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Why Did Alison Victoria And Luke Harding Divorced? HGTV Star Relationship Explored

Alison Victoria is a well-known name in the United States in the fields of interior design, company ownership, and television hosting. Her presence on the television show that is produced by Windy City Rehab is largely responsible for her widespread notoriety.

Alison is the host of the renowned television shows Windy City Rehab and Kitchen Crashers in addition to being the founder of the well-known company Victoria Interiors.

Alongside Donovan Eckhardt, Victoria is the co-creator of an HGTV show that airs currently. Because of her performances in well-known television dramas and series, such as “Flipping Across America,” “Ty Breaker,” and “Windy City Flip,” Victoria has a significant following on social media.

HGTV Star Alison Victoria And Luke Harding Married Life: Her Divorce Update

In 2013, Victoria and her now-ex-husband Harding were blessed with a blissful marriage.

They first connected in 2011 through a dating application and went on to get married the following year. A native of Chicago, Harding is currently employed in the insurance brokerage industry. In 2013, the exes decided to rekindle their relationship while on vacation in Paris. On the other side, Alison and Luke made the decision to separate in 2019, and they are no longer in contact with one another.

Alison Victoria with her ex Luke Harding

During her interview with People, she opened up about her personal life and shared some details about her relationship. A dispute between Alison and her business partner, Donovan Eckhardt, may have been the root cause of her decision to end her marriage to Harding.

After nine years of marriage, she opens out about the challenges she has faced in her relationship. Alison has never officially acknowledged that she is divorced, nor has she gone into detail about the problems that plagued her marriage. Despite this, she did spoke about the ways in which her family, Michael Marks, her boyfriend of a long time, and other people she cared about helped her get through challenging moments.

Both parties have moved on from their failed marriage and are concentrating their attention only on their own lives at this point. As of right now, Luke and Alison have decided to end their marriage and get a divorce. The failed marriage between the two parties resulted in a small daughter being named Olivia James.

Alison Victoria Wikipedia Explored

Gramenos is a well-known interior designer in addition to hosting a television show. Her career as a host on HGTV and the DIY network brought her the majority of her fame.

Alison’s admiration for the architecture of Chicago mansions may be traced back to her father, who was a pioneer in the profession. She attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for her undergraduate and graduate degrees. After receiving her degree, she began working as the youngest designer at Christopher Homes, where she was responsible for developing interior designs for “affluent, semi-custom mansions.”

In addition to that, she established Alison Victoria Interiors, an interior design consulting organization that has offices in both Chicago and Las Vegas.

After that, she entered the media industry by working for HGTV, and due to the popularity of her profession, she has worked on a number of different television series.

Alison Victoria’s Net Worth Comparison With Her Partner

The range of estimates for Victoria’s net worth is between $3 and $4 million. Alison’s interior design firm and her appearances on television both bring in revenue for her, but the latter brings in far more.

Alison has been modeling and acting ever since she was a small child, and she launched her profession not long after she graduated from high school. Her acting career got off to a modest start with roles in a handful of dramas produced in Hollywood and on television, as well as several drama series.

On the other hand, it is believed that Harding’s net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million, and that his work in the professional world is his principal source of income. The amount of money he makes, including his salary, is being looked into.

He is a journalist that works in the United Kingdom. He works for “The Guardian” as an international journalist. Between the years 2007 and February 5, 2011, he was employed by “The Guardian” in Russia. After that, he embarked on his journey to the United Kingdom. In his book titled “Mafia,” in which Russia and its political system under Vladimir Putin are portrayed as a mafia state, he is also the author.

Alison Victoria’s Life and Education

The 31st of October 1981 was the day she entered the world. Alison was born in the city of Chicago, which is located in the state of Illinois, in the United States of America. Alison is a citizen of the United States and has the American nationality. As of the month of February in the year 2022, the well-known American interior designer Alison has reached the age of 40 years and four months. In October of 2022, she will turn 41 years old. Alison, a well-known American interior designer, has always celebrated her birthday on October 31. Each year, she has a party in her honor.

HGTV Star Alison Victoria
HGTV Star Alison Victoria

Alison is a citizen of the United States of America. When we consider Alison’s academic background, we find that she possesses a high level of education. However, we are unable to determine the specific school or college from where Alison Victoria earned her education. It’s possible that Alison attended school right there in her hometown all those years ago. Because Alison has not yet divulged the name of the school where she studies at this time. Alison reportedly attended the University of Nevada, which is located in Las Vegas, according to the sources. And Alison received the highest possible grade point average during her time at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. However, it is not entirely obvious whatever area of study Alison studied in order to earn her degree.

