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Who Was Youngest Mother Lina Medina Baby Father? Children Details- Where Is She Now In 2022?

A family that lived in a small hamlet in Peru in the early spring of 1939 observed that their daughter, who was five years old at the time, had a clearly enlarged stomach.

Tiburelo Medina and Victoria Losea took their daughter to a doctor in Lima because they were concerned that the swelling may be a tumor. The family lived in Ticrapo, but the parents took their daughter to a doctor in Lima.

The fact that the patient’s mother and father’s daughter, Lina Medina, was seven months along in her pregnancy came as a complete and total shock to the physician. And on May 14, 1939, Medina gave birth to a baby boy who was delivered via cesarean section and was in good health. She became the youngest mother in the annals of human civilization when she gave birth when she was five years, seven months, and 21 days old.

The condition that Medina was in surprised her pediatricians, and neither she nor her family desired the unwelcome attention that her case received on a national and international scale. She and her family continue to avoid the spotlight and turn down opportunities for frank interviews. To this day, Medina has not reported the identity of the child’s biological father to the right authorities.

In spite of the fact that the mystery surrounding the world’s youngest mother is still not entirely resolved, new details have come to light. These particulars give some light on the circumstances surrounding Lina Medina’s becoming pregnant as well as the identity of the man who might have been the father of her kid.

Is Lina Medina Alive Today?

Lina is still with us and in good health; she can now boldly proclaim that she is 88 years old.

Lina Medina appeared to have had an adequate amount of medical care, particularly taking into account the time period and the place where she resided. Because of this, she gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy.

A cesarean section was performed in order to deliver the baby. This was due to the fact that Medina would most certainly have a tough time forcing a full-sized child down the delivery canal. Because of this, having the baby via cesarean section was the more prudent course of action.

Lina Medina’s child was given the name Gerardo, after the doctor who had performed the delivery exam on Lina Medina in the beginning of her pregnancy. The newborn baby made his way back to Ticrapo, which is where his family originally hails from after being released from the hospital.

After the birth of the infant, Paul Koask, who is a specialist in child education at Columbia University, made a request to visit the Medina family and was granted permission to do so. Koask came to the conclusion that the youngest person who had ever given birth had an IQ that was “above normal,” and that her child was “totally normal.” This particular person became a mother at a relatively young age.

Medina would much rather play with her dolls than with her child the most of the time. During his entire childhood, Gerardo Medina thought that Medina was his older sister. He was under the assumption that Medina was Gerardo’s older sister. He was the one who discovered the deception when he was around 10 years old.

Despite the fact that Gerardo Medina had excellent health for the majority of his life, he sadly passed away at the age of 40 in the year 1979. The underlying cause of mortality was the illness that affected the bones.

She was able to send herself to college by finding a work as a secretary for the doctor who had been present at the delivery of her first kid when she was a young adult. This allowed her to save money for tuition and living expenses. During the same time period, Lina was also able to pay for Gerardo’s schooling and ensure that he received his diploma.

Who Is Lina Medina Baby Father?

Lina was only five years old when she gave birth to her first kid, which raised a lot of doubts regarding the identity of the child’s father and the circumstances surrounding the delivery.

Lina got married again and gave birth to her second child

As soon as the doctor became aware of this information, he got in touch with the relevant authorities and swiftly had Lina’s father taken into custody as the major suspect. Tiburelo was questioned by the police for an entire week. In spite of this, they were ultimately compelled to release him because they lacked adequate evidence to demonstrate that the child’s biological father had been the father of the child. The second individual who was called into question was Lina’s cousin, who was rumored to have mental health problems. Because of these problems, the authorities had reason to believe that he was capable of carrying out an act of such heinous violence. However, the police lacked the evidence necessary to prosecute him as the father of Lina’s child, so they were unable to bring a paternity charge against him.

Later on, doctors determined that she had a disorder known as precocious puberty, which is short for premature onset of puberty. This meant that her sexual organs would mature at a much younger age than normal because of this. The disease known as precocious puberty is brought on when the glands that secrete growth and sex hormones begin to act abnormally early in life, which in turn brings to the condition known as precocious puberty. There is a lack of current knowledge regarding the particular causes that lead to the onset of this ailment.

Lina’s physician, who was by her side throughout the labor and delivery process, was the source of inspiration for the child’s name. Gerardo Medina is the person’s name. The paternal figure has never been positively identified to this day. This means that the enigma is not solved. Without a shadow of a doubt, Lina was just another helpless young person who fell victim to sexual predators.

She eventually wed a man in the early 1970s whose name was Raul Jurado, and she had her second son while she was in her 30s. Both of her children were born at this time. Raul Jr. was the name she gave to her first son. In 2002, Medina and Jurado were still very much in love with each other and living in the same impoverished neighborhood of Lima.

Where Is Lina Medina Today And What Happened To Her?

It is unknown a great deal about the last years of Lina Medina’s life. She would be in her late 80s at this point in time if she were still alive today.

Lina Medina seemed to have had enough medical care, especially taking into account the time period and location in which she resided, and as a result, she was able to deliver a healthy son.

The baby was delivered via cesarean section because, despite Medina’s prematurely enlarged hips, it is likely that she would have had a difficult time pushing a full-sized child through the delivery canal. Therefore, it was safer to deliver the baby via cesarean section.

Gerardo, after the name of the physician who initially examined Lina Medina, was given to the kid that Lina Medina gave birth to, and after the newborn was discharged from the hospital, he returned back to his family’s house in Ticrapo.

Paul Koask, an expert in child education at Columbia University, requested and was granted permission to visit the Medina family two years after the baby was born. According to Koask’s research, the youngest person to give birth had an intellect level that was “above normal,” and her baby had a level of intelligence that was “absolutely normal.”

According to the information provided by Koask, “She thinks of the youngster as a baby brother and so does the rest of the family.”

An obstetrician by the name of Jose Sandoval authored a book about the Medina case, and in it he mentioned that Medina frequently chose to play with her dolls rather than with her own child. As for Gerardo Medina himself, throughout his childhood he was under the impression that Medina was his older sister. Around the age of 10, he was the one who uncovered the lie.

In spite of the fact that Gerardo Medina enjoyed good health for the majority of his life, he regrettably passed away at the age of 40 in the year 1979. Bone disease was the underlying cause of death.

Concerning Lina Medina, it is not known whether or not she is still living in the present day. She went on to enjoy a peaceful life in Peru after the stunning discovery that she was pregnant.

She was able to put herself through college by getting a job as a secretary for the physician who had attended the birth of her child when she was a young adult. Around the same time, Lina was also able to fund Gerardo’s education and see to it that he graduated.

She ultimately wed a guy whose name was Raul Jurado in the early 1970s, and she had her second son while she was in her 30s. Her first son was named Raul Jr. The year 2002 found Medina and Jurado still happily married and residing in the same impoverished section of Lima.

It is possible that it is for the best that Lina Medina’s life continues to be kept private, taking into consideration both her lifelong stance toward fame and the prying eyes of curious strangers towards the youngest person in recorded history to give birth. If she were still alive today, she would be in her late 80s by the time this sentence is written.

Lina Medina Facts

  • Lina Medina was born in Lima, which is located in Peru.
  • Libra is the zodiac sign that Lina Medina was born under.
  • Lina was found to have been ovulating at the age of 8 months old, despite having a developmental disability; nevertheless, her family did not agree to any further testing being done on either her or her child.
  • Her Caesarian section birthed a healthy baby named Gerardo who she named after the procedure that delivered him. Up until the age of ten, he was led to believe that Lina’s younger brother was actually his biological sibling. She eventually tied the knot with Raul Jurado.



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