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Why Did Michel Janse & Brooke Smith Splitup? Details About Her Married Life

Janse, who hails from the United States and is both a YouTuber and an actor, is well-known on the video-sharing site for the frequent life updates that she posts there.

She has seven acting credits to her name when she first began out in the industry. Among her most memorable roles are Zombie Girl from Stage V, Sweet Student from Idiot Sister, and Lila Black from Cupid’s Match. People are more familiar with her thanks to the videos she has posted on YouTube rather than their memories of her on the big screen.

Admirers are familiar with Janse’s love story, which involves meeting her future husband, Book Smith, on a dating app. Janse broadcasts videos on the platform rather frequently discussing her personal life, and her fans are aware that she eventually married Book Smith. Fans looked forward to them as a model for healthy relationships since they were such a sweet couple.

Nevertheless, Michel Janse divorced her now-ex-husband Brook Smith after she found out he had cheated on her and had threatened her physically. Brook Smith was her ex-husband.

They are no longer together after Michel recently initiated divorce proceedings against the other.

Why Did Michel Janse Split With Husband Brooke Smith?

In a video posted in March 2022, the YouTuber discussed the details of her divorce from her ex-husband, Brook Smith, and brought up the subject of his infidelity.

In addition, Michel published a video that is 33 minutes long in which she discusses her marriage, including how it started and what went wrong in it. Janse summed up the events that led to the dissolution of her marriage by asserting that her ex-husband had deceived her to the point where she thought the relationship was disintegrating due of some error on her side.

She also revealed that Brook had cheated on her, and she stated that she did not believe that the relationship was keeping her safe from physical harm. In a video posted in March 2022, the YouTuber discussed her divorce from Brook Smith and brought up the issue of his infidelity during the relationship.

In addition, the actress mentioned in the video that things began to deteriorate roughly a year and a half before to the couple’s decision to end their marriage. After that, Smith started behaving in an odd manner, manipulating her, and generally making her life miserable.

After discovering that his wife had been unfaithful and getting threats of physical assault, Michel ultimately decided to file for divorce and end their marriage.

Update After Michel Janse Found Out about Brooke Smith’s Cheating Affairs Leading To Divorce

In 2022, Michel Janse is now married to Jordy Searcy, having previously been divorced from Brooke Smith.

If you look at her Instagram postings, you can tell that she is dating Jordy since she constantly shares lovely images with him. This is evidence that she is dating him. The YouTuber disclosed in a post that she went out on a date with Searcy in March 2022, and because they had a fantastic time together, she chose to continue seeing him.

Jordy, who is dating Janse, is a singer and musician who participates in a wide variety of musical events and often takes the stage. The length of the couple’s relationship to date is six months. The actress shared the first snapshot of the two of them together on Instagram on June 16 with the statement, “I’d want you to meet Jordy.”

In the month of March, they went on their first date together. They made the decision to carry on doing it because they found it to be both pleasurable and fulfilling. She did her best, despite the fact that it is no longer simple to summarize the past few months using only ten images.

Michel Janse Married Life And Children

Smith was Janse’s ex-husband from a previous marriage.

The two people initially connected through a dating app, and after spending some time together in person, they recognized that they had feelings for one another.

Michel Janse and her ex-husband, Brook Smith

The actress had previously provided her audience with a film that she had uploaded to her YouTube channel and captioned “How I Met My Husband.”

Janse also documented everything that happened on her various social media channels, including the wedding, the engagement, and the enthusiasm that surrounded it.

The film explains how she met Brooke and how the two of them ended up falling in love with each other. Because of a previous commitment, she uprooted her life and relocated to the city of Los Angeles when she was just 18 years old.

They have chosen not to have any children together.

Michel Janse Career

Michel is actively pursuing two distinct careers: one as an actress and the other as a social media influencer who has a large following. Despite the fact that Michel holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, she has not found her education to be beneficial in her professional life. Since 2015, she has begun performing in theater. Her most notable films are Stage V (2016), My All-American (2015), and Cupid’s Match (2018). Stage V was released in 2016.

Michel Janse often travels different beautiful places
Michel Janse often travels different beautiful places

My All-American (2015), one of the films she has worked on, was one of the most financially successful of those films. Even though the actress was not cast in the lead part, the role she did play brought about a lot of favorable outcomes. In addition to making appearances on social media platforms, Michel has also been seen in a number of television programs and commercials.

Michel has made a number of preparations for her future profession in social media by taking a variety of steps. In addition to using social media for sponsorship, she has made it a goal to sell things through a variety of other platforms. Clothing, accessories for women, and other frivolous items.

Michel Janse Social media

Michel is active on all available social media platforms. Instagram is by far the most useful tool for her when it comes to sharing stuff. In addition to this, she has 34,4k followers. The social media influencer has a total of 1004 posts on Instagram, most of which are focused on her lifestyle as well as highlighted media and forthcoming events.

Because she doesn’t travel all that much for her Instagram content, she typically doesn’t post any travel-related content on her account. Tik Tok is the social media network that Michel Janse uses the second most after Instagram. She has 34k followers, and her posts have received 1.2 million likes overall. TikTok is the platform where the social media influencer posts the typical content.

Her The most successful platform is YouTube, which has 131 thousand followers to its channel. Because YouTube is her primary source of revenue, she ensures that the video she uploads to YouTube adheres to a particular strategy and is of high quality. She is responsible for everything, including the review and the preparation of the food.

Michel Janse Facts

  • The city of Boerne in the United States is where Michel Janse was born.
  • Pisces is the sign that she was born under.
  • Her nickname is Michel.
  • Her roles in the films My All*American – Die Hoffnung stirbt nie (2015), Stage V (2016), and Manchester High 2: Nobody Heard Me Cry (2015) brought her the most fame as an actress (2013).
  • Michel has performed in a number of roles, including Zombie Girl in “Stage V,” Sweet Student in “Idiotsitter,” and Idiotsitter in “Cupid’s Match.”
  • Since the 2nd of February in 2019, she has been happily married to Brooke Smith.
  • You may find her on Instagram by searching for posts with the handle @michel.c.janse.



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