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Who Is Theo Germaine’s Companion? Non-Binary Actor They/Them

Young actor Theo Germaine hails from the United States and is currently working in the industry. In the Netflix series “the Politician,” in which they star, they play the role of James Sullivan. The young starlet made their stage debut in the year 2015.

Germaine is also very enthusiastic about writing screenplays and making movies. Throughout his career, he has made appearances in 11 different movies. Theo earned his degree in Philosophy from the University of Illinois.

They/Them: Theo Germaine and William Rusan, Their Partners

There is someone else in Theo Germaine’s life. The trans actor is very content with his long-term partner, William Rusan, whom he has known since childhood. They talk about their boyfriend all the time as if he were Mr. Perfect.

The relationship between Rusan and Germaine has been going strong for some time now. In Chicago, the couple resides together in a home that they own jointly. On April 2, William wished Theo a happy birthday via Instagram. Theo’s birthday was the following day.

The description of Rusan that can be found on her Twitter bio includes the words “humanist, feminist, technologist, mediaist, and coconut.” On one of William’s most recent Instagram posts, Germaine left a comment that read, “I love you; I’m glad you are still here.”

Theo shares pictures of himself and his partner on various social media platforms on a regular basis. On Instagram, you can find the actor posting under the handle @theogermaine. On his verified page, which currently has 384 posts, he has amassed more than 76,000 followers.

Theo Germaine Is a Non-Binary Person: Details Regarding Pronouns

As a non-binary transgender person, Theo Germaine refers to himself with the They/Them pronoun. The famous movie star does not strongly identify with either male or female characteristics. They have decided, however, to adopt a more male identity in terms of their orientation.

When talking about him, Germaine prefers to use the he/they pronoun. The actor made the transition when they were a teenager. Theo admitted that he used to be a female but that he has successfully gone through the process of transforming into a male.

“When people ask me about my earliest memories, I joke and say that The Lion King and gender dysphoria come to mind. When I was three years old and we were all lying down in daycare trying to nap, I was unable to nap because I would always sit there and think about gender. The other children were able to nap, however “In the LGBTQ&A podcast, he made the statement.

Germaine’s goals for the future include dabbling in both directing and writing. They want to make a positive impact on the LGBTQ community in some way. The actor’s goal is to increase the number of opportunities available to transgender performers in the entertainment industry.

Name and Family of Birth for Theo Germaine

Theo was born on April 2, 1998, in the city of Murphysboro, Illinois, which is also his hometown. The person who is 24 years old has not yet disclosed their birth name. In a similar vein, they have not engaged in a substantial amount of conversation regarding his parents and family.

The city of Chicago was the actor’s childhood home. Germaine relocated to Los Angeles for a period of time so that she could more easily film “The Politician.” They are citizens of the United States of America and have recently moved back to the place where they grew up.

The rising star recalled that their childhood was difficult and that they spent some time while they were growing up living on the streets. Everything was different after Germaine played a breakthrough role in The Politician.

Theo has established himself as one of the most talented actors and currently has a net worth of more than $300,000. Currently, he is managed by Grey Talent Group, which is a company based in Chicago. They have been featured in a number of publications, such as Teen Vogue, and have performed on stages such as Steppenwolf and The Goodman.



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