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Why Did Steven Budgen And Frena Yusof Broke Up? My Kitchen Rules Couple Relationship Timeline

Steven Budgen And Frena Yusof, who were well-known for their roles as a duo on the show My Kitchen Rules, have recently made the decision to part ways. They dated in the past but are no longer a couple at this point in time.

Steven Budgen The show My Kitchen Rules was responsible for introducing Frena Yusof to the general public. They were able to get along well and were well liked by the other participants on the show.

My Kitchen Rules is an Australian food competition reality series that made its debut on the Seven Network in the year 2010. In each competition, a number of different teams consisting of two people compete against one another for the chance to win a monetary prize.

Participants are required to make a three-course meal that is to the satisfaction of both the judges and their other rivals in order to be considered for the top prize and to compete against the other competitors.

The show has maintained a good rating performance for many years, consistently ranking among the highest-rated programs on Australian television, with the finals regularly being ranked within the top 10 programs of the year. This has allowed the show to consistently rank among the highest-rated programs on Australian television.

Why Did Steven Budgen And Frena Yusof Split Up? My Kitchen Rules Duo Breakup

It has come to light that Frena Yusof and Steven Budgen, who previously starred together on My Kitchen Rules, ended their relationship not long after filming the most recent season of the show.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the story of the relationship between the two people who star on the show and who were engaged at one point managed to win over the hearts of the audience members. Despite this, they are no longer involved in the situation.

On the other hand, there are rumors going around that Yusuf is seeing a new person whose name is Steven. The photo of the two of them together serves as her new boyfriend’s profile picture on Instagram. He is also a director and producer in addition to being a writer.

MKR made its long-awaited return to television on Sunday, after being put on hold in 2020 due to a combination of dwindling ratings and controversy that was sparked by the show’s outspoken judge Pete Evans.

The other two reality shows that started airing on Sunday, The Nine’s Block and The Masked Singer on channel 10, were unable to compete with the heavily directed series, which promised viewers “genuine food and real people.”

When the ratings for Season 10 in 2019 and Season 11 in 2020 both experienced significant drops, commentators predicted that 2020 would be the show’s final season.

Steven Budgen And Frena Yusof Dating Timeline

Fans are interested in learning about the history of Steve Budgen and Frena Yusof’s relationship because they are currently making headlines across the internet following the announcement of their breakup.

People found out from the show that the couple was engaged, and they appeared to have a happy relationship while they were on the show together. Through their respective love stories, they were able to win the affection of a large number of viewers.

In the promotional materials for the series, Yusof described them as a relaxed and easygoing couple who enjoyed having a good laugh. She had long since given up on the dream, but now she has found someone who can compete with her.

Even though they have made the news of their split public, neither the general public nor the media are aware of the reasons behind the decision to part ways. The news has been covered by a large number of websites and social media platforms, but the reason behind it is still unknown.

It’s possible that the couple will soon go public with their decision, but in the meantime, everyone needs to be respectful of their privacy and wait for them to give their response.

The champions of each semifinal will automatically move on to the competition’s final round, which is the championship match. The title of “My Kitchen Rules” has been awarded to the group that achieved the highest total score across all of the teams’ dinners.

In April of 2022, it was disclosed that Nigella Lawson, Matt Preston, and Feildel would all serve as judges for the series. Additionally, Colin Fassnidge and Curtis Stone would serve as special guests during the competition.



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