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Who Is She? Sexual Assault Survivor And Baylor University Suspect Details

Brenda Tracy is a woman who has been the target of sexual harassment and is not ashamed to talk about her experience. After her story became widely known in 2014, she made the decision to spend the rest of her life to activism. In 1998, she was the victim of sexual assault committed by four athletes. It is difficult to gather information about Brenda Tracy because there is no entry for her in the Wikipedia database.

After divulging disturbing details of her gang sexual harassment to thousands of people in person, Brenda Tracy is utilizing a recording of her narrative as a means of reducing the emotional damage she has had as a result.

She is active on a number of various social media platforms with multiple accounts. She has 9502 Instagram followers in addition to her 4.9 thousand Facebook friends. She signed up for Twitter in March 2015, and she has 27.2 thousand followers at the moment.

Brenda Tracy Wikipedia: Who Is She?

The name Brenda Tracy is well-known among a significant number of collegiate athletes all throughout the country. The woman who survived being raped by a gang and now lives outside of Portland has spent a substantial portion of the last 10 years giving presentations on various college campuses about the horror she endured.

Brenda Tracy was one of several women that were raped. In addition to this, the woman who was raped is the founder of the charitable organization Set The Experiment. She is also a supporter, speaker, and educator who focuses on the prevention of sexual violence through sports advocacy.

Brenda Tracy

On her birthday, which is on December 9th, Brenda Tracy throws a party for her friends and family to celebrate. This coming December marks the beginning of her 49th year. 1973 was the year of her birth. Due to the fact that her birthday is in Sagittarius, she is a member of that zodiac sign.

As a result of the fact that she was born in Oregon, she is a citizen of the United States. She identifies as being of mixed ethnicity and follows the Christian faith as her primary religious practice. After finishing high school, Brenda attended the university to pursue her education and eventually received a degree in nursing.

Brenda Tracy Sexual Harassments Story

In the year 1998, Brenda Tracy was employed at Bray’s Family Restaurant in Keizer in the capacity of a waiter. She weighed 140 pounds, had a height of 5 feet 10 inches, and had hair that was shoulder-length. The woman, who was a single mother of two boys and was 24 years old, stated that the word “victim” was written all over her.

According to Tracy, she was sexually abused by a member of her family until the age of five, and then again by a neighbor when she was nine. She has not addressed previous incidents in a public forum. Tracy insisted that her name be published in this article despite the fact that it is standard practice for The Oregonian to conceal the identities of alleged victims of sexual assault.

When she was younger, she found herself in a number of abusive situations with men that were potentially dangerous, furious, and unpredictable. She has been the target of both physical and psychological violence. She remembers wearing a turtleneck during the summer to hide the bruises on her neck that were caused by a boyfriend’s chokehold.

The man who is the father of her children was incarcerated twice, the first time for robbery under Measure 11 and the second time for narcotics violations. Because she was a target for predation, her whereabouts were regularly found.

Meet Brenda Tracy’s Parents

Brenda Tracy was nurtured in Oregon with tenderness and concern by her doting parents. Her birth was assisted by Deanna Walters, who was her mother. Her mother is currently working as the account manager for Slater & Associates Insurance. The history of her father’s family is not widely known.

According to the findings of the inquiry, however, the name of her father is Joseph. During one of their conversations, she mentioned how helpful her father was to her as a single parent. In addition to this, Brenda was sexually assaulted when she was a child by a member of her own family as well as a neighbor.

When Brenda was just barely 18 years old, she gave birth to her first child, Darius. The couple who was married at the time eventually got divorced because the guy had problems with alcohol and drugs. Her son is a basketball player in the state of Oregon. When their parents split up, the children were aged three and two respectively.

Multiple times, she has shared her story with the general public regarding her experiences. Currently, she advocates for the rights of people who have survived rape. In addition to that, she founded the charitable organization known as Set The Experiment.

Does Brenda Tracy Have a Husband?

At the time of this writing, it appears that Brenda Tracy is not dating anyone. Having said that, she has a history of being married. In the 1980s, she had a husband who she was married to. In the roughly four years that the couple had been married, they welcomed two kids into the world: Darius Adams and Devante Adams. When Brenda gave birth to her first child, Darius, she was just 18 years old. The husband’s struggle with substance abuse and alcoholism led to the breakup of the couple at the time. Basketball is a sport that her son plays in Oregon. Both of the children were three and two years old when the divorce was finalized.

In 1998, when Brenda was sexually assaulted, she was in a relationship with her then-boyfriend, who had a history of violent behavior.

What does Brenda Tracy do in her daily life?

Brenda Tracy is currently working as a public speaker and has spoken her tale in a variety of different settings. At this time, she is an advocate for the rights of rape victims and survivors. In addition to that, she was the founder of the non-profit organization known as Set The Experiment.

