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Who Is Pauline Hanna Husband Philip Polkinghorne? Eye Surgeon From Auckland Not Guilty

On April 5th, 2021, the body of Pauline Hanna, a senior health director working for the Counties Manukau District Health Board, was found in the residence she shared with her partner on Upland Road in Remuera, New Zealand.

The death was still considered “unexplained” as of April 5 of this year, despite the fact that the police had been investigating it for nearly two weeks at that point.

According to the reports that were published by Newshub, Detective Inspector Aaron Pascoe stated that a 69-year-old male was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of having committed murder.

Who Is Philip Polkinghorne From Auckland?

Philip Polkinghorne was an eye surgeon in Auckland, New Zealand, until he retired after the passing of his wife in April of the previous year.

In addition to that, the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Auckland is fortunate to have him on staff as an Associate Professor.

In addition to this, he has worked as a visiting professor at the University of Otago and has assisted ophthalmic registrars from both Australia and New Zealand in their preparation for their final fellowship exams.

He is heavily involved in the public sector and is adamant that all people in New Zealand should have access to medical care of a sufficient standard.

Pauline Hanna’s Husband Philip Polkinghorne Not Guilty

Philip Polkinghorne, the husband of Pauline Hanna, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of careless driving. This plea was entered on his behalf by Pauline Hanna.

It is alleged that Philip, 68 years old at the time, collided with another vehicle in December while driving his red Amarok ute in front of the Parnell Rose Gardens. The preliminary hearing for him regarding the charges was scheduled to take place at the Auckland District Court on March 23.

However, Tony Bouchier, the defense attorney for the defendant, asked for his client to be excused from the proceeding and entered a plea of not guilty on his behalf.

Was The Remuera Surgeon Philip Polkinghorne Suspected For Wife Pauline Hanna Death?

After the unsolved murder of Pauline Hanna, her husband, the surgeon Philip Polkinghorne, was allegedly the main suspect in the case.

Polkinghorne stated in a previous interview with the Herald that the police were treating him as a “person of suspect” in their investigation. Polkinghorne’s comments were made in reference to the ongoing investigation.

Hanna owned a portion of the home on Upland Road, which was listed for $4 million, along with her husband and her sister-in-law. The couple had three grown children together.

A house fire broke out approximately six weeks after she had passed away, and firefighters were called to the scene. As soon as they arrived, they could see that it wasn’t the house that was on fire, but rather a portable gas bottle.

According to, the investigation into Hanna’s death that has been going on for the past year has been kept under wraps the entire time.

Before the lady passed away, she had reportedly hired a private investigator, and the investigators are said to have spoken with a large number of her husband’s former coworkers.

It was reported that a Melbourne-based escort named Madison Ashton disclosed to Australian media in the previous year that she had been dating Philip for the previous few years and that she had been assisting the New Zealand Police with their investigation. Madison Ashton is based in Melbourne.

In May of 2017, it was rumored that the house on Upland Road contained remnants of methamphetamine. According to Philip’s company, Auckland Eye, a review concluded that there were no clinical issues. Since then, he had tendered his resignation.

According to Detector Inspector Aaron Pascoe, the man is scheduled to make an appearance in the Auckland District Court later on today.

Where Is Philip Polkinghorne Today?

Philip Polkinghorne, who formerly worked for the Auckland Eye Hospital, is maintaining a low profile at the present time. There is currently no information that can be obtained regarding his circumstance.

A man in his sixties has been taken into custody by the police on suspicion of killing his wife, Hanna, according to a number of recent online reports.

Some people said that the man accused of the crime is Philip, but the authorities have not disclosed the identity of the person who was arrested, so this is not confirmed.

Officer Pascoe made the observation that “They do not have any further comments at this time since the court is now conducting the hearing of the matter.”



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