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Who Is Vittoria Conte? How Old Is Antonio Conte And Wife Elisabetta Daughter?

The only child of Antonio Conte and his wife Elisabetta Muscarello, Vittoria Conte was named after her father. As his admirers were very interested in learning more about his personal life and his daughter, the next part will go into more detail regarding the possible age that the daughter may be at this point in time.

Lecce FC was where Vittoria Conte’s career first got underway. After establishing himself as the greatest player to have ever graced the field at Allianz Arena, he later joined Juventus FC.

He is also active on social media handles, where he posts primarily about his personal life in addition to his private life. He does this both publicly and privately. The head coach enjoys communicating with fans and keeping them up to date through it.

You may locate him on Instagram by searching for his handle, which is @antonioconte. There are close to 894 thousand persons that adhere to him over there.

Antonio Conte And Wife Elisabetta Muscarello’s Daughter: Who Is Vittoria Conte?

The fact that Vittoria Conte is the daughter of the well-known football manager Antonio Conte and his wife Elisabetta Muscarello has brought her a lot of attention in recent years.

It is not uncommon to find her accompanying her mother to her father’s baseball games.

Elisabetta Muscarello and Antonio Conte have been married for a total of eight years as of now. Following a courtship that lasted for 15 years, the couple finally tied the knot in June of 2013, and Vittoria is their only child together.

When asked about his family, Conte answered the following: “A great woman who is always making an effort to understand me is always here with me. My kid is another woman in my life and she fills the role of the other lady in my life.”

Vittoria is beginning to get a better understanding of how nervous her father is whenever he suffers a loss.

How Old Is Antonio Conte’s Daughter Vittoria Conte?

Vittoria Conte was born in the year 2007, making that year her birthday. 14 is the current age of Elisabetta Muscarello and Antonio Conte’s one and only child together.

Elisabetta Muscarello, who is the mother of Vittoria Conte, was born on December 3, 1975 in Turin, Italy, making her current age 46. She is the mother of Vittoria Conte. She is married to Antonio Conte, who was the manager of Chelsea Football Club in the past.

Elisabetta and Antonio were neighbors for a significant amount of time before they began dating. They finally tied the knot on June 10, 2013, after dating for the previous 15 years.

When their daughter Vittoria Conte was born, they were inundated with expressions of gratitude and love from family and friends.

Who Is Antonio Conte? Wikipedia

Antonio Conte Cavaliere OMRI, who currently manages the Italian national football team and previously played for the team, was born on July 31st, 1969. As of this now, Wikipedia only provides a limited amount of information about the coach.

In addition to having played for the Italian national team, he is currently serving as the head coach of the Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur.

The FA Cup, Serie A, and the Premier League were all won by him while he was at Chelsea and Inter Milan, respectively. He has a height of 1.78 meters, which is equivalent to 5 feet and 10 inches.

He formerly competed on the field in the role of a midfielder. There is still plenty that we do not know about Antonio and his family.



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