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Who Is She Dating? Details About The House Of The Dragon Actress

Actress and model Sonoya Mizuno was born in the United Kingdom but spent her childhood in Japan. The ballet dancer has made appearances in the movies “Ex Machina,” “Annihilation,” and “Devs” that were directed by Alex Garland.

Mizuno has been seen in a number of Hollywood movies, such as “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “La La Land.” Sonoya also made a cameo appearance in the Maniac miniseries that was streamed on Netflix.

The British actress has never been more popular, having been cast in the new blockbuster series The House Of Dragons, and many people are keen to find more about her.

Who Is Sonoya Mizuno’s Boyfriend?

When it comes to her personal life, British actress Sonoya Mizuno has remained tight-lipped, but she has been fairly open about her professional life in public. Sonoya Mizuno has been quite open about her professional life in public.

In a similar vein, her romantic relationships have not yet been brought to light by any public media outlets. It’s possible that the actress is dating someone behind the scenes, but she could also be single.

Mizuno’s goal has always been to adopt a private approach to her romantic relationships. In addition to this, the actress has never even been the subject of any allegations regarding a romantic relationship to this day.

In addition to that, Sonoya has published a few pictures on her social media sites, and it seems that all of them are related to her business life.

In spite of this, it would appear that the singer is quite focused and immersed in her career at the moment, leaving little time for partnerships.

Sonoya Mizuno’s Parents And Ethnicity

Because she is British but was born and raised in Japan, many of Mizuno’s admirers may be confused about her ethnicity. Mizuno was born and raised in Japan.

Saya Mizuno is Sonoya’s mother, and she is of mixed Argentinian and British ancestry. Sonoya’s father, Hajime Mizuno, is of Japanese descent, and his name is also Mizuno. Sonoya’s middle name is Mizuno.

Additionally, the British actress is the youngest of her three siblings, which include a brother and two sisters in addition to her. Tomoya Mizuno is Mizuno’s brother, and Miya Mizuno and Mariya Mizuno are Mizuno’s sisters. Mizuno also has a sister named Mariya Mizuno.

This Japanese-British actress has a height of approximately 5 feet 7 inches and a weight close to 58 kilograms. Mizuno’s first job in the modeling industry was with Profile Models in London, where she debuted when she was 20 years old.

Since then, she has done work for prestigious fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, and Chanel.

In 2014, Mizuno was a dancer in the dance-theatre performance The World’s Greatest Show, which was created by Arthur Pita and presented at Greenwich Dance and the Royal Opera House.

House of the Dragon Actress Net Worth In 2022

Sonoya Mizuno has amassed a sizeable fortune as a direct result of the widespread acclaim she has received for her many facets of talent, including her acting, dancing, and creative capacities. She is projected to have a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars, according to estimations.

Sonoya Mizuno

As a result of the fact that the actress has been cast in the most highly anticipated series, The House of Dragon, it is projected that Mizuno’s net worth will grow even more in the near future.

Since she was a child, Sonoya always had the ambition to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Even at the tender age of nine, the British actress began her training in ballet at a nearby studio.

Mizuno followed the recommendation of her ballet instructor and attended an audition for a position at the Royal Dance School in London. Mizuno was selected for the position, and she attended the school for a total of ten years to study classical ballet.

Sonoya Mizuno Physical/Body Statistics

Sonoya Mizuno Height in feet 5 feet 7 inches

Sonoya Mizuno Height in meter 1.7 meter

Sonoya Mizuno Height in centimeter 170 centimeter

Sonoya Mizuno Overall Body Weight In Kilogram – 58 kg

Sonoya Mizuno Overall Body Weight In Pound [lbs] – 127.5 lbs

Sonoya Mizuno Body Type : Pear

Body Measurements : 34A-25-35

Chest [in inches] : 35 inches

Waist [in inches] : 25 inches

Hips [in inches] : 35 inches

Shoe size : 7 [UK]

