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Who Is She? Information On Al Sharpton’s Daughter

Ashley Sharpton is the younger sister of Dominique Sharpton. She is the youngest child of Rev. Al Sharpton, an international leader in civil rights who also works in television broadcasting, and Dr. Kathy Jordan Sharpton. In addition to that, she works in the fields of activism, community organizing, media entrepreneurship, podcast hosting, and social media management.

The youngest daughter of Al Sharpton and Dr. Kathy Jordan Sharpton possesses a great deal of talent and is actively involved in a number of organizations that fight for the rights and justice of individuals.

Find out more about Reverend Sharpton, who devotes her time to honing the skills of people who have the zeal to fight for justice and righteousness.

Who exactly is this Ashley Sharpton?… Al Sharpton Daughter Wiki

Ashley Sharpton is active in her community as a youth advocate, community organizer, and producer of showcases in addition to her role as a social media manager. She established NAN Youth Handle and currently serves as its director. Dominique Sharpton-Bright is the older sister of Rev. Al Sharpton, a prominent figure in the international civil rights movement and a TV host, and Dr. Kathy Jordan Sharpton, the latter of whom is the mother of Rev. Al Sharpton’s three daughters.

After graduating from Poly Prep Country Day School in 2005 with credits and honors, Ashley was accepted to Hampton University as well as several other prestigious HBCUs where she was awarded four scholarships. In the end, she attended one of the nation’s top universities, Hampton University, to major in sociology.

Ashley enjoys working in the entertainment industry and plans to continue pursuing her passion throughout her life. Before attending college in 2006, Ashley founded Sharpton Entertainment LLC, formerly known as Harlem Ink. This company is in the entertainment industry and focuses on showcase production, marketing, and media services.

By 2011, a who’s who of Harlem’s up-and-coming talent, including Teyana Taylor, ASAP Ferg, Young B, Ron Browz, and others, had taken part in Sharpton Entertainment’s Harlem summer showcase in order to gain exposure and hone their abilities. In the year 2013, Ashley managed her own entertainment company in addition to increasing her involvement in the social media and activist scenes.

At Massenburg Media, she now holds the position of Director of Social Media Communications after receiving a promotion. After that, she was successful in establishing Massenburg Media’s and R&B Singer Joe’s social media presence all on her own from the ground up.

In addition to that, she was a significant contributor to the enhancement of the online presence of the National Action Network (NAN), Youth Move, and Youth Huddle. Her efforts made it possible for her to comment live on social media from the White House during President Obama’s State of the Union speeches in 2014, 2015, and 2016. She was able to do this in all three of those years.

She was arrested in front of Trump Tower in January 2017 for engaging in civil disobedience in protest of the president’s appointment to the Supreme Court and unfair policies. Her actions were taken in response to the protest of the president’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Since that time, she has been an ally and an encourager to those who are active in the resistance against Trump. During the same year, she was arrested for assaulting a cab driver, which resulted in her making headlines.

The Age of Ashley Sharpton, Who is Al Sharpton’s Daughter

The posts on social media that her father, Al Sharpton, makes wishing his daughter a happy birthday always led to the revelation of Ashley Sharpton’s age, which was previously unknown. On September 8th, 1987, Ashley was brought into this world. At the age of 34, she is deftly entering her mid-thirties and is in the process of making significant adjustments in both her personal and professional life.

As a child, Ashley possessed a natural ability to organize, which combined with her inherent sense of leadership enabled her to rise quickly through the ranks at Canaan Baptist Church of Christ, where she served in that capacity for a number of years. She also assisted her father and NAN, which stands for National Action Network, while they worked covertly. However, after the news that George Zimmerman would not be indicted was made public in 2013, she came forward and became directly involved.

Over the past ten years, she has aggressively led the push at NAN to involve children, young adults, creatives, and young professionals in the fight for justice. This includes the cases of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Lesandro “Junior” Guzman, George Floyd, and Brandon Hendricks, among others.

Ashley Sharpton’s Husband Is the Daughter of Reverend Al Sharpton

Ashley Sharpton has not entered into a committed relationship with a spouse as of yet. Her professional life and her desire to affect positive change in the world take up the majority of her attention, and there is no sign that she is married or has ever been married.

If it weren’t for the pillars in her life—her family, church, the activities she participates in outside of school, and NAN—Ashley would not be the young woman she is today. In 2013, she laid the groundwork for what would later become known as The Huddle by conceiving of the notion that it was her duty to fulfill the same function for the Y Generation. Encouraged and engaged, today’s dreamers have the potential to become tomorrow’s leaders if they are properly developed, guided, and inspired. As a result of her ambitious plans, there will be a Huddle Youth Arts, Civic, and Tech Community Center located in each and every community across the nation.



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