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Who Is The Survivor? Here Is Her Paralyzed Story And Injury Photos

After Ashley Reeves was reported missing in 2006, her family and friends went through a lot. In subsequent years, she became well-known as the survivor of three separate attempts to strangle her. Reeves was the victim of a murder attempt that was carried out by her teacher, who was also having an intimate relationship with her at the time.

Because Ashley was just 17 years old at the time, her mother called the phone company when she learned that her daughter had gone missing. The phone was registered in her mother’s name. She was successful in obtaining access to the complete phone log of her incoming and outgoing calls.

After going through the logs, Michelle found that the same phone number had been used to make repeated calls. Michelle made the decision to have a conversation with Samson Shelton, who is 26.

Michelle questioned Samson about whether or not he had been across Ashley. He answered with “no,” and before she could inquire as to the reason he was engaging in conversation with her adolescent daughter, he abruptly hung up the phone. Michelle’s spine tingled as she thought about what Ashley’s friends had revealed to the authorities about her private life, which is a blessing given that Ashley had kept her friends informed about her personal life.

Friends of Ashley say that she had a romantic relationship with Samson, who was an older male and also happened to be her teacher. After being questioned for a significant amount of time, Samson eventually admitted to having sexual intercourse with her as well as being present with her on the day that she passed away.

Ashey Reeves Is A Survivor Who Survived Three Strange Attempts: Wikipedia Information

The narrative of Ashley Reeves, who managed to escape the zombie apocalypse and tell others about it, was featured in the film Left for Dead. Following her disappearance, her parents made a report to the authorities about their daughter who had gone missing.

Because she had driven Jeremy’s car on the day in question, he was first pegged as a possible culprit in her abduction; however, the authorities were soon able to exonerate him due to the fact that he was unaware of any details regarding her absence.

Sam Shelton was taken into custody as a possible accessory when her relatives discovered that he was the most recent person with whom she had been in contact. He claimed that he hadn’t seen her in several days and that he had no idea where she may be.

As the interrogator continued to press him with questions, he began to alter his account. After being questioned for a period of twelve hours, he eventually admitted that he had a romantic involvement with Reeves and that he had abused her. He admits to putting her through three separate episodes of suffocation before abandoning her outside to die.

Ashley Reeves Had To Learn Lot Of Things Again After She Became Paralyzed: Injury Pictures

After the attack, Reeves found that she had lost some of her memories. The argument they had earlier that day was all that she could think of at that point. Her recuperation was challenging because she needed to relearn how to eat, communicate, and move her limbs after she suffered a stroke.

Her parents were informed by the physicians that she would not be able to revert to her prior self for a considerable amount of time. They also mentioned that there was a possibility that she wouldn’t make it through the ordeal.

Ashley had evaded death despite multiple efforts to choke her to death and had been left there for a period of 32 hours. Emergency medical technicians hurried to the site and transported her to a hospital in the area, where she was put into an induced coma.

The detectives were aware of how important the first two days were and began their hunt for the missing teenager as soon as possible. If they hadn’t been able to convince Samson to bring them to Ashley in time, it’s quite doubtful that Ashley would have been found in time.

Is The Teacher Sam Shelton Still In Prison?

Sam Shelton is expected to remain behind bars until the year 2024. To everyone’s surprise, however, in 2006 he was granted bail and ordered to remain under house arrest. The manner in which the individual who attempted to murder a young kid was dealt with at the time was seen negatively by a large number of people.

In the moments just before Sam was brought before a judge on accusations of attempted murder, his mother, Susan, reported to the authorities that her son had tried suicide by ingesting a concoction of a number of prescription medications and alcohol.

Samson’s mental state was called into doubt by the judge who was presiding over Ashley’s case, but the prosecution said that his attempt at suicide was nothing more than a ploy to get sympathy from potential jurors.

A month later, a psychiatrist gave his opinion that Samson possessed the mental capacity to stand trial. Despite this, Ashley’s family came to the conclusion that they did not want her to be subjected to another attack as traumatic as the one she experienced on April 27 and so consented to the terms of a plea bargain. Samson took the agreement, which resulted in a sentence of twenty years in prison for him.



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