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Who Is Steve Wife Jessica Audrey Wallis? Accident Details And Tribute To Her

The death of the YouTuber Steve Wallis’s stunning wife, Jessica Audrey, was revealed in a video that he uploaded to his channel and posted on YouTube. Jessica had passed away on the 20th of August, but Steve did not make his message public until the 25th of August, 2022.

The passing of the YouTuber’s beautiful wife, Jessica, has left him inconsolable and in a state of profound grief.

After he wed his wife, he completely abandoned his previous way of life and instead became famous as a successful YouTuber and camper in the great outdoors.

The suddenness of the news has taken everyone by surprise, and many messages of condolence have been written in Jessica Audrey’s memory.

Steve Wallis is a Canadian YouTuber who is best recognized for the videos he has uploaded about camping and other forms of outdoor leisure.

Tribute Camping With Steve Wallis Wife Jessica Audrey

In a video that was uploaded to his YouTube account, Steve Wallis broke the news to his audience about the sudden passing of his wife Jessica Audrey.

The Wallis brothers, Steve and Jessica Audrey Wallis and he used to vlog together, and at that time, his wife amassed a great deal of recognition. The passing of Jessica has left those who admired this pair feeling devastated and bereft of emotion.

Steve Wallis And His Wife Jessica Audrey

The circumstances behind the passing of Jessica Audrey Wallis are not yet fully understood. Steve, on the other hand, asserts that she passed away while she was asleep.

Additionally, he says in the video that “On Saturday night, Beautiful Wife and I turned in for the night. On Saturday morning, I was the only one who got up. No one else did.”

Before he unexpectedly leaves his wife on the journey they had been on together up to this point, he says that she is the source of all the brightness in his life and accepts that she is the reason for that light.

There is a possibility that Jessica had health issues in the past, or that she passed away unexpectedly and without showing any signs.

Jessica Audrey Death Cause And Obituary Details

A good number of Steve Wallis’s followers have expressed their disbelief at the tragic news that his wife, Jessica, has passed away, and they are eager to learn more about the circumstances surrounding her passing as well as her obituary.

However, Steve has not revealed the particulars of the tragic events that led to the death of his wife.

Twitter has already been flooded with messages of grief and support for Steve and his family, encouraging them to carry on despite the unspeakable loss they have suffered.

It was believed that the recent tragedy that befell the influencer was the reason for his utter and complete melancholy. He has just returned from a camping trip in the woods, and it is likely that he will be back at his house within the next week.

Jessica, Steve’s wife, has a background in education and has worked in the public school system; nonetheless, she prefers to remain in the background.

Who Is Steve Wallis Wife, Jessica Audrey?

In 2017, Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis tied the knot with American YouTuber Jessica Audrey. Because Audrey had never been behind the camera and had never been featured in any of his movies or photographs, there is less information accessible about Audrey and her life.

When Steve saw Jessica for the first time, she was spending the summer working at a cemetery job, and he immediately fell completely in love with her. When he first became aware of her, she was working in the cemetery, which was also where he was employed at the time.

After that, she went to Hungary to sign up for classes at the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, where she remained a student for the subsequent calendar year and majored in music instruction.

Audrey joined her husband on several of his business trips throughout the years. She has always been the person who has been the driving force behind her husband’s job and has supported him in his decisions regarding his profession and personal life.

On August 5, 2022, Steve posted a picture to Instagram in which he wished his wonderful wife a happy fifth wedding anniversary. The unfortunate passing of Jessica only a few days after the couple had celebrated their anniversary must have been upsetting for the YouTube star.

Steve Wallis Career As A YouTuber

A considerable portion of Steve Wallis’s life was spent living in a camper truck in Victoria, British Columbia. He did this for the most of his life. The situation remained the same for an aggregate of three years.

Steve Wallis
Steve Wallis

At this juncture in his life, the way of life he had developed, which he refers to as “boondocking,” was not an option for him; rather, it was a requirement for him to continue living in this manner.

In addition to his efforts to become a well-known YouTube content creator, he runs his own firm in addition to being a self-employed businessman.

In addition to this, he is the sole founder of Hunker Down Heating, a business that provides services related to gas and heating.

After 2021, it appears that Steve will be focusing the majority of his attention on the expansion of his YouTube channel rather than pursuing any of his other potential occupations.

Steve Walli’s Wife Jessica Death

When Steve posted the news on YouTube that his wife had passed away, it came as a shock to their 1.02 million viewers. On August 26, 2022, he published a video to his channel with the caption “Rest in Peace My Beautiful Wife.”

He then continues by adding, “hello everybody, this is the most difficult video I’ve ever had to film so. I am just going to take my time with this and, uh, share a little bit of what’s on my mind and in my heart here. On Saturday night, both my lovely wife and I went to sleep, and I didn’t come to till Sunday morning. Since I don’t even know how many days ago, it’s been a complete and utter surprise.

He claimed that Jess is the only reason why Steve is going camping, and that if he hadn’t met her, he would still be working on a documentary from the motor home. He also stated that Jess is the only reason why Steve is going camping.

Additionally, Steve added in his video that if anyone is wondering what they can do, they could make donations to their local food banks and homeless shelters because they were some of Jess’s favorite activities that she liked to do in her spare time. We always had tiny parcels in the cars, and if someone saw a homeless person who seemed stressed out or hungry, she would be happy to hand one of them to them.

How Much Money Does Steve Wallis Make on YouTube? Net Worth Details

As of the year 2021, he has 485 thousand followers and his 187 total videos that have been uploaded to his channel have collectively garnered over 62.5 million views. He uploads two to three videos to his channel once every two weeks, and the number of people subscribing to it is increasing at an exponential rate, with 1200 new people subscribing every single day. Over 3.55 million page views are generated each month from the total amount of uploaded video. Because of this, it is projected that he generates an income of $900 every day, which amounts to $324000 annually, only from the advertisements that run on his video on YouTube.

In his internet store, he sells hoodies and T-shirts, which brings in a supplementary income for him. Additionally, he makes some additional money from the sales of affiliate products.

According to estimates made as of the year 2021, Steve’s net worth is approximately $2 Million.

Listed below are some fascinating facts about Steve Wallis:

  • His devoted following refers to him as the “Bob Ross” of the camping world.
  • The expression “Step 2” is one that Steve uses frequently, and it refers to having a drink, typically beer, after setting up his camp (Step 1). While taking sips of the beverage, he takes in the sights and sounds around him.
  • His other interests include gold mining, rafting, cycling, and fishing. Camping is another one of his favorite pastimes.
  • Joe Robinet and his videos have a supporter in Steve, who is that fan.
  • He enjoys lounging in the shade of a hammock.
  • Steve’s favorite times of year for going camping are the fall, followed by the spring.
  • In the spring, the weather would be ideal, the temperature would be just right, there would be fewer insects, and the trees would have full canopies of leaves to provide cover. In the fall, the temperature would be just right.
  • Steve has a condition known as color blindness.
  • He follows the Catholic faith.
  • Folk music, music by CCR, and music by Donovan Woods are some of Steve’s favorite genres of music. In addition to it, he sings and plays the guitar.
  • He was a member of the Air Cadets and completed training in aircrew survival.
  • Steve’s ideal vacation would involve going camping in the remote regions of Alaska, in the United States.



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