In addition to that, she has over twenty years of experience working in the medical field as a nurse. She was a waitress at a club when the rape occurred, and she was working there at the time.

What is Brenda Tracy’s current estimated net worth?

Brenda Tracy has spent many years working as a nurse and advocate, and it is believed that her net worth is $400,000. Her annual income is approximately sixty thousand dollars on average. With the money that she has available, she has been able to keep up a decent quality of living.

She’s Now an Activist

Mike Riley, who was the head coach of the team at the time, only suspended two of the athletes for one game when she reported that they had raped her. The instructor rebuked them for their “poor decision,” which they had made.

As a result of a piece that was published in 2014 in The Oregonian, Tracy’s experience was brought into the public dialogue around sexual violence that occurs on college campuses, and Riley contacted Tracy in order to repent for his actions. He said that he had not been aware of the complete circumstances surrounding the actions of his athletes, and as a result, he had not given them a severe punishment. But the fact that he apologized meant a great deal to Tracy.

Following his time at Oregon State, he moved on to the University of Nebraska, where he invited her to give a presentation to his athletes. Before continuing her story, Tracy told the young players, pointing to their coach, “There was a moment when I despised this man more than my rapist.” Tracy then went on to describe her experience.

But things have changed, and Riley and Tracy are now close friends. Because he provided her with the opportunity, she went on a speaking tour and became an activist.

She now travels to other colleges and universities around the United States, where she gives talks to student athletes and describes her assault in gory detail. “‘I want you to feel awkward whenever I talk to you. “If that means telling the most graphic aspect of my narrative, [that’s OK. ]” she continues, “I have no problem with that.” She describes in great detail what those four young men did to her that night and how she was conscious for all of it. She also describes how she was raped.

When Tracy is finished speaking, the young athletes are frequently moved to tears, and they have a great deal of respect for her.

She is now working as a consultant for Oregon State University on issues relating to sexual assault on campus. She has been very vocal against the sexual assault claims that have been making headlines on college campuses like Baylor University. She had suggested that Baylor stop its football program and start again, and as a result, she was threatened over the phone. Her recommendation was that Baylor should restart its football program.

Through her lobbying efforts, she was also successful in persuading state legislators in Oregon to amend the statute of limitations legislation governing sexual assault.

In the year 2017, while the #MeToo and Times Up movements were gaining momentum, Tracy initiated the “Set the Expectation” vow for all of the student-athletes at her school. This is not a document that may be used to bind anyone in court. But the goal here is to make both the players and the coaches feel as though they have some level of responsibility for their actions.

She Campaigned for a Landmark NCAA Policy

College athletic directors place a higher priority on a student’s performance on the field of competition than they do on any other aspect of their life. Because of this, it is not uncommon for student-athletes to commit acts of sexual aggression against one another with little to no repercussions.

By using the program “Set the Expectation,” Tracy hopes to make students in high school and college aware of the implications of their actions. “What happens when we have a boy in eighth grade who is aware that, if he commits a violent act, I won’t get to play sports in high school?” Tracy stated. “What happens to high students if they know that if they commit these crimes, there is no chance that they will ever be able to play in college or obtain a contract with the NFL?”

Tracy and her sons went to the NCAA with the intention of improving safety on college campuses. They demanded the establishment of a rule that would bar disruptive pupils from participating in athletics.

The endeavors of Tracy and her sons were successful. In August of 2017, the NCAA voted overwhelmingly to adopt a rigorous policy against sexual violence.

Her Son Is a Student-Athlete

When Tracy was only 18 years old, she gave birth to her first child, a son named Darius Adams. When their mother was raped, Darius was five years old, and his younger brother Devante was four years old. During that time period, Tracy was in a relationship with a man who had recently received his degree from Oregon State. During the hardship, he stood by her side, but they ended their relationship in the end.

Brenda Tracy with her Sons Devante and Darius
Brenda Tracy with her Sons Devante and Darius

Prior to Tracy’s attack, Darius and Devante’s parents got a divorce while they were children due to their father’s addictions to alcohol and drugs. This occurred before Tracy was assaulted. Darius struggled through a significant portion of his life with suicide ideation, substance abuse, alcoholism, and irrational rage directed toward his mother.

After her son had already left high school, Tracy made an effort to assist him in any way she could. It wasn’t until he was 17 years old that she revealed to him that she had been sexually assaulted and abused by Darius’s father.

The anecdote told by his mother served as the impetus for him to make positive changes in his life. Darius gave his schoolwork his complete attention, and as a result, he was selected for the varsity basketball team. After that, he continued his basketball career in college.

Together with their mother, Darius and Devante are also active in the activist community. They collaborated in order to start the petition on Change.org to apply the NCAA’s policy regarding sexual violence.



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