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Who Was Rico Burton? Tyson Fury Cousin Stabbed To Death- Is His Killer Arrested?

Yesterday, a number of thugs were responsible for the death of Tyson Fury’s cousin, Rico Burton, who was stabbed. This information was shared by the professional boxer on his Instagram account, where it immediately captured everyone’s attention.

Tyson, a British professional boxer, has won both the WBC championship and The Ring magazine title, giving him a two-time world heavyweight champion. He has held the WBC championship since 2020, when he defeated Deontay Wilder, and The Ring magazine title from 2020 until August 2022.

Tyson Fury

Who Was Rico Burton? Stabbing Of Tyson Fury’s Cousin

Through his Instagram account, Tyson Fury just now disclosed the tragic news that his cousin was stabbed to death the day before. While a number of his admirers have congregated in the comment section to offer their sympathies, he has shone light upon the severe issue that is currently sweeping throughout the western world, which is the ease with which people can carry guns.

Despite the fact that the Metropolitan Police reports one-third of all fatal stabbings that occur in England, the number of teen stabbing homicides in London reached an unnerving new high in the year 2021.

Rico Burton
Rico Burton

At recent crisis meetings with the police, youth workers, and school authorities that the BBC attended, community activist Tilisha Goupall revealed her terrible experience of watching her 15-year-old brother Jermaine die in front of her. Tilisha Goupall told her story with the BBC. Since he passed away in 2017, she has been working tirelessly to prevent future tragedies of a similar nature.

One hundred percent of them, all youngsters in elementary school, answered that they were afraid of getting stabbed. This is in reference to a group of students who are about to enter secondary school.

There is no question that this is a very concerning problem. The former professional boxer has also brought up the topic of the necessity of implementing stringent rules around guns in his post. As part of his communication, he stated, “The government of the United Kingdom needs to implement higher sentence for knife crime, it’s an epidemic, and you won’t realize how awful it is until it affects one of your own.”

In the same vein, one person wrote in the comment area, “So sorry for the tragic loss your family has endured. You are absolutely correct; if you were to make the sentence more formal, it might cause them to reconsider carrying a knife. Let your voice be heard, Tyson; use your platform to get your message out and campaign for a brighter future for our children.

Who Are Rico Burton’s Parents? Family Details

Following the event, Rico Burton’s parents and other members of his immediate family are in a state of complete and utter devastation. Even though Tyson did not write about how he is related to the deceased as a cousin, the fact that this has occurred has utterly devastated the entire Fury family.

In addition, you won’t find a picture of Rico on any of Tyson’s Instagram posts. In its place, he puts an image on it with the words “Stop Knife Crime” written across it.

On the other side, the boxer’s father was also born in Tuam, which is also the hometown of the boxer’s paternal grandfather. The Furys are ultimately of Gaelic descent, as evidenced by the fact that they took their current surname, which originates from Fiodhabhra. While Fury’s mother was born in Belfast, his maternal grandmother is from County Tipperary in Ireland. Fury’s father was born in Dublin.

Fury has had a difficult time obtaining dual citizenship despite the fact that he has a strong connection to his Irish heritage. This is because, back in the 1960s, Irish Travellers were the only people who registered births through baptism with the church rather than formally with the state. As a result, his father’s birth in County Galway was not recorded in the county’s official records.

Rico Burton Tributes And Photos On Twitter

On Instagram, Tyson Fury wrote a heartfelt post about Burton that he shared with the world.

The boxer claimed, “My cousin was murdered last night by having a knife thrust in the back of his neck.” It’s getting beyond the point of absurdity when idiots carry knives. This needs to end as soon as possible. It’s a pandemic, and you don’t realize how horrible it is until it happens to one of your own, so the government of the UK needs to bring in stricter sentencing for people who commit knife crimes.

“Every moment of your life is priceless because you never know when it will be taken away from you. RIP RICO BURTON. I pray that the Lord God finds a space in heaven for you there. see you shortly.” Fury did not provide any further information about the attack or say where it took place, the source continued.

On social media, a significant number of his followers have taken it upon themselves to join the call for an end to such brutality. They are bombarding Burton’s family with messages that come from the heart.

Danny Armstrong, a journalist, posted the following on Twitter: “RIP Rico Burton. Although I didn’t know Rico directly, I am familiar with members of his family. Men who are honorable and brave in battle. More courageous than a coward with a knife, for sure.”

“My deepest condolences to you and your family on the tragic loss. You are absolutely correct; if you were to make the sentence more formal, it might cause them to reconsider carrying a knife. A commenter on Twitter asked Tyson to “let your voice be heard,” suggesting that he make use of his platform to “get it across” and to “fight for a brighter future for our kids.”

Rick Burton Age And Family: Is His Killer Arrested?

The person who murdered Rick Burton has not yet been apprehended.

The authorities have not disclosed any information on the individual who stabbed the victim up until this point. It has been stated that they do not currently have any suspects in custody, thus they are currently conducting an investigation.

Since Burton passed away at such a young age, we want to express our deepest condolences to his family and to everyone else who knew him. Nobody deserves to meet such an end, and we pray that his murderer will be brought to justice as quickly as possible.

Rico Burton Obituary Report

Rico Burton, a relative of Tyson Fury, has been identified as the individual who was fatally stabbed in Altrincham.

The death of Burton, who was 31 years old and had been admitted to the hospital early on Sunday morning, was verified by the police, and an investigation is currently under way. A second male, aged 17, was also rushed to the hospital after suffering significant injuries as a result of the attack. In the meantime, a male adult aged 21 was detained and is currently being questioned while being held in custody.

After two men were stabbed outside of a bar on Goose Green in Altrincham, the police have issued a request to the general public for any additional information that may be able to assist them with their investigation.

On Sunday morning, Fury had posted a message on the social media platform Instagram to confirm that his cousin had passed away. In the post, he said, “This is becoming insane – fools carry knives.” This must come to an end.”

“As soon as possible, the government of the United Kingdom needs to impose higher sentence for knife crime; it’s an epidemic, and you won’t realize how serious it is until it affects one of your own!”

“Every moment of your life is priceless because you never know when it will be taken away from you. RIP RICO BURTON. I pray that the Lord God finds a special place in heaven for you. see you shortly.”

Since then, photographs have been taken showing forensic investigators at the scene in Altrincham. Anyone who has any information that could help investigators is being urged to get in touch with the relevant authorities.

In the article, Fury advocated for more stringent action to be taken against knife crime.

In response to an incident in which two guys were stabbed outside of a bar in Altrincham, a spokesperson for the Greater Manchester Police said, “Police are appealing to the public for further information.” The police were summoned shortly after 3 o’clock this morning (Sunday, the 21st of August 2022) after receiving information that two guys had been stabbed outside of a bar located on Goose Green in Altrincham.

“Emergency medical services responded at the location. Two guys were taken to the hospital in critical condition after suffering life-threatening injuries.

“Unfortunately, a male patient of 31 years old has passed away a short while later at the hospital. Another male patient, aged 17, is still being treated in the hospital for critical injuries.

“A male suspect, age 21, was detained at the scene and taken into jail on suspicion of section 18 assault. He is now being held.” An investigation into a murder has been opened, and authorities are making a request to members of the public in the event that any of them have any additional information on this crime.



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