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Who is Responsible for Robin Hoynes’s Death, And Where Can We Find Him Now?

The chilling murder that took place at a KFC restaurant in Torrance will be revisited. On October 30, 1984, Robin Hoynes was fatally stabbed by her assailant, who then cut her throat open before committing suicide. Because the perpetrator, William Charles Marshall, was able to avoid justice by fibbing and creating a false alibi, the investigation into her murder went cold for over twenty years.

The following episode, which will air on Wednesday, August 3, and is titled The Night Before Halloween, will take a journalistic deep dive into the case to present a blend of the facts as well as the emotional aftermath of the murder. This episode will air on Wednesday, August 3.

“It takes a special eye to spot the thing that’s out of place at a crime scene; in this case, that thing seems so insignificant, no one even knows what it is or what it means; it takes a team of determined investigators almost two decades to find out.” “It takes a special eye to spot the thing that’s out of place at a crime scene.

What ultimately became of Robin Hoynes is a mystery.

On the evening before Halloween in 1984, Whittier resident Robin Hoynes, who had just turned 21 years old, was brutally murdered. She was working as an assistant manager at the Torrance location of Kentucky Fried Chicken when the accident that led to her death occurred.

She was stabbed twice in the back before the assailant cut her throat. An investigation has revealed that Hoynes was the target of an attempted robbery while she was working on paperwork after normal business hours. In the next episode of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered, further investigation into the circumstances surrounding her passing will take place.

Cheryl Muller, one of her coworkers, was the one who came across her body the following morning and found the location to be in shambles. She stated in her testimony that Hoynes had switched shifts with her earlier that night, and the following morning, she discovered that her car was still parked outside. Documents and other items were discovered strewn about the area close to where her body was discovered.

Who Was The Assassin of Robin Hoynes?

The Night Before Halloween: In this classic episode of Dateline, a detective and a deputy district attorney work together to solve the murder of Robin Hoynes, which occurred in 1984 at a fast food restaurant. There were very few clues left behind, with the exception of a peculiar and unexplainable piece of evidence.

William Charles Marshall was a coworker of Hoynes’s until a few days before the murder, when he was terminated from his position. Hoynes worked alongside Marshall. Since a long time ago, people had suspected him of stealing money from the place of employment.

Twelve days after the slaying, Marshall was taken into custody by the police in connection with the slaying. However, at the time, the prosecutor decided not to file any charges, and the defendant was consequently freed. On the night of the murder, his then-girlfriend made sure he was at home having dinner with her. She hid him from the police.

The investigation into the crime did not yield any results until 2005, when the Torrance Police Department started conducting new investigations into a variety of previously unsolved crimes. In a turn of events that was completely unexpected, a seemingly inconsequential piece of foam that was discovered at the scene of the crime in 1984 became the single most important piece of evidence when it was found tied to Marshall’s boots.

The Evening Before Halloween, in order to acquire additional information regarding the foam connection.

In addition, Yvonne Williams, who had been Marshall’s ex-girlfriend, provided evidence against him by testifying against him and elaborating on the specifics of the crime that he had confessed to her. In addition, evidence that was presented during the trial suggested that Hoynes let Marshall into the house on that particular night under the guise that Marshall was picking up his briefcase and leaving his uniform after he had been fired.

Marshall had also known the combination to the safe when he worked there as an assistant manager; however, he had no idea that the code had been changed after he was let go from his position. When he went in to rob the place that night, he launched a sneak attack that resulted in the death of Hoynes; however, he was unable to get away with any money because he was unaware of the new combination.

Where can I find William Marshall at this time?

In 2006, Marshall was taken into custody once again at the firehouse where he worked. At the age of 46, he was promoted to the position of captain with the State Department of Forestry and Fire Protection in the community of Thousand Palms located in the Coachella Valley.

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In 2007, after nearly 23 years had passed since the murder of Robin Hoynes, a jury found Marshall guilty of the crime after hearing testimony for four weeks. Throughout the proceedings, including the emotional statements made by Hoynes’ family, he remained emotionless and expressionless as he sat in the courtroom.

Judge Mark S. Arnold of the Los Angeles County Superior Court gave him a sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. At this time, he is still behind bars and is carrying out the terms of his sentence.



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