Alison Victoria’s Physical Appearance

Alison possesses a graceful demeanor and a beautiful countenance. If we are talking about Alison’s height, then she is 170 centimeters (5 feet and 4 inches) tall. Approximately 54 kilograms make up Alison’s total body mass. Alison possesses brown eyes that are both appealing and dazzling, as well as brown hair of the same color. Alison Victoria is not just beautiful but also inventive, talented, and hardworking. Her demeanor is chic and sophisticated. Alison has a very pretty face, and her smile is very endearing. Alison is someone who has a friendly and approachable personality.

Family of Alison Victoria

At the present, there is no information regarding Alison’s family that can be found anywhere on the internet. We were unable to locate the names of Alison’s parents on the internet at this time due to the paucity of information that was available to us. At the time that this post was being written, we were unaware of the careers pursued by Alison’s parents. mainly due to the fact that Alison has not yet published any information regarding her family anywhere on the internet. However, we are aware that Alison is brought up by her parents. Concerning Alison’s other members of the family, she has siblings. Nobody knows what Alison’s brothers and sisters are called. At the time, very little is known about the members of Alison’s family!

Alison Victoria Career- Interior Designer and Television Personality

Alison reportedly started her job shortly after graduating from college, as stated by the sources. Alison made the decision to embark on a professional career in the field of interior design. Because Alison has been a particular interest in interior designing. Because of her curiosity, she decided to pursue a career as an interior designer. Alison is now recognized as one of the leading interior designers in the United States thanks to her dedication and drive. Alison is well-known in the interior design community for the quality of her work. Her work as an interior designer was regarded as being of a satisfactory level. Additionally, Alison established her interior design company, which is known as Victoria Interiors.

Alison Victoria is a well-known name in the field of interior design in the United States.

Alison is not just well-known in the United States for her work as an interior designer, but she is also a familiar face on television. Alison has held the host position on a number of different television programmes. And Alison was the host of a number of different television shows, such as Kitchen Crashers, Windy City Rehab, and Ty Breaker, amongst others. She achieved tremendous levels of celebrity and financial success throughout her career.

Alison Victoria Controversy

January 2020

In January of 2020, a couple from Chicago who had purchased a $1.36 million home that had been featured on Windy City Rehab filed a lawsuit against the show’s hosts in an attempt to force them to take back the house, which the couple said had problems with leaks and substandard construction. The lawsuit was initially submitted by James and Anna Morrissey on December 30 in the Circuit Court of Cook County, citing consumer fraud, defective and substandard construction, breach of contract, and breach of warranty as their grounds for legal action.

TV hosts Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt were identified as defendants in the lawsuit, along with Eckhardt’s Greymark Development Group, Alison Victoria Interiors Inc., two other associated business organizations, and contractor Ermin Pajazetovic. Also named as defendants were Eckhardt’s children. The complaint requested that the sale of the brick home located at 2308 W. Giddings St. in Lincoln Square be revoked and that the Morrisseys be compensated for the amount of money that they claimed to have spent on improvements and landscaping. In addition to that, it claimed punitive damages and damages of an unknown amount for emotional anguish.

April 2020

In April of 2020, legal action was taken against Windy City Rehab for committing fraud. Co-stars Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt, as well as their companies and contractors, are named in the case that was submitted to the Circuit Court of Cook County by buyers Shane Jones and Samantha Mostaccio.

The lawsuit also seeks a permanent injunction to compel HGTV, which is owned and operated by Discovery Inc., to remove Victoria and Eckhardt from the air. According to the plaintiffs, it is “deceptive” to portray Victoria and Eckhardt as “superstar experts” who create “compelling and stunning transformations.”

An attorney representing Victoria stated in an emailed statement that the complaint was without merit and that Victoria’s contractor was trying to complete repairs when Jones booted him off the property. The comment was made in reference to the fact that Jones ejected the contractor from the property.

The case focuses mostly on a garage located behind the property located at 1700 W. Wabansia Ave. in Bucktown. Jones and Mostaccio desired to have this garage particularly remodeled so that Mostaccio could conduct individual pilates training and record videos to stream for her fitness business.

According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, the couple asserts that the construction on the garage was never properly finished, and the work that was done was done without a building permission, which is the reason why the city shut down the site. According to the case, the defendants negligently left the garage open to the weather, which resulted in rotting wood, ruined drywall, and damaged electrical wiring, among other problems. In addition, the couple discovered a variety of other issues on the property, including electrical outlets in the kitchen that were not up to code, water infiltrating the exterior walls of the home and garage, poorly pitched landscaping, cracked concrete load-bearing columns on the corner of the house, and a “sewage” odor and mold in the basement, according to the suit, which cited close to $102,000 in necessary repairs. The couple is seeking compensation for all of these issues. According to the allegations made in the lawsuit, Victoria and Eckhardt were eager to get rid of their home despite having already invested a total of $1,080,000 on its purchase and subsequent improvements.

