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Why a legendary goalkeeper passed away?

Claudio Garell: Why a legendary goalkeeper passed away?

Claudio Garella, an Italian goalkeeper who played football, reportedly died at the age of 67. This morning in Turin, the former goalie for Verona and Napoli passed away.

Claudio was a member of the 1985 Hellas Verona squad that won the team’s lone Scudetto. With almost 20 years in the game, the football player has had several successes on the field by alternating spectacular plays with some “garellata.”

Garella showed his individuality throughout his lengthy football career. Gianni Agnelli once said something legendary that perfectly summed things up: “The world’s top goalkeeper is Garella. But not with his hands.”

Learn more about this renowned football player and the cause of Garella’s passing by reading on.

What Caused the Death of Claudio Garella?

Claudio Garella passed away from cardiac problems brought on by surgery at the age of 67. The former goalie who played football had heart problems and passed away today following surgery.

As an example, Claudio just underwent heart surgery and passed away in a Turin hospital from cardiovascular issues. He fell ill while on vacation in Liguria and was taken to the hospital.

Due to his unique flair, Garella made an enduring mark on the football community. Together with Verona and Napoli’s ardent first-ever Scudetto defender, he captured the title.

Claudio Garella, commonly known as “Garellik,” was brave. His actions in his line of work mimic those of a superhero from a comic book. The 1955 class was ready to do everything it took to keep the opposition from scoring.

Legendary Goalkeeper Died At Age 67

Three days prior to the championship’s opening match, which would pit the two teams against one another that made the late Claudio Garella famous at Bentegodi, the renowned goalie passed away.

Although his family has not yet made his obituary public, some football players have heard about it and it has been reported on several social media platforms.

The goalie made his career debut in Turin, where he was born and raised prior to beginning his arduous trip. After playing for Juniorcasale, Novara, Lazio, Sampdoria, and Verona, he then played for Avellino, Naples, Udinese, and Udinese.

Following the conclusion of his playing career, Garella worked in Serie D at Pecetto Torinese (Promozione) and Canavase as a goalie teacher, director, and scout.

Any discussion of him brings up his contribution to Osvaldo Bagnoli’s legendary Verona winning the Scudetto. Claudio was a true talisman for Napoli as well, helping the team defeat the opponents and capture the first Italian title outside of the Coppa Italia of 1986–1987.

Garella served as a goalkeeper coach and assistant coach for the Barracuda, Pergogrema, and Cit Turin teams. His aesthetic will always be associated with an original, out-of-the-ordinary, and possibly outmoded approach that won him accolades with lasting historical significance.

Details On Claudio Garella’s Wife And Family

After marrying Laura, Claudio Garella gave birth to two daughters, Chantal and Claudia. Football fans all over the world were saddened to learn that the former goalie unexpectedly passed away at age 67 in Verona from cardiac issues following surgery.

The doorman for the Verona during the 1984–1985 season championship was Garella, also known as “Garellik.” Even with his feet, he could parry with ease. While sporting a Gialloblu shirt, Claudio played for four years and made over 100 appearances.

After spending time at Osvaldo Bagnoli’s fantastic Hellas, he transferred to Napoli, where he sat on the bench with Diego Maradona and Ottavio Bianchi and helped the Azzurri win their first championship in 1986–87. That year, he and Napoli also took home the Italian Cup.



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