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Who Is Victoria Defrancesco Soto From NBC News? Details To Know About The Political Commentator

Victoria Defrancesco Soto is a commentator for NBC News and Telemundo in addition to being a political scientist and a specialist on public policy.

In addition to that, the Clinton School of Public Service at the University of Arkansas has appointed her as its dean.

Before that, Soto held the position of Associate Dean at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. She is the first person of Latino descent to hold the position of Dean at a presidential institution. The authority figure was recognised by Diverse magazine as one of the top 12 academics in the nation.

Who Is Victoria Defrancesco Soto? Wikipedia Bio

Victoria Defrancesco Soto is an esteemed political expert and analyst who has a widespread following. According to her bio on Wikipedia, she started contributing to MSNBC in the year 2012. The individual originally from Arkansas currently holds the position of dean at The Clinton School of Public School.

Her areas of expertise include political psychology, Latinos, Latinas, women in immigration, and civic involvement. Soto’s academic career got off to a strong start when she was hired as an assistant professor at Northwestern University’s institute for policy research in the year 2007.

The University of Arizona is where Victoria earned her bachelor’s degree, which she earned in Political Science and Latin American Studies. She attended Duke University, where she earned both her doctorate and master’s degree in political science.

In addition to this, the analyst has previous experience working for illustrious organisations such as the University of Texas and Rutgers. As an on-air analyst, she has been on networks such as CNN, Fox, PBS, Univision, and NPR, as well as on the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher.

The Husband of Victoria Defrancesco Soto, Please Meet Her Family

Neftali Garcia, Victoria Defrancesco Soto’s devoted spouse, is the source of much joy in her life as a married woman. Over a decade has passed since the beginning of the couple’s relationship. In the meantime, they have added a total of four new members to their households.

Neftali, her spouse, is a licenced attorney in the state of Texas. McLane Company, Inc. has appointed him to the position of Vice President of Government Affairs. Aside from this, very little information regarding Garcia has become public.

Moving on, Soto was born in Southern Arizona and is bilingual (English and Spanish) because to his upbringing there. Her heritage is Italian, Jewish, and Mexican, and she holds American citizenship. She was born in the United States. The 39-year-old woman, her children, and her partner all make their home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Even her mother goes by the name Victoria. She was born in Sonora, which is a state in Mexico that shares a border with the United States. The political analyst has a younger sister who goes by the name Terry, and she is her younger sibling. At the moment, Terry is serving in the capacity of a professor of Veterinary medicine.

Considerable Insight Into Victoria Defrancesco Soto’s Wealth in 2022

It is estimated that Victoria Defrancesco Soto has a net worth of close to 800 thousand dollars. She has earned a tremendous name and money for herself as a result of the broad knowledge and abilities that she possesses.

During the course of her career spanning 15 years, she has had jobs all over the United States, including in Texas and Arkansas. Her primary sources of income are media outlets and the universities where she is currently employed.

She maintains a luxury lifestyle despite the absence of any concerns regarding her finances. You can find her on Instagram at @deanvmds. Feel free to follow her there. The photo-sharing website that she uses has only six postings on her page because she does not use it very often.

Additionally, Soto has amassed nearly 10,000 followers on her Twitter account, which is located at @DrVMDS. In addition to her work in teaching and politics, she enjoys travelling to far-flung places. The University of Arizona Wildcats basketball team has a rabid supporter in Victoria.



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