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Why Did Manika Naidoo Commit Suicide? Naidoo Sister’s And Married Life Explored

In the year 2020, the Australian author Indira Naidoo’s sister Manika Naidoo passed away. Her most recent book, “The Space Between the Stars,” details the challenges she faced in coping with the untimely death of her friend Manika.

Naidoo is known for infusing all of her writing with a connection to the natural world. Her two well-known works, The Edible Balcony and Edible City, promote the education of the general public regarding urban gardening and the natural world.

Naidoo is a journalist for the ABC organization in addition to being a talented writer in his own right. She has been the host of the radio program “Weekend Nightlife,” which has been on the air for a very long time and provides highlights on news, culture, and entertainment.

In addition, for the past twenty years, Naidoo has worked with FitzGerald Productions as a co-director. Please keep reading to find out more information about an awful experience she had to go through, which the most of her admirers are ignorant of.

Indira Naidoo’s Sister Manika Naidoo Died From Suicide

On May 20, 2022, Indira Naidoo’s sister Manika Naidoo ended her own life by taking her own life. The memorial service for her passed away on May 29th, 2020 in Melbourne.

The devastating news was shared by Naidoo’s family on social media, but they did not reveal any other information concerning the loss of their loved one.

Fans have recently discovered that Indira’s most recent book, The Space Between the Stars, is about the ways in which people can naturally heal after experiencing a traumatic event.

In a podcast episode that was released in June of 2022, Naidoo discussed the devastating loss she had suffered. She asserted that her sister had mental health problems that became significantly worse throughout the lockdown that had been going on. In addition to that, she discussed the closeness that she shares with her sister.

According to Naidoo, “We were always close, practically inseparable.” By the time I turned 13, my family and I had already lived in five different countries.

She used phrases like “angel with dimples” and “broad smile” to describe her sister. Her sister was a profound thinker who had a reputation for being a “black misfit and a bright nonconformist.”

In addition to that, she said that Manika was still “basically unsettled.” “Manika was not looking for what the majority of people were seeking for,” she stated. She witnessed a huge deal of suffering, a great deal of discontent, and a great deal of wrongdoing.

Indira stated that they had maintained consistent communication with one another, although Manika’s mental health had deteriorated “even before lockdown.” Her sister’s grief and rage persisted, and ultimately led to her taking her own life.

When her younger sister went away suddenly, the life of broadcaster Indira Naidoo was turned upside down. In the end, she looked for peace and quiet in her urban environment and found herself drawn to a fig tree that overlooked Sydney Harbour. This served as a compass for her when she wrote “The Space Between the Stars.”

Who Was Indira Naidoo’s Sister Manika Naidoo?

Manika, Indira’s sister, was a well-known public figure as well as an adept in both creative and effective public relations. She was employed by the Premier of Victoria’s office in the role of policy analyst.

Brent Hooley, Manika’s husband from Australia, was her spouse at the time. Alia and Harry, her two beautiful children, are a credit to her as a mother.

There is also another sister between Indira and Manika, and her name is Suraya. Although Indira is the eldest of the three sisters, there is just a year that separates each of them.

Indira Naidoo Married Life- Meet Her Husband Mark Fitzgerald

While Indira Naidoo was employed by the ABC network in 1998, she became acquainted with her future husband, Mark Fitzgerald. They went through with the wedding in 2002.

Mark Fitzgerald, her husband, is a well-known television producer and director working in Australia. The Chaser’s War on Everything (2006), Edge of Darkness (2010), and The Departed are some of the films that he directed and produced that brought him recognition (2006).

In 2019, Naidoo and her husband embarked on an adventure that took them to numerous countries in Latin America. They went to a number of nations, including Cuba, Argentina, and Chile, among others. They were also observed at the Vin de Champagne Awards, which took place at the Glass Brasserie of the Sydney Hilton.

The couple raised their children, Galen Naidoo Harris and Oriana Naidoo Harris, together. They call the city of Sydney, in Australia, home.



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