Hair Color : Black

Eye Color : Dark Brown

Sonoya Mizuno Short Bio

Real Name : Sonoya Mizuno

Nick Name : Sonoya

Profession : Actress, Model, Dancer

Date of Birth : 1 July 1986

Age : 35 years old

Zodiac Sign : Cancer

Birthplace : Tokyo, Japan

Nationality : Japanese

Siblings : Tomoya Mizuno

Education : Royal Ballet School

Sonoya Mizuno
Sonoya Mizuno

Facts About Sonoya Mizuno

  • Sonoya Mizuno was born in Tokyo, Japan, and raised there throughout her childhood.
  • At this point in time, she is 35 years old.
  • The thing she enjoys doing most is ballet.
  • Sonoya is of mixed Japanese and other ethnicities, yet she holds Japanese citizenship.
  • She has given outstanding performances in films such as “La La Land” (2016), “Beauty and the Beast” (2017), “All About Nina” (2018), “The Domestics” (2018), and “Crazy Rich Asians” (2018), amongst a great number of others.
  • Mizuno made her debut in the film industry in the year 2015 with the movie Ex Machina.
  • The diva in question received her training at the Royal Ballet School in England.
  • Mizuno’s mother was born in the United Kingdom and raised in Argentina, while Mizuno’s father was born in Japan.
  • Sonoya (given name) was born in Tokyo, Japan, although she spent her childhood in Somerset, England, in the United Kingdom.
  • Her roles in the films Ex Machina (2014), La La Land (2016), and Maniac brought her the most fame as an actress (2018).
  • Sonoya Mizuno has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches (1.7 m).
  • She left ballet at the age of twenty to pursue a career as a model, despite having graduated from The Royal Ballet School.
  • Her ancestry can be traced back to both England and Japan.

Sonoya Mizuno Movies List

  • Civil War [2023]
  • Mouse Guard [2022]
  • Don’t Forget [2022 Short Film]
  • Am I OK? [2022]
  • Men [2022]
  • Ambition [2019]
  • Crazy Rich Asians [2018]
  • The Domestics [2018]
  • All About Nina [2018]
  • Annihilation [2018]
  • Beauty and the Beast [2017]
  • La La Land [2016]
  • Alleycats [2016]
  • High Strung [2016]
  • Katatsumuri [2015 Short Film]
  • Ex Machina [2014]


In this week’s episode of FRONTPAGE, we talk to British-Japanese actress Sonoya Mizuno about her upcoming part in the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, as well as other topics.

Curiosity led Sonoya Mizuno to travel all the way to Japan when she was only starting out in her 20s. There she made close friends with a group of people who, like her, were half-Japanese; however, in contrast to her circle of people who spoke Japanese fluently, Mizuno had the vocabulary of a child of three. She thought that despite the fact that they appeared to be the same, there was an essential and unbridgeable gap that separated her from the other students. According to the description provided by the dancer-turned-actor, “they were very Japanese, and I was not.” Curry was the only thing that Mizuno’s British-Argentine mother ever made for her, and it was the only point of entry she had ever had into her culture until that moment. “It’s as if you’ve lost access to half of your body,” the doctor said.


Acting, in this sense, has been a kind of serendipitous exercise in the construction of an identity; it has been a means of reconstructing that which was lost. Every role presents an opportunity for education on the self, and even when inhabiting characters, such as the silent android in her breakout role in the 2014 film Ex Machina, she will discover these incidental mirrors that reflect back on her. And in the case of Crazy Rich Asians (2018), the ground-breaking smash in which she walked down the aisle as the exuberant bride, it provided a community of pioneers who were navigating the same soul-searching minefield as they were.

