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Who Was Anthony Stinson? What Happened To Anthony Stinson? NY Boy Obituary Trending On Social Media

Who Was Anthony Stinson? What Happened To Anthony Stinson? NY Boy Obituary Trending On Social Media Anthony Stinson was a 13-year-old teenager from the US known for his lively personality and tireless determination in pursuit of understanding new topics. We mourn his untimely demise with great sorrow. Anthony garnered significant media coverage following reports of his tragic bicycle accident over the weekend on Long Island. Anthony was hit by the vehicle belonging to a police officer as he rode his bicycle along its streets and suffered severe injuries as a result of being hit. At first, this incident left its victim in critical condition and inspired a communitywide response aimed at his recovery. But unfortunately, we must report on 11 September 2023 the heartbreaking news that Anthony Stinson passed away unexpectedly and our thoughts and prayers go out to Anthony’s loved ones during this extremely challenging period.

Who Was Anthony Stinson? NY Trending Boy

Who Was Anthony Stinson? NY Trending Boy

Following Anthony’s tragic passing, there has been an outpouring of support on various social media sites from community members around the globe and his loved ones alike. A close family friend shared heartbreaking pictures of Anthony while inviting everyone to participate in prayer; their message read: ‘This young person is loved within our communities; his schools exist here too – let us continue holding him in prayer.”

Anthony Stinson’s tragic accident has shocked everyone in the community as his tragic death only days after being struck by a police vehicle while riding his bicycle has sent shockwaves through many hearts and minds. On September 9th 2023 in Shirley, Anthony was struck by a Suffolk County Patrol car. This collision took place near William Floyd Parkway and Adobe Drive and caused severe head trauma for Anthony. Anthony’s condition had worsened significantly on Monday to such an extent that his doctor declared him brain dead. At the time of this accident, Anthony was crossing William Floyd Parkway at its crossing point when an officer responding to a call for assistance by an elderly lady responded by activating sirens and lights as well as making efforts not to collide with teenager.

Anthony Stinson was beloved to his family and friends alike and Claudia Stinson is grieving the death of her child. Claudia has received incredible assistance during this extremely trying period from friends and strangers alike, while an online GoFundMe initiative has also been set up in order to assist Claudia with expenses associated with caring for her son’s care. Should Anthony pass, these funds could be put towards his funeral arrangements or memorial ceremonies. Prior to being involved in a collision involving police vehicles, Anthony had been receiving treatment in Stony Brook University Hospital. Claudia is Anthony’s mom, who is struggling to decide if it would be wise for him to go out alone for a walk after what occurred at his school earlier that morning. Additionally, it has been noted that an investigation is currently being carried out regarding what may have caused the incident and will provide more details upon its conclusion.



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