Daniel Lynch, an attorney for Victoria in Chicago, stated that the contractor working on the garage “was in the middle of concluding his work when Mr. Jones called it off and ordered the contractor out of his home.” After that, Mr. Jones made a decision to make unreasonable requests for money, which included a lengthier list of things that needed fixing. He continued by saying, “They had an inspection before to purchasing, and they were completely content with everything at the time.” Their claims against Discovery Inc. and HGTV do not have any legal merit, and it appears that they were included purely to sensationalize the pleading, not because they have any genuine possibility of prevailing.

The challenges that Shane Jones and Samantha Mostaccio encountered while attempting to renovate the home were highlighted on the show in an episode that was named “House of Horrors.” The home was described as being “full of calamities.”

June 2020

The lawsuit against Windy City Rehab for committing fraud was filed once more in June of 2020. According to reports in the Chicago Sun-Times, the most recent complaint alleges that Alison Victoria and her former business partner Donovan Eckhardt participated in a “deliberate and dishonest conspiracy” to steal three million dollars in assets. Michael Ward Jr., along with his father and brother, filed a lawsuit in Cook County alleging that the celebrities grossly mismanaged “nearly every project they were associated with,” and that Eckhardt lied about having pull with the Chicago buildings department. The allegations were made in the suit.

Gramenos’ claims that Eckhardt was solely responsible for the multitude of issues, which has resulted in at least four lawsuits and their ban on filing new projects with the city’s building department, were also contested by Ward Jr. Ward Jr. also challenged Gramenos’ claims that Eckhardt was solely responsible for the issues. According to the lawsuit, “Alison has claimed that she was caught unprepared by Donovan’s fraud – notwithstanding her own secreting of cash from closing revenues.” This is despite the fact that Alison did secretly keep funds from the closing proceeds.

It was alleged by the Ward family that they had contributed $3 million for a 50% interest in Alovanward LLC, which provided funding for a total of seven different endeavors. The Wards maintain that they are entitled to roughly two million dollars in addition to punitive damages. Gramenos reaffirmed her assertion that Eckhardt was the licensed developer and contractor on the projects, while Gramenos was just responsible for the design work. Eckhardt did not make any comments in response. Her attorney, Daniel Lynch, stated that the projects did not give the financial outcomes that everyone was looking for. He added that she also lost a significant amount of money on the projects and that she has not been able to receive essential documents from Eckhardt.

July 2020

According to the documentation that was submitted to the court in Cook County at the beginning of July 2020, Gramenos withdrew a civil fraud complaint that she had filed against an Oak Park notary public whom she accused of faking her name on financial documents.

Notary public Adriana Rodriguez has agreed, as part of the deal that took place on June 30, that for the next five years she will not sign Gramenos’ name to any document or notarize any document that purports to have Gramenos’ signature on it. Gramenos stated that she was “involved in a cooperative enterprise with Rodriguez’s employer”; however, the company was not named in the claim that Gramenos filed on February 18 against Rodriguez.

Attorneys for Rodriguez and Gramenos issued a joint statement in which they said, “As a consequence of Ms. Rodriguez’s cooperation, further information regarding the scenario as a whole came to light.” “As a direct consequence of this, the parties have reached a mutually agreeable resolution, wherein Ms. Gramenos will dismiss the case in accordance with an agreement that addresses the concerns that led to the filing of the complaint. The parties have reached an agreement to settle the dispute amicably, and there has been no finding of culpability.

The lawsuit against Gramenos and Donovan Eckhardt was dismissed two weeks after it had been filed by a family from the Chicago area who claimed they had invested $3 million in their venture but were not paid as they should have been. The family had sued Gramenos and Donovan Eckhardt for alleged misappropriation of funds. Gramenos said in her legal action against Rodriguez that she initiated an investigation after she became aware that one of her investors had not been paid. According to the suit, Gramenos discovered that her “signature had been affixed by others without her knowledge or consent to a large number of documents, including loan documents, operating agreements, and lien waivers.” This was discovered after Gramenos discovered that her signature had been forged on a large number of documents. Gramenos alleged that Rodriguez had signed and notarized some of the documents on her own in violation of the rules. In the lawsuit, she claimed that it appeared as though additional documents had been forged by another person.



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