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Why Do Fans Believe ABC News’ Cecilia Vega Is Pregnant in 2022?

Cecilia Vega, the Chief White House Correspondent for ABC News, is currently trending on Twitter following a small slip of the tongue that she made during the live news broadcast on ABC regarding the capture of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

There are rumors going around the internet that the journalist is expecting a child while at the same time she is gaining the attention of the citizens of the internet.

Let’s find out more about the baby rumors that have been circulating about the ABC journalist and her husband, as well as whether or not the correspondent is pregnant.

In the year 2022, will ABC News’ Cecilia Vega Become Pregnant?

Since Cecilia Vega from ABC News has not mentioned that she is pregnant anywhere on her social media accounts, it would appear that she will not be expecting a child in the year 2022.

Furthermore, the journalist has not displayed any signs of pregnancy during her most recent appearances on live television, which further supports the notion that she is not carrying a child. In a similar vein, none of her contemporaries have discussed the fact that she is pregnant, and neither has her husband brought up the fact that the couple is expecting a child.

The journalist appears to be concentrating her attention, at least for the time being, on her career and position as the chief White House correspondent for ABC News for the second year. Due to the fact that this is an outstanding opportunity for both the 45-year-old woman and her career, it does not appear that she has any plans to give up her job in the near future. She will now get to enjoy her time as a dog mom to her pet dog, Jalisco Jiménez. Jalisco Jiménez is a lovable little French bulldog that Cecilia and her husband dote on and shower with affection.

Cecilia Vega Ultimately Decided To Get Married To Her Husband Ricardo Jiménez

After officially getting married on August 16, 2008, Cecilia Vega has been happily married to her husband, Ricardo Jimenez Zepeda, for almost 14 years. The couple has a small pet dog, and they enjoy posting pictures of themselves and the dog together on various social media platforms.

Vega commemorated the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary by posting a picture of them from their wedding day along with the following caption:

Ricardo, the journalist’s husband, is a former officer with the California Highway Patrol who is now retired and enjoys cycling and traveling.

In his Instagram bio, Jimenez explains that he “Swapped my S&W.40 caliber for a Sony A7rIV.” Jimenez is very active on his social media platforms and enjoys posting pictures of his travel diaries that he takes with a Sony A7rlV.

Both Ricardo and his wife, Cecilia, adore their dog, and both of them post pictures of their dog on their respective social media accounts. In addition, the couple has a social media account specifically for their dog.

Where Did The Rumors About The Baby Originate?

Many people who watched ABC News thought that journalist Cecilia Vega was pregnant, and this led to the spread of rumors about her having a child. It is not out of the ordinary for people to speculate that the journalist is pregnant given that she has been married for more than 13 years, is in her mid-forties, and does not have any children.

As for what sparked the baby rumors in the first place, it could have something to do with her recent announcement on Instagram that she had positive test results.

The journalist shared a picture on her website of a positive test kit, but unfortunately, the kit was positive for a covid test and not a pregnancy test. This may have led some of her audience to the incorrect conclusion that she was pregnant.

As you may have seen, Cecilia appears to have made a full recovery from her illness, as she was featured in both the news and on Good Morning America. Since the chief White House correspondent for ABC News has not addressed the rumors of her pregnancy, it is reasonable to conclude that the stories are not very credible.



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