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Who Is Ponckle Fletcher? 5 Facts On The Artist

Ponckle Fletcher was a prominent figure in British art both post-war and contemporary.

She was a well-known local artist in St. Ives who also enjoyed commercial success.

Ponckle’s Gallery, located in the Cornish seaside village of Porthgwarra, was the social hub for the artistic neighbourhood for many years. The gallery also has a rich cultural past that dates back to the 1950s.

Just who is this Ponckle Fletcher, anyway? Her Wikipedia

Ponckle Fletcher gained a reputation for her bizarre works of art. She participated in the artistic community of St. Ives for more than three decades.

Chingford is located in northeast London, and Fletcher was born there. She is the oldest of her five siblings, making her the oldest child overall.

Fletcher was always considered to be the unfavored member of her family, even from a young age. She chose not to work in the family business but instead pursued a different line of work.

Fletcher is best known as an artist, and her work is primarily recognised for being quirky and unique. She operated a gallery out of her home on Norway Lane, which over time became into a commercial enterprise. She opened Ponckle’s Gallery on Island Square in 1985 and began painting cats posing in front of images of St. Ives around the same year.

Cat on a Jewelled Beach, The Cat Lady of Cornwall, Suri – Conways Hotel Cat, and a great many of her other pieces are among her most well-known creations.

Artist Ponckle Fletcher Died Aged 77

Ponckle Fletcher passed away in the year 2012, having reached the age of 77 throughout his lifetime. She was sent to the Treliske Hospital in Truro, where she later passed away from pneumonia.

In 2004, the artist suffered a stroke; yet, despite the difficulties associated with her condition, she continued to paint in her home.

The 31st of December is set aside to commemorate the birth anniversary of Fletcher each year. According to her horoscope, she was born under the sign of the Capricorn.

Who Is the Man That Ponckle Fletcher Marries?

At 17, Ponckle Fletcher met jazz pianist and arranger Ken Moule.

Her husband, Moule, was a member of the Johnny Dankworth Quartet and was born on June 26, 1925. He played the piano. He has been on television as a member of the BBC’s Secret Army. Son of Pickle is the name of a song that Moule has recorded in her honour.

Ponckle was Fletcher’s signature name, which was bestowed upon her by her lover. She finally got married to Moule and changed her name legally by using a process called a deed poll.

Because of her never-ending agitation, Fletcher and Moule decided to end their marriage and get divorced. After that, she relocated to Paris and began working as a stylist for the Katherine Dunham Dance Company.

Information Regarding the Ponckle Fletcher Family and Their Offspring

Ponckle got to know the photographer Trevor Clark after his relationship with Ken Moule came to an end. In 1964, the couple tied the knot, and she went on to have two boys, Gavin and Jake. In 1969, the family made the move to Mallorca, where Trevor immediately began working as a tour photographer.

Ponckle and Moule collaborated closely with one another on a variety of projects. She was his stylist, and she also started making big portraits out of fabric collages.

She got a divorce from Trevor before moving back to England with Gavin and Jake after living in Spain for seven years. Despite this, she continued to make portraits out of fabric.

1974 was the debut of the artist’s first one-man show, which took place at the Courtauld Institute in London.

Ponckle Fletcher’s Assets and Liabilities

Ponckle Fletcher bequeathed a substantial portion of her wealth to her family when she passed away. Through the sale of her artwork, she made a respectable living.

At the moment, the value of Fletcher’s artwork is measured in thousands of US dollars. Her work has been put up for auction on many occasions, with starting bids ranging from 46 US Dollars to 157 US Dollars.



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