Why are various organisations including teachers displeased with Yogi government?

The death of a large number of teachers and employees due to corona infection during duty in panchayat elections has filled their organizations with anger. Teachers and employee organizations are accusing the state government of adopting an insensitive and harsh attitude. Organizations of angry teachers, state employees, and contract employees are writing their letters to the government, expressing their anger, before many of their demands have been ignored for years. His displeasure is also that despite the death of hundreds of teachers, employees, the Chief Minister, and ministers have not even said two words of condolences and are showing dogma on their demands.

Yogi Government

The confrontation between the government and teachers, employees, contract workers’ organizations is constantly increasing. The anger of the teachers has reached the seventh sky with the statement of the death of only three teachers during the duty in the Panchayat elections by the Basic Education Minister.┬áLeaders of teacher organizations have expressed strong reactions to the statement of the Minister of Basic Education. On the other hand, angry with the government’s attitude, the MNREGA employees had announced a work boycott from May 20 but after talks with the officials, they postponed the strike for a week, while the contractual auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) continued to protest their demands is.

Teachers and employees are angry over the denial of deaths due to duty in panchayat elections. The angriest resentment of the staff and teachers is on the insistence of holding panchayat elections in view of the devastating effect of the second wave of Covid-19. Panchayat elections have proved to be a super spreader in spreading the second wave of Corona from city to village. The lives of hundreds of employees doing duty in the panchayat elections have been lost, now the news of the death of the candidates who fought the panchayat elections is also coming continuously.

Return of nomination papers, 14,15,188 candidates were in the fray after the cancellation of nomination papers in the investigation. Apart from this, about four lakh teachers-employees did duty in conducting elections. The nomination process for this four-phase election started on 3 April and continued till the counting of votes till 2 May. The counting of votes also took three to four days. In this way, the panchayat elections continued for a whole month and during this time the corona continued to spread its legs.

The Uttar Pradesh Primary Teachers Association had written a letter on April 12 before the first phase of elections and asked to postpone the election but it was ignored. The Primary Teachers Association and Employees, Teachers, Officers and Pensioners Rights Forum also announced a boycott of counting but due to the Supreme Court’s refusal to ban the counting of votes, they had to withdraw their decision. According to Uttar Pradesh Primary Teachers Association, 1621 teachers and employees have died due to corona infection due to duty in the panchayat elections.

State President of MNREGA Employees Union, Bhupesh Singh says that so far more than 50 MNREGA employees have died due to corona infection. In a press release issued by the National Academic Federation of May 17, it has been said that 1205 teachers, Shiksha Mitras, Instructors, non-teaching staff have died due to duty in the Panchayat elections. The federation says that before the commencement of the panchayat election process, it had warned the government to vaccinate the teachers and staff before duty in the elections and strict adherence to the Kovid protocol, but this was ignored due to which such a large number of teachers and non-teaching staff have died.

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