Today, the actor calls Zoom from the couch in her apartment in North London, where she is bracing herself for the searing heatwave that is wreaking havoc on the city. Her black half-Siamese cat, whose name is Darcy, is calling to her from the edge of the frame, but she ignores him. “It’s because I want her to come, and she knows it,” Mizuno coos tenderly as she opens her camera roll to show me photographs of her cherished cat: “It’s because I want her to come.” Mizuno was holding Darcy while she was perched atop her cat tree throne. Darcy was snuggled up in Mizuno’s arms. She had previously lived in New York, where the actor lamented that her bank account was “hemorrhaging,” but she relocated back to the United Kingdom during the epidemic. This was a transition that she believed was inevitable but “beneficial.” She states, “I moved out of my childhood house when I was 11, therefore this is the first time since then that I’ve felt like I’ve laid down roots.” “It’s good to have a place that I can call home,” the person said.

However, she won’t be at home for very long. Mizuno has been honing her ability to speak with a Southern accent in preparation for an off-Broadway performance of the play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by attending rehearsals and taking voice lessons over the past two months. The very last thing she anticipated to be doing was reciting the words of Tenessee Williams, who is considered to be one of the most prominent chroniclers of the American South.

Mizuno makes a deadpan joke about how she is “shitting herself,” but the fact that she is looking nervously to the floor suggests that her comments are true. “Doing a play has been a goal of mine for many years, but to be honest, it’s been incredibly difficult to get one. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. But the fact that we are performing one off-Broadway in New York City is very thrilling.”

Following a streak of critically acclaimed parts in indie films and television series, Mizuno’s most ambitious endeavor to date, the Game of Thrones prequel series House of the Dragon, is scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2017. The actor plays Mysaria, a loyal supporter of Prince Daemon Targaryen, in a scene that takes place in the Targaryen court several centuries before the events of the first season of the show. Even if you let a show like that pass you by, it is impossible to ignore how tremendous of a sensation the HBO behemoth was. Even though she was a complete novice when it came to Game of Thrones, it is impossible to deny how enormous of a phenomenon the HBO giant was. Mizuno first auditioned for the role of Lady Alicent Hightower, which was originally intended for Olivia Cooke, but she was skeptical that she would be cast. “I remember reading the character description,” she recalls saying now. “It was interesting.” “It said something like ‘the face of the establishment,’ and I just thought, ‘I’m not going to be that.’” “It said something like, ‘the face of the establishment,’” Everything paid off in the end, including being asked to switch roles and participating in a number of auditions and meetings.

She pauses before continuing, “I guess I can say…” She chuckles and says, “I don’t know if I can… just screw it.” House of the Dragon is the follow-up to a show that was renowned for leaking spoilers, so it is understandable that details surrounding the show are being kept very tightly under wraps. In fact, the actor doesn’t even know what she can divulge about the show at this point. She is only able to remark that she has “never worked on anything that was on that kind of scale.” She was amazed to see pillars “the size of my living room” that towered over her on sets in the UK and Spain, which were significantly more ambitious than the low-budget productions she is usually accustomed to working on.

Mizuno notes that she was “aware of creating her something else” when writing Mysaria, and that the characters Littlefinger and Varys, who are expert manipulators shrouded in secrecy, may be the closest analogues to Mysaria in the original series. She says, “I think she is obviously different from the other ladies because she is a survivor and a warrior.” “I think she is definitely different from the other women.” “She is not someone who is privileged enough to have spent her childhood in a royal court or castle. I greatly like the fact that she has persevered through numerous challenges throughout her life. I have a lot of respect for her.

She then continues, “I do know that in the novel her other name is Lady Misery,” adding this information with a knowing smile. It doesn’t bother me if people call me Lady Misery.

Mizuno also featured in the Sundance smash Am I OK?, which was directed by Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne and will soon be available on HBO Max. This film is on the opposite end of the genre spectrum from the previous one. She plays the role of Jane, the best friend who is supportive but overeager to Dakota Johnson’s character Lucy, who is navigating coming out in her 30s. Am I OK? struck a chord with Mizuno because it is a tender, mature, coming-of-age story about discovering oneself at your own speed. She adds, “We’re always trying to figure stuff out, aren’t we?” throughout this conversation. “But without a doubt, I had the impression that I was all over the place when I was in my 20s. It is essential to demonstrate to young women that it is possible to be intelligent, fascinating, humorous, and ambitious without having everything figured out.

It should not come as a surprise that the concept of taking one’s time to find one’s way resonated with Mizuno, an actor who has had a career that has been more winding than that of most others. She was one of six siblings and grew up in a rowdy, artistic home in rural Somerset, which acted as a stage for dance performances and theatrical routines. She was the youngest of the six children. On occasion, the children would run away to a nearby pig farm to interact with the animals and play in the haystacks. When they returned home, they would, in Mizuno’s words, “stink like pig poo.”

Mizuno’s primary goal has always been to become an actress; but, when she was nine years old, she was introduced to ballet by an uncle, and she fell in love with it right away. It got to the point where she was virtually obsessed with it, as evidenced by the fact that every story she would write for school was about ballet and only ballet. “Like with anything you do, the more competent you get, the more it gives back to you,” she says, referring to her experience at ballet school as she grew older. “As I got older and I was at ballet school.” However, as the years passed and her time spent at the Royal Ballet School developed into a full-time career, she became increasingly disillusioned with it. She freely acknowledges, “To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t send a child to that school.” “Especially now that I am able to reflect on how everything actually transpired, I can see that there are many aspects of it that were simply awful.”

She continues, “Just the way they talk to females, particularly about weight and bodies.” “Just the way they talk to girls.” “You’re 12 years old, and your instructor is threatening to commit suicide because you can’t recall the exercise they gave you. It’s not good for your health. However, there are many positives that it did give me, such as my friendships, since many of the people I met at that school are some of my closest friends to this day. We lived in the same rooms for seven years, ate all of our meals together, and went through a lot of life’s challenges together as a unit.

Mizuno was exhausted from “performing Swan Lake every day” when she recognized that some significant alterations needed to be made. At the time, she was in Glasgow. The role of Ex Machina was her very first audition, which bodes well, but accepting it required her to sever all links with Scottish Ballet permanently. Mizuno remembers it as “one of the very few moments in my life that I was like, ‘This is exactly what I have to do.’” Despite the fact that she could never go back, Mizuno describes the experience as “exactly what I have to do.” Mizuno, who has appeared in all of Alex Garland’s directorial projects, including her first lead role in the FX series Devs and a sneaky cameo in his latest folk horror, Men, was brought together by Alex Garland’s cerebral science fiction, which gave birth to a fruitful collaborative friendship with Mizuno (2022).

Garland continued to serve as a “wonderful counsel and friend” even when she relocated to Los Angeles and began working “crap jobs on the side” in order to make ends meet. Even though one of her films was nominated for an Academy Award, it was obvious that Mizuno’s inability to be placed in a particular genre was a strange obstacle in the way of her landing parts. She asks, “I think there’s a thing now where people say you can only play the race that you are, but what happens when you fall in between?” “I think there’s a thing now where people say you can only play the race that you are,” she continues. “What happens if you are Japanese, Irish, Argentinian, or English, but you’ve never actually lived in these countries? Even though you don’t speak the languages of those countries or have their accents, you insist on talking to me in Japanese at all times. It’s not nearly as considerate as most people seem to believe it is.”

Mizuno, on the other hand, has turned her uncertainty into a strength by embracing her heterogeneity. Her most compelling performances are distinguished by a physicality that imparts a hypnotic elusiveness to the role. Her peaceful demeanor is belied by her unpredictable and active movements, and the penetrating looks she gives out of her big brown eyes are windows into the complexity that lay within. This adds validity to the idea that her previous career in ballet also served a purpose. “When I first started acting, there was a point when I believed I had to show that I’m not a dancer and that I’m just an actress,” she remembers thinking at the time. These days, she revels in the ability she possesses to blur the lines between those clearly delineated categories. “It runs so deep through me, and because of it, I am the person that I am today.”



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