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Who Is the Deja Vu DJ on the Kelly and Ryan Show? Specifics Regarding The Radio Personality

Deja Parker is a motivational speaker and radio broadcaster who serves as the host of the morning discussion show Live With Kelly and Ryan, which is nationally syndicated. She is better known by her radio host alias Deja Vu.

On radio station 107.5 WBLS, the Quake’s House Afternoon Show can be heard from 3 to 7 o’clock in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. Co-hosted by Deja and starring WBLS comedian Earthquake, the show airs during those hours.

Who Is Deja Vu DJ On Kelly and Ryan?

Déjà Vu is a motivational speaker and a host on a radio show. He was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. She is one of the co-hosts of “The Quake’s House Afternoon Show” on the 107.5 WBLS radio station.

In her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida, Déjà started her career as an assistant to the program and music director there, where she was originally from. In addition to that, she hosted the noon show on 100.3 The Beat and worked as the program director and music director that same year. After moving to New York, she worked as a host at noon for Power 105.1 for a total of eight years, but she never stopped practicing her chosen profession.

At the moment, Déjà is the one in charge of the “Quake’s House Afternoon Show” over at WBLS, which Emmis Communications purchased in February of 2014.

A personality on WBLS, Earthquake co-hosts the afternoon show “Quake’s House Afternoon Show” with Déjà (comedian). The show is broadcast from three to seven o’clock in the evening, Monday through Friday. The two hosts share a sense of humor, a passion for New York City, and an appreciation for contemporary R&B music.

What Is the Real Name of the Deja Vu DJ?

Deja Vu’s real name is Deja Parker. Parker’s birthday falls on July 23 of each year, and she always celebrates it. Her exact year of birth is still unknown, but her birthday was recently celebrated on the official Facebook page of Live With Kelly and Ryan. The post also included a clip from the set of the show in which Deja Vu, Kelly, and Ryan could be seen dancing and congratulating her on her achievement.

According to one of the websites, Deja’s net worth will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.3 Million in the year 2022. According to a similar source, the annual compensation that is considered typical for radio hosts in the state of Florida is $44,532.

On the other hand, the salary range for radio hosts in the United States is anywhere from $14,981 to $115,687 per year on average. On Instagram, where she posts under the handle @dejavuspeaks, Deja Parker, the announcer for Live with Kelly and Ryan, has amassed a following of 36,100 users. When one looks at the radio host’s profile, she gives off the impression of being wealthy and living a fulfilling life.

Is There A Husband That Deja Vu Shares Her Life With?

Deja Parker is the name of the newest addition to the Live With Kelly and Ryan cast. Her first appearance on the program was in April of 2021. When it first aired in 1983, the program was known by its original title, which was The Morning Show. Since that time, the program has been known by a variety of monikers, and as of the year 2017, it is referred to as Live With Kelly and Ryan.

Alongside Sunny Anderson, Deja Parker While taping an episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, Deja Parker has refrained from providing any public comments regarding her personal life. In addition to that, she does not appear to discuss any aspects of her private life on any of her social media accounts. Only her professional accomplishments and work are known to us at this point. Other than those, all of the other details about her are currently unknown.



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