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Who Is Rhea Durham’s Sister Clare Durham? Age And Instagram Photos Explored

Rhea Durham’s sister, Clare Durham, is also a successful model in her own right. Rhea Durham, a well-known model, is well-known not only for her modeling job but also for her marriage to the actor Mark Wahlberg.

In 1994, Rhea, who was only 15 years old at the time, made her debut at the modeling industry after being seen in a shopping mall. She had only been working in the industry for a little over two years when she made her debut on the runways of Paris and Milan.

In addition to that, the model has collaborated with well-known fashion houses such as Versace, Carolina Herrera, and Gucci in the past. She has been on television in episodes of the Spin City series as well as the reality show Wahlburgers, which is hosted by her husband.

People have an interest in learning more about her sister Clare despite the fact that she is one of the most famous models. Here are some details about the brother of a famous model that you probably weren’t aware of before now.

How Old Is  Clare Durham? Rhea Durham’s Sister Age

As of the year 2022, Clare Durham has reached the age of 36. Despite the fact that she is Rhea’s sister, she avoids the public eye and rarely gives interviews to the media since she has made the decision to distance herself from the spotlight.

In the year 2002, when she was only 16 years old, she expressed the desire to one day work in the modeling industry. It appears that she did not pursue a career in the entertainment sector despite her interest in doing so.

At that time, she was in attendance at Eden with her sister Rhea, where they were celebrating the launch of the April edition of Self magazine. The magazine featured her sister Rhea, who was the cover model.

Clare Durham Instagram Photos Explored

It does not appear that Clare Durham has an Instagram account at this time. Another possibility is that she made her social media account private, preventing others from viewing her posts or images and preventing them from being shared publicly.

Durham, who spent her childhood in Lakeland, Florida, with her sister and brother, has never sought any kind of public attention. She has maintained a very low profile in the eyes of the general public because very few people are familiar with her.

On the other hand, her well-known sister Rhea maintains an Instagram account that has more than 190 thousand followers. She is very active on social media, where she keeps her followers informed about what’s going on in her life.

Where Is Clare Durham- Rhea Durham Sister Today?

There is presently no information available regarding Clare Durham’s whereabouts. Due to the fact that she avoids using social media as well, there is no information on her that can be found on the internet.

In addition to this, you won’t find her anywhere on her sister’s social media accounts either. Clare is the complete antithesis of her sister Rhea, who has spent the most of her life reveling in the attention that comes with being the center of attention.

Since she began her professional life when she was just 14 years old, she has spent her entire life in the public spotlight. The mother of four is also successful in business, in addition to her career as a model.

She has introduced a line of handbags under the brand name Ella Grace by Rhea Wahlberg, which is named after her daughter.



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