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Who was Sheriff Dallas Edeburn? Deputy’s MYSTERIOUS Death After A Year Of Surviving Car Crash

A sheriff’s officer from Ramsey County, Minnesota, who was discovered dead under strange circumstances on Monday, August 1, had almost escaped death in a catastrophic collision the previous year. After Dallas Edeburn, 30, was reported missing from his home and the nearby police station, his corpse was discovered in the area between his house and the station where he worked. The announcement was made more than a year after his miraculous escape from the catastrophic collision.

During the month of March 2021, a stolen vehicle that was attempting to elude Mounds View Police collided with Edeburn’s patrol cruiser, causing it to roll over five times. Edeburn was fortunate that other officers who were there at the scene were able to save him by hauling him away from the burning vehicle before it caught fire.

According to the sheriff’s office, “He fought heroically throughout his rehabilitation from his injuries in order to return to full-duty status.” In addition, the Board of Commissioners for Ramsey County said at the time that the deputy “likely would not have lived” if his fellow officers had not aided him. If they had, the deputy “likely would have survived.”

Throughout his time in the military, Edeburn was recognized on many occasions for the valorous job he performed. After preventing a lady from committing suicide by jumping from a motorway bridge one time, he received praise for his bravery and became a local hero.

A preliminary autopsy was performed, and the findings showed that there were no traces of trauma or harm inflicted to his body. After the autopsy has been finished in its entirety, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner will divulge the method of death as well as the cause of death. According to Sheriff Bob Fletcher, “Our thoughts and prayers are with Dallas’ wife, his family, and all of his friends. Both in terms of his physical presence and the contributions he made to Ramsey County, he was bigger than life.”

Edeburn sustained life-threatening wounds in the attack that took place in March. His right knee cap was shattered, he suffered a serious cut on his right elbow, two of his ribs were broken, and he dislocated one of his toes. In December of 2021, the motorist who was guilty for the collision was given their sentence. Additionally, the deputy appeared in court while using a cane for support. He mentioned the fact that he had just been married a short time before the accident in the victim impact statement he provided. He stated, “The defendant eliminated any and all opportunities for the couple to go on their honeymoon in a timely manner. In its place, the newlyweds opted to spend their honeymoon at Regions Hospital… The ‘in sickness and health’ portion of our marriage was the first step in getting married.”

Deputy Edeburn gave his whole attention to serving the people of Ramsey County for a period of seven years. It was in July of 2015 that he started working at the Ramsey County Correctional Home as a Correctional Officer. In addition to that, he had a well-deserved reputation on the SWAT squad. On their Facebook page, the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office was the first to break the news and release images of the officer. The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement in a news release that said, “His devotion to his family, his partners, and the inhabitants of Ramsey County will never be forgotten.”



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