games as a result. Through the use of various forms of virtual entertainment, Yordan and Monica have shared images of their children.

The fact that the couple spends a lot of time together and posts images of themselves and their kids on social media is evidence that they are head over heels in love.

Monica Quiros Alvarez Age: How Old Is She?

At this point in time, Monica Quiros Alvarez is 24 years old. She was born in February of 1998 in the city of Camaguey, which is located in Cuba.

She is the middle child of three children born to Yenice Olivera Caraballoso; her older brother is named Yosvani, and she has a younger sister. After that, she and her family relocated to Tampa, Florida, where she enrolled in the A.P. Leto High School district.

Yordan, her husband, is currently 25 years old. His age as of this writing. On June 27, 1997, a baseball player was born in Las Tunas, Cuba. He was born in Cuba. Yonder Alvarez Cadogan is his only sibling and is a brother. The entirety of his family has always been supportive of him pursuing a career in baseball, and they regularly attend his games.

They show their support for Yordan by cheering him on at the game while wearing his jersey and by giving him high-fives. His relationship with his family is one of great warmth, and he maintains regular contact with them. Before the start of the 2018 season, Alvarez was widely regarded as one of the most promising players in the minor leagues.

The Corpus Christi Hooks of the Texas League’s Class AA were his team when the 2018 campaign began. Before the start of the 2018 spring training season, Alvarez was misidentified as a left-handed pitcher on a number of websites, despite the fact that he is a right-handed pitcher.

Monica Quiros Alvarez Net Worth: How Rich Is Yordan Alvarez’s Wife?

Both Monica Quiros Alvarez’s line of employment and her net worth are unknown to the general public. However, now that she is married to a famous person, she and her family are able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

The same may be said for her husband Yordan, who has a net worth of $5 million. According to Spotrac, he brings in 609,000 dollars on a yearly basis.

He signed his first Major League Baseball deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers in June of 2016, and it was worth $2 million. In June of 2019, the Astros decided to sign him to a contract, and his annual compensation was set at $555,000 at the time. During the season after that, he made approximately $607,000.

A baseball player also reached an agreement with the Houston Astros on the conditions of a one-year contract for $764,600, with $764,600 guaranteed and a monthly salary of $764,600. This contract is for one year. Because of the money that Yordan earns from his professional employment, Monica and Yordan are able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

Who Is Yordan Alvarez Wife Monica Quiros? Wiki/Bio

Monica Quiros, Yordan’s attractive wife, is already married to her husband. Before getting married, Monica and Yordan had been together for a very long time and had traveled a considerable distance.

Yordan Alvarez's Wife Monica Quiros Alvarez
Yordan Alvarez’s Wife Monica Quiros Alvarez

On January 11, 2020, Monica posted an announcement about their engagement on her Instagram page. Even though no dates have been set for their relationship, it is thought that they began dating in 2018, when their very first photo together was uncovered, despite the fact that no dates have been confirmed.

Mia and Jordan, who are the couple’s two children, were born not long after and not long before they got married. Before their wedding on November 6, 2018, they were blessed with the arrival of their beautiful daughter.

Mia was chosen as the name for the couple’s new baby girl. Their wedding was held in the beautiful Excellence Oyster Bay, where they uploaded pictures of themselves exchanging rings while partially buried in the sand during the ceremony.

Yordan does not hesitate to post images of his wife and children to his social media accounts so that his fans can see them.

What Is Yordan Alvarez Net Worth?

Yordan Alvarez and the Houston Astros have reached an agreement on the conditions of a one-year deal that will pay a total of $764,600, include a guarantee of $764,600, and have an annual average salary of $764,600.

As of the year 2022, the website estimates that he has a basic salary of 764,600 dollars and a net worth of 1.5 million dollars. He has amassed a total of $3,935,607 million in earnings, which includes a signing bonus of $2,000,000.00.

Since he has been successful in his baseball career, it is reasonable to assume that he is also enjoying financial success during the course of his professional career. It would appear that Yordan is living a life of luxury, based on the way he spends his time.

In addition to his career earnings of $3,935,607 over the course of four seasons, Yordan Alvarez signed endorsement deals with two of the most prominent and well-known major brands, namely Under Armour and Budweiser.

Even if not all of the information regarding his endorsements has been made public, it is clear that he makes a significant amount of money from them.

Where Is Yordan Alvarez From?

Yordan was welcomed into the world by his parents in the city of Las Tunas in Cuba. It was his father, Agustin Eduardo Alvarez Salazer, and his mother, Mailyn Cadogan Reyes, who gave birth to him.

Yonder Alvarez Cadogan is the name of his brother who is also his sibling. His family has always been encouraging of his profession in baseball, and they frequently attend his games to cheer him on.

They show their support for Yordan by donning one of his jerseys and cheering for him while he competes at the stadium. He has a strong bond with his family, and he communicates with them on a regular